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🇦🇷🇦🇺 What a performance from Argentina!!!! #RugbyChampionship #ARGvAUS.

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TRC RD#2: Argentina 48 Australia 17 After a fortnight full of setbacks the toll really showed on Wallabies as they were outclassed and out-energised for the full 80 minutes. #ARGvAUS Full details:.

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🗣️ Argentina have been improving slowly but surely and are developing a host of world-class players in every department of the team. 🇦🇷🇦🇺 Five takeaways from the Argentina v Australia clash in San Juan. ✍️ @jameswhile #RugbyChampionship #ARGvAUS.

Sam Bruce
Sam Bruce

Not much else but Rob Valetini to like in that Wallabies performance. Pumas put the boot in, and Australian couldn’t handle. They’ll be happy to get home. #ARGvAUS.

4 first half tries for the Pumas and some refereeing decisions that will cause debate #argvaus.

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Imposible analizar en un tuit todo lo que pasó en este primer tiempo en San Juan, pero lo cierto es que Argentina le gana 26-10 a Australia. ¡¡¡Cuatro!!! tries han apoyado los Pumas. Y el quinto fue denegado por el TMO tras un knock-on de Boffelli. #ARGvAUS.

“Other than the ball clearly touching the line there is no compelling evidence to award the try” 🥴 #ARGvAUS.

Surely the compelling evidence is the fact that the ball is on the line? What else does the referee need? #argvaus.

🎮 Argentina playing a different game to the Wallabies in that first 40 #ARGvAUS.

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#ARGvAUS ¡FINAL DEL PRIMER TIEMPO! ¡VAMOS, PUMAS, VAMOS! Enorme primer tiempo argentino, que se impone con autoridad 26-10 a Australia. ¡A no decaer! ¡ES HOY!.

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Puntos altos de hoy en San Juan: - El ataque - El scrum - El maul (ofensivo y defensivo) - El juego con el pié - La defensa en el ST - El line como plataforma de lanzamiento - La concentración - La capitalización de oportunidades en campo rival #ARGvAUS.

What a result for Los Pumas! 🇦🇷 Argentina record their biggest ever win against the Wallabies as they win 48-17! 👏 #ARGvAUS.

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Wrong discussion there should have been a try @RugbyARG_ , @RugbyAUS #ARGvAUS #rugbyunited.

Literraly has a freeze frame of him hitting the line with it on control and decided there was no evidence. Huh. #ARGvAUS.

Utterly stoked for the pumas, they battered Australia today and deservedly won….although obviously it was all the refs fault….apparently #ARGvAUS.

Qué primer tiempo frenético. Salvo la de Boffelli, los Pumas aprovecharon a la perfección todas sus chances. Dieron ventajas defensivas y hay que ajustar el primer tackle. Esto dura 80 minutos. #ARGvAUS.

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Really engaging game - little bit of “defence is optional” at times but hey 26-10 is never a bad half (it should be 33 -17) #ARGvAUS.

46-17 and the Oz commentators talking about Argentina getting the bounce of the ball. 🤣 #UARvAUS #ARGvAUS..

#RugbyChampionship #ARGvAUS ¡ ES POR ACÁ! Actuación colectiva para la posteridad del equipo argentino, que sigue buscando su camino. Análisis 1x1 >>.

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Watching the Argentina-Aussie game. This week Sky has gone with a commentary team who appear to like rugby. Might just catch on. #ARGvAUS.

Los mejores de los Pumas: Thomas Gallo, Juan González, Emiliano Boffelli, Gonzalo Bertranou y Santiago Carreras. Juan Cruz Mallía también rinde. Y qué bien (silbando bajito) anda Tomás Lavanini. #ARGvAUS.


Hooker and Flyhalf looking like two real problem positions for the wallabies ahead of the World Cup next year, if we didn’t already know…. #ARGvAUS.

#ARGvAus #wallabies why on earth Is Anthony Seibold doing the half time analysis for this match?.

First time for me to see a hooker flip from a tackle. I know it was dangerous but that was funny as hell. #ARGvAUS.

What a tackle from Koroibete. Seems that the wording of that chat with TMO was key to that try not being awarded. Certainly looked incredibly close. #ARGvAUS.

48-17 Argentina beat the Wallabies in San Juan. Some performance and their biggest ever win against Australia. Michael Cheika making quite the impression so far with this Argentina side. #ARGvAUS.

What a game from Argentina 🇦🇷 They thump the Wallabies 48-17 #ARGvAUS.

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@lospumas proving too strong in San Juan 💪 #ARGvAUS #Wallabies.

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Cracking game in Argentina where Los Pumas lead the Wallabies 26-10. Both teams hard done by TMO Marius van der Westhuizen, who chalked two legit tries for each side. #TRC2022 #ARGvAUS.

The RFU made JP Doyle redundant so we have the dream team of Karl and Mike 🤦🏼‍♀️ #refhavingashocker #ARGvAUS.

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