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@arseblog @gunnerblog Providing Torreira stays and Xhaka goes in the summer, what kind of midfielder should we buy to create a balanced midfield set-up? #arsecastextra

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David Gibson 🌊 #istandwithaustralia ()

Who came up with the hashtag #arsecastextra for an Arsenal FC discussion??? Initially I thought it was a thread about someone mooning live on Twitter! 😂

GraemejHawk ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Tin foil hat stuff I know, but it’s hard to ignore the statistical consistency when we’re refereed by Dean and Atkinson. Clearly these two referees genuinely do have an agenda against us. At what point does it become match fixing? #arsecastextra

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Lionel Pele ()

When is Arteta going to realise Ozil is a luxury who delivers nothing we cant afford in a team that creates nothing? #arsecastextra

Ryan Snyder ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Last night I had a dream that Pepe was free on goal, way ahead of defense. He looked around, stopped outside the box and bent down to pretend to tie his shoe. Then he stood up and curled a beauty top corner. What are your best Arsenal dreams? #arsecastextra

Anders Jansson ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Providing Torreira stays and Xhaka goes in the summer, what kind of midfielder should we buy to create a balanced midfield set-up? #arsecastextra

Dean ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog How about our fanbase stops beating about the bush and realises that nothing will change until Kroenke is gone? Ornstein visited the training ground a year ago, he said it was like a holiday camp with no demand to win; this stems from Kroenke. #arsecastextra

Sonny T ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Do you think it’s time the manager and players started to highlight the VAR decisions a bit more heavily in hope it might put a bit of pressure on the decisions we get in future 🔴⚪️ #arsecastextra

Arseniall ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Should we sell Lacazette and use the money to buy a left winger whilst promoting Martinelli to be Aubas main back up. #arsecastextra

T Marx ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Is it time to move Pepe to the position? With his attributes surely the team would benefit more and he will also personally gain? We are very one dimensional centrally so I can see this working until we can fix it until summer. What are your thoughts? #Arsecastextra

William sorsby ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog do either of you have complaints about the subs? I think we take to long to make a substitute when we lose our footing. #arsecastextra

WestStandTone ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog I’ve thought that Mikel Arteta has been slow to react to tactical changes made by the opposition, particularly against Chelsea and Sheff Utd, and that this may have cost us points. Do you agree and do you think that is just the cost of having a rookie coach? #ArsecastExtra

Papi Max ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Why do we bring players (Ceballos and Suarez) on loan and give them a vacation. Is it a extended recruiting visit (similar to what they do in college American football)? Do we really have to convince players about how nice London? #arsecastextra

Arsenal Cannon Pics ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog What would you rather: 10 more years of Mike Dean refereeing in the Premier League. Or Teabagging a fish tank full of piranha. ???????? #arsecastextra

The Real Twatterman ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra Do you think that Arsenal have suffered with penalty decisions ever since a particular moment or match, that you can think of, which may have impacted on how our players/club are perceived by the FA or referee association? Henry handball against Ireland?

S Marquez ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Do we need to sign a scoring midfield player during the January window or wait until the summer? #arsecastextra

MA8 ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Removing our emotional attachment to players. Is it time to really consider people’s future after the numbers they’re producing , Laca, Ozil. Full rebuild with possibly PL proven players and possibly more athletic players as football is moving #arsecastextra

LaPesadilla ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Are you concerned about the lack of chances we create in this system? Might be personnel but Auba, Pepe, Laca and Özil is £250m worth of talent and we look as though we could play for hours without scoring more than the odd goal, keeps costing us, 1 win in 5 so far #arsecastextra

J M S ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog With it being clear that we need to buy in a new creative midfielder in the summer to replace Özil, who would your choice? #arsecastextra

The Chief ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra Is it important to finish in a Europa League position this season or are we better off finishing outside it so we can focus 100% on the league instead?

Ryan Wallis ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Me and my uncle were at yesterday’s game, we noticed Laca, Ozil and Pepe looked to run out of steam by 60 minutes, do you think it’s a lack of quality we have or a lack of fitness and imagination? #arsecastextra

Henry Dyer ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra What’s going on with Ceballos? Another game where he didn’t feature despite being fit for a while now. Do you think he is someone who is in Arteta’s plans?

SWGooner ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Who out of Arteta’s presumed preferred 11 (the team that played the few games before Auba suspension) would you keep and who would you cut? #arsecastextra

Generational ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog What is your front 3 when everyone is fit and available? #arsecastextra

Supes ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog #arsecastextra Mustafi played his best game for Arsenal in a very long time. If he can eliminate errors in his game would he be a better option than Soctratis??

DeNoronha ()

@arseblog @gunnerblog Nketiah always looks like he is trying too hard when he comes on, concern given Laca is also not scoring? #arsecastextra

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