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Updated: October 22nd, 2021 02:36 AM IST

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West Ham XI: Aréola; Johnson, Dawson, Diop, Cresswell; Rice, Soucek; Bowen, Lanzini, Vlasic; Yarmolenko. Genk XI: Vandevoordt; Arteaga, Cuesta, Lucumí, Preciado; Heynen, Hrosovsky, Thorstvedt; Ito, Bongonda; Onuachu. #UEL

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HT: West Ham 1-0 Genk. • Cresswell and Johnson brilliant • Dawson with a great header • Good in possession • Rice and Soucek very solid • Areola a bit shaky so far Need to keep professional and see this game out ⚒

Fair play to Areola, I’ve never seen a goalkeeper be so active whether his team is the attacking or defending

West Ham-Genk Halt time ratings (4-10): Areola 5 Johnson 6 Diop 5 Dawson 6 Cresswell 6 Rice 7 Soucek 6 Lanzini 6 Bowen 6 Vlasic 6 Yarmolenko 7


Everyone moaning when Fabianski is in the starting lineup but Areola needs to prove himself still imo

Areola dzisiaj straszne wylewy ma - szczególnie przy dośrodkowaniach. Nie rozumiem jak kibice mogą stawiać go wyżej w hierarchii niż Fabiańskiego. Trzeci mecz gościa i jeszcze nic nadzwyczajnego nie pokazał. Ciągle spóźniony.

Pretty terrible flap from Areola. Was also too hesitant coming out earlier. Weak performance.

What on Earth is going on with Areola, he’s all over the place so far 😵‍💫😵‍💫

Tenía que aprovechar Onuachu la terrible salida de Areola, que carencias. Un centro precioso a la cabeza que no pudo aprovechar, muy normal su falta de eficacia pero que en un partido tan apretado necesita mejorar. Me gusta la salida limpia de Angelo Preciado, por cierto

Huge chance for Genk with Areola nowhere near a cross he came out for, fortunate it went wide of the post. #WHUGNK #UEL

West Ham XI: Aréola; Johnson, Dawson, Diop, Cresswell; Rice, Soucek; Bowen, Lanzini, Vlasic; Yarmolenko. Genk XI: Vandevoordt; Arteaga, Cuesta, Lucumí, Preciado; Heynen, Hrosovsky, Thorstvedt; Ito, Bongonda; Onuachu. #UEL

@Misxgi_ @ToMilesM contre fulham aussi je crois le match ou cavani lob areola du milieu de terrain

From next week I think Areola has to come in Fab makes me last year and the year before he was class


@LbrParisien Oups 🤭, de la fuente a 19 ans quand même donc bon et Guendouzi il a le mérite d’être appelé au même titre que areola et rami a la cdm

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@_geela_ I done seen some titties in my day, and lemme tell you, no matter the size big or small, they can be hit or miss. People also don’t account for the nipple That nipple/Areola TL titty ratio is a big deal lol

Happy birthday to the teacher who’s taught so many invaluable things. God bless you, Onye Nkuzi ndi Nkuzi 💫💫💫

@Detr0FN Joe Gómez por Rubén dias LaCroix por Baily rousillion por reguilon y areola por de gea

areola casteels courtois lloris maignan i ze wszystkich najlepszy areola ktory i tak jest kurwom XD

@LukaszPapuda @LKWHUFC Areola has made some great saves and hasnt conceded has he? fabs made 1 save in our first what, 3 games? 4?

@LukaszPapuda I dunno I feel compared to maybe 1/2 seasons ago I feel he would have done alot better, I just feel with Areola being younger, taller, and way more acrobatic it can only benefit us in goal, I love Fab and think hes been incredible since joining, just feel his time is coming 😕

Shooting drills: Beauty from Fornals, Benrahma too, Antonio a couple from close range. Bowen and Rice both unable to beat Areola #EVEWHU

@RapaciousSpider *licks and then sucks on a breast, her tongue twirling around a nipple as a suction tentacles attaches itself to the other, bumps inside stroking the nipple from outter areola to very tip* Oh? how many? *slides a thick, tummy bulging tentacle inside spider slit*

@Westham_Centre tbh i’m not sure if it’s slander people want to see areola but we have 2 really good keepers in this club rn

@LukaszPapuda I may well eat my own words, and I hope Fabianski does well this game, but that doesn’t change my opinion on that Areola is the better keeper at current and we can’t pick from favourites since we can’t progress that way.

@FrankieDray_ Areola doubling up at right back seems overkill, leaves the goal open as well.

#WHUFC line up v Everton: Fabianski, Johnson, Ogbonna, Zouma, Cresswell, Rice (c), Soucek, Bowen, Benrahma, Fornals, Antonio Subs: Areola, Baptiste, Dawson, Diop, Ashby, Masuaku, Lanzini, Vlasic, Yarmolenko #EVEWHU

Pregunta para los fiferos tengo una plantilla de la premier, y me toco a areola, seria buena idea vender mi plantilla y ficharme a diop (Europa league), lacroix, fekir, tchouameni if, sissoko, martial y otro delantero

West Ham XI: Fabianski, Johnson, Ogbonna, Zouma, Cresswell, Benrahma, Fornals, Bowen, Rice(c), Soucek, Antonio Subs: Areola, Yarmolenko, Masuaku, Diop, Dawson, Vlasic, Baptiste, Lanzini, Ashby #EVEWHU

#efc subs: Begovic, Tyrer, Kenny, Holgate, Mina, Gordon, Gbamin, Davies, Dobbin. #whufc subs: Areola, Yarmolenko, Lanzini, Vlasic, Dawson, Diop, Masuaku, Ashby, Baptiste.

@WestHam @betway it seriously baffles me how areola isn’t our starting goalkeeper, such a joke

As good as we’ve got (bar Fabianski). Shame no Coufal but Johnson’s fine. Disappointed not to see Areola though, Fabianski’s not cutting atm but what can you do irons

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