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#aplaceinthesun Damn it, they found somewhere. I hope it’s haunted, with rising damp and infested with lice and woodworm that eat your fucking dining table!!.

#aplaceinthesun Nobody is surprised in the least that they haven’t made any offers. Fancy relying on having somewhere big enough for your dining table! Utter Tits..

I’m delighted to say that just after the programme Jeff was run over by a ten ton truck… #aplaceinthesun.

Well todays episode has succeeded in putting everyone watching in a bad mood. I’m off to cleanse my auras 😂 #aplaceinthesun.

Trudi doesn’t get a say. If I was married to this arse I’d drown myself in the pool #APlaceInTheSun.

Looks like Beckie’s neighbours miss out today folks 😂 #aplaceinthesun.

#aplaceinthesun I truly hope that Mr and Mrs Dribblesponge never find anything they like and end up going back home and living in Blackpool..


Love the Villa but unfortunately my table and chairs won’t fit lol behave mate #aplaceinthesun.

Oh bolloks they eventually got somewhere. I pity their new neighbours. Until tomorrow folks #aplaceinthesun.

Hold on! They bought one. Does this mean @Beckie_Miller_ has to get her arse out?! ☺️🤣 #aplaceinthesun.

@aplaceinthesun @JeanJohansson That couple! He loved the sound of his own voice 🙄 feeling sorry for their new neighbours!.

#aplaceinthesun full of these people have champagne tastes and beer money, i would have lost my patience long ago, skinny dipping fgs..

Wankers ! Knew it !! Hope they never find nothing and use up all their money on rentals !!! 😡#aplaceinthesun.

It’s not the ending you hoped for, but we all knew, it was the one you were getting #APlaceInTheSun.

When he said he wants something higher up I would have stuck him back on the plane with a window seat #aplaceinthesun.

@aplaceinthesun @JeanJohansson What terrible couple this pm! Maybe should rethink moving to Spain!.

I’m sure Jean is heartily pleased this couple FINALLY found a property near property 3 they have offered on & bought, I expect the horror for their new neighbours is only just beginning 🤪😳. #aplaceinthesun.

@aplaceinthesun @JeanJohansson Denia looks beautiful but imagine getting dreary Heff and Trudi as neighbours! 😦.

#aplaceinthesun i must say thanks to all who have tweeted today best laugh i have had for ages..

I hate this fucking show and the utter tits wanting a dream palace for £ #aplaceinthesun.

#APlaceInTheSun Thank fuck they ended up buying a property out there, no chance of bumping into him in the street.😂😂.

This guy definitely has mental health issues - and so does everyone who he comes into contact with… #aplaceinthesun.

@aplaceinthesun OMG, today’s house hunter’s…..I have no words! Poor Jean Johannson, these pair were pathetic.

What is going on with @aplaceinthesun watched the first four episodes of the new series and not one couple have made an offer very disappointing @Jasmineharman #aplaceinthesun.

If they haven’t found a place they like in 2 years of searching it’s not going to happen #aplaceinthesun.

@aplaceinthesun @JeanJohansson I can understand them wanting the house to be perfect as they’ll be living there full time but I’m not convinced they’re going to find everything they want..

How has she put up with that prick for 30 years, bet their family putting the flags out the day they moved out there #aplaceinthesun.

@aplaceinthesun omg how annoying are Jeff & Trudi searching in Dernia. @JeanJohansson needs a medal for her patience with these two. 😇🏖🍹.

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