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So when we gonna hear Antigoni sing? Because when it was Remi now they had him performing like B-Rabbit in 8 mile. #loveisland.

Not Ekin-Su microaggressing Antigoni by not getting her name spicy white on spicy white violence!!! #LoveIsland.

Are heads about to turn for singer-songwriter Antigoni? ❤️‍🔥 #LoveIsland.

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💃 FIRST LOOK 💃 Antigoni is wasting no time getting to know the boys, before the girls get a surprise of their own 👀 #LoveIsland.

Luca was laughing at Davide kissing Danica and then coupling up with Antigoni but loves to shame and call out Ekin-Su. Misogyny is alive and kicking in big big 2022 #TALKSWITHASH.

How is Antigoni sweet and Danica isn’t? I find Danica to be very sweet. There’s just a racist element at play with her from the cast in the Villa where she’s labelled as intimidating and loud. Which is surprising ‘cause she’s light skin and should be safe from that. #TALKSWITHASH.

Davide kissed danica and picked Antigoni, but if Ekin did that they would’ve been on her ass 🤦🏼‍♂️ double standards at its finest #LoveIsland.

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If antigoni’s team see this tweet I want you to know I can be bought, gimme 20 grand of that real Greek money I’ll delete this ❤️.

In all honesty, yea Ekin-Su usually moves mad but she’s not wrong for being angry at Jay. Jay can get to know any girl but he’s been in the same villa with Paige for > 2 weeks. Why is he just now interested in her? If he said Danica or Antigoni I’d get it. It’s foul. #LoveIsland.

Oh so when Davide mugs off Danica by kissing her but then picking Antigoni it’s funny but when Ekin-Su and Tasha wanted to get to know other boys they get shamed by the boys… #LoveIsland.

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Luca is so weird & he definitely has something against ekin su bc tell me why he was laughing at Davide picking antigoni after kissing danica, but was saying bare shit about ekin su daily #LoveIsland.

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also, i love davide but my guy really engulfed danica with that kiss yesterday and then picked antigoni to recouple & no one’s getting at him for that 🤷🏽‍♀️ #LoveIsland.

I’m loving Antigoni so far. Definitely comes off as a ray of sunshine. I love people like that. It’s refreshing #LoveIsland #LoveislandUK.

Antigoni has been in the villa for like 30 seconds and she’s already calling Ekin-Su out on her bullshit 😂 #LoveIsland.

If Andrew went for Antigoni I know Tasha would be sickkkk!! #LoveIsland.

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@violetmn_ Oh so when davide kisses danica and then picks antigoni , ‘he’s just a man’, ‘ he’s the realest’. But if it was ekin su this Bredda would probably be saying the most. #loveisland  #TALKSWITHASH.

ekin su starting another argument to get the spotlight on her after antigoni comes in #loveisland.

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“Why do you need to put down another man to hype yourself up” ANTIGONI QUEEEEEEN!!!! #LoveIsland.


I like this new girl antigoni she’s such good vibes & she’s gorgeous 😍 #LoveIsland.

Now why do all the Americans hate Antigoni and Ekin-Su??? Close the borders back up!!! #TALKSWITHASH.

Everyone’s hating on ekin su but davide is moving like he’s one fucking king. Kissing danica then straight away “maybe I should kiss antigoni next” this guy rates himself too much, he’s not even attractive anymore. The personality ruined the face. #LoveIsland.

Why are the boys supporting davide for kissing danica but coupling up with antigoni but shame ekin-su for doing a similar thing? Sexist #LoveIsland.

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NAH the girls energy for Antigoni vs Danica is NOT IT wtf #LoveIsland.

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antigoni has just about stepped in the villa and is telling ekinsu to apologise lmao #LoveIsland.

@dhikbcsssukm I think Antigoni was robbed of a spot in the original line up tbh. She would have made a great OG islander in my opinion, instead of a bombshell, so we could’ve rooted for her from the start!.

Davide needs to kiss Antigoni and Danica to know them? He belongs to the streets #LoveIsland.

Hear me out, Antigoni and Andrew they are both the cutest and sweetest people? I think it could work #LoveIsland.

Am I heartless? Or like is Paige draggin this? Because the way Antigoni broke it down made sense to me. #LoveIsland.

⁃Antigoni Buxton ⁃26 ⁃London ⁃Singer/Songwriter #LoveIsland.

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