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@arseblog @gunnerblog Straight to the point - Should we replace Unai or is it too soon? #arsecastextra.

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You know its a bad weekend when #arsecastextra is trending 🤣😢 @gunnerblog.

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@arseblog @gunnerblog Tierney, Saliba, Holding & Bellerin. I’ve seen so many fans counting down the days until we have this back 4 available. Are you worried that our expectations of them are too high? They’re all young&we’ve only really seen two of them play before, let alone as a unit #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Straight to the point - Should we replace Unai or is it too soon? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Am I crazy to think that maybe the club should consider replacing Emery asap? I could understand playing shit last season but now now there are no excuses. We get dominated by bottom of the league so how can we fight for top 4? #arsecastextra.

@gunnerblog Why after 15 months under Emery do our players still have no game management, in any game situation? Is this down to Emery or is it still connected to Wenger? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Ozil is finished as an Arsenal player #arsecastextra gives us nothing!.

@arseblog @gunnerblog I felt that Emery made the wrong substitutions at the wrong times, especially with Do you feel the same way? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog What is our stigma with playing away from home? Not just this season, but progressively we’ve become worse over recent seasons. We used to be renowned as a top away team. Is this a confidence thing, or are the problems far deeper-rooted #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Individual errors are not down to the manager but at some point players need to be dropped because of said errors, how many do they have to make before being replaced in the team #arsecastextra.

Maybe not the right time to ask, but could you see Lacazette playing in the position Ozil occupied v Watford? Behind Auba and Pep. He works his socks off and, as Ceballos has said, is our best player. I think he’s done it before briefly? @arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog CALLUM CHAMBERS??? he looked good pre season, played well at but hes been dropped for 2 error prone whackos!!! WHY? Would he be worse? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Was the the farcical obsession with playing out the back in that game when it clearly wasn’t working the players or manager’s fault? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Don’t you think that Torreira should be the one sitting in front of the back four instead of our “captain” Xhaka? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Our last two games have ended as punchdrunk slugfests, with huge gaps in the midfield exposing our weak defense and players too tired to recover back into position. Is this a fitness issue, or a consequence of our style of play? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Do you see Arsenal sacking a coach mid season? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Who will be at the club longer - Ozil or Emery? #arsecastextra.

Recording with @gunnerblog in about an hour. If you have any questions or topics for discussion, please send to us both with hashtag #arsecastextra.

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What position would Arsenal have to be in at Christmas to warrant immediate managerial change? Who would be your preferred choice? @arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra.

If Emery leaves someday how does Daniel Farke sound as a replacement? Always plays with the same positive philosophy, first in the championship to now competing against the big teams Liverpool, Chelsea and now Manchester City. Next klopp? @arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Sure that you chaps will have checked the #EmeryOut hashtag prior to recording today, what are your views on when the executive will pull the trigger as the noise around getting rid of a manager with 8 months left on his contract increases? #ArsecastExtra.

Just for gallows humour, can the #arsecastextra read some #Emeryout tweets [email protected] @gunnerblog.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Are we actually at the point where “would we be better with Mustafi playing?” is a reasonable question? #arsecastextra.

@arseblog @gunnerblog Question for the pod - Are we in a catch 22? I keep hearing If Emery doesnt get top 4 then he has to go. By the point its already too late, he needs to go before he misses out on it? #arsecastextra.

I have a feeling that the #arsecastextra will have Mummy (@gunnerblog) and Daddy (@arseblog) fighting again. 😢.

@arseblog Now that player recruitment is no longer the responsibility of the head coach, which Wenger struggled with in his later time at the club, would he be a better coach than our current one?? @gunnerblog #arsecastextra #Arsenal.

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