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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 08:02 AM IST

#Antisemitism Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Excellent speech by John Mann MP in the House of Commons debate about antisemitism. So hard to believe this is happening in 2018..

  • I never thought that I would experience #Antisemitism as a member of the Labour Party. But I have – and it has left me feeling an outsider in the party I have been a member of for over 50 years. To that I simply say, #EnoughIsEnough.

  • I was so moved by the eloquence and courage of speakers in yesterday’s unprecedented debate on antisemitism in Parliament, introduced by @sajidjavid. I am deeply dismayed that it was necessary but heartened by the number of MPs who passionately declared #EnoughisEnough.

  • I defy anyone to witness the powerful speeches of @lucianaberger @RuthSmeeth @LouiseEllman @IvanLewis_MP and @margarethodge and tell me that there is no antisemitism in the Labour Party, that’s it’s all smears or that it has been weaponised..

  • I never thought I’d see words like this on billboards protesting against the Labour Party. Antisemitism is the antithesis of everything our Party was founded to represent. Today is an opportunity for everyone in the Labour Party to show that we’ve got the message and will act..

  • Ahead of the Parliamentary debate on antisemitism today, we say “enough is enough”. A message from the Jewish community and friends #EnoughIsEnough.

  • So pleased the Labour Party is being forced to address antisemitism. I hate the self-righteous gaslighting that occurs where people basically try and redefine antisemitism as not mattering as much as other bigotry. And then they pivot to Israel, which has nothing to do with it..

  • All your problems will cease as long as we kill the jews This is literally the template for antisemitism lmfao have some creativity.

  • @MalcolmGarvey65 @ModernMaccabi @TamikaDMallory @Starbucks Buddy don’t try to tell us what is/isn’t antisemitic. If we tell you the electronic intifada perpetuates antisemitic stereotypes and modern blood libels, you should respect that. Just like we can’t define racism for you, you can’t define antisemitism for us..

  • Yes, when I see a sentence beginning with the words "Here are some Jews hoping to become " I immediately conclude that the authors are very good people who are very very sincere about eradicating antisemitism..

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  • @johncusack Check out all her homophobic comments, with some antisemitism thrown in, "Most neocons happen to be Jewish." @JoyAnnReid #FireJoyReid #JoyCott.

  • It was great to be in Parliament to see so many powerful speeches from across the House against the evil that is antisemitism. Unfortunately this was soured by the last contribution from the Labour front bench which showed that not everyone agrees that #EnoughisEnough.

  • D’you know what? I’ve given @jeremycorbyn the benefit of the doubt, but walking out of the #antiSemitism debate while his own MPs were close to tears recalling the abuse they get is the last straw. He’s got to go. He puts ideology above people.

  • @TamikaDMallory Tamika knows better than you who should be picked to fight antisemitism. And yes one of the organisation she wants the Jewish to pick to fight antisemitism has been criticized for its antisemitism. 😂😂😂 Farrakhan must be proud..

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  • @chick_in_kiev @theRealThomasDo C or possibly D. Try really really REALLY hard not to reply to any mention of potential antisemitism in any context with “but Israel!”.

  • @TamikaDMallory @Starbucks Sad to see this thread has/will dissolve into criticisms of the ADL without acknowledging their role in fighting antisemitism and racism in America for the past century..

  • Labour MPs Give Raw Accounts of Facing Threats, Abuse, as British Parliament Debates Antisemitism.

  • We have no antisemitism issue in the @UKLabour party it’s just in my pocket It’s personal for me.

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  • My new film about contemporary antisemitism is now available for download..

  • @debski2222 @GuidoFawkes The whataboutary is a tactic to defend antisemitism in the Labour party, not address it..

  • One magnificent speech after another from MPs of all colours in today’s Commons debate on antisemitism, and one utterly reprehensible one from Diane Abbott..

  • This country gave my Jewish family hope and saved us from death. In 2018, we should not be seeing the resurgence of #antisemitism on the far left. I was a Labour party member and voter until recently. (will never vote Tory).

  • An absolute tour de force by the inspirational @JohnMannMP. It is heartbreaking that so many Jewish people are frightened of the antisemitism in our Party, but it gives me hope that they will always have individuals like John Mann fighting for their rights..

  • @MsJulieLenarz @DeniseMembery Shows his vile views as he conceded by walking out of Parliament during antisemitism debate.

  • On the day @jeremycorbyn walks out of Parliament during a debate on.

  • See @lucianaberger tears on Anti Semitism is really moving. Now lets fight for #Palestines tears and fight Israels war crimes #LucianaBerger #Antisemitism #Zionism #FreePalestine.

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  • Playing the victim seems to be the last fad between these idiots. 1- They get the online treatment they deserve 2- Thay have begun to hid their antisemitism and general bigotry; maybe tweeter bannings and suspensions are related to this change. 3- The Earth is a sphere..

  • @intelwire I have often introduced my lectures on antisemitism by quoting the late Justice Stewart, challenging the audience on whether they really do know anitsemitism when they see it. Looking forward to this being released!.

  • @Susannah_J @Little_G2 Something HA been done, and my point is a valid one. It is the Tories who have divided society with racist rhetoric and othering, normalising prejudice and discrimination - read this -.

  • there appears to be a case to answer here, and @OwenSmith_MP also appears to make a valid point regarding the hard left and #Antisemitism which regretfully may go with that territory. What say you @jeremycorbyn.

  • #Antisemitism #AntisemitismDebate.

  • @antoni_UK @cooksy51 @AgiBergman @alexandrabulat @DavidLammy @The3Million @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour Corbyn was arrested for protesting against Apartheid in 80s. Corbyn is one of approximately 60 MPs who has, on 5 seperate occasions, voted in favour of an Antisemitism Bill. Membership of Labour is the highest it has ever been, 570,000, more than all the other parties combined..

  • Antisemitism: Two-thirds of Britons think Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour has problem with prejudice, poll reveals - The Independent.

  • @JohnMannMP Watched you speak passionately on antisemitism ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.