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#askcrofty @tedkravitz @CroftyF1 Can Hamilton be excluded for plank thickness? Thought it was a legality thing? All that scraping can’t be good for that!!!

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Eddie ()

Why wasn’t Hamilton even investigated for being half out of his grid slot at the start? #AskCrofty

Paul Tordoff
Paul Tordoff ()

Is it about time that the tyre rules were scrapped after a few drivers tyres failed, which would allow racing drivers to race instead of looking after tyres? #AskCrofty @SkySportsF1

Georgina Homer
Georgina Homer ()

If Lewis was to win next week does that technically mean he has won 8 British Geand prixs? Or not because it’s not going to be called the bro’s it’s Grand Prix 🤷‍♀️#askcrofty

Lee Rainbow
Lee Rainbow ()

#askcrofty @tedkravitz @CroftyF1 Can Hamilton be excluded for plank thickness? Thought it was a legality thing? All that scraping can’t be good for that!!!

Teresa Lloyd
Teresa Lloyd ()

#AskCrofty do you think the Mercedes suffered the tyre deg because they were using the DAS system during the safety periods?

Aerial Filming & Photography by TheDroneMan.net
Aerial Filming & Photography by TheDroneMan.net ()

#AskCrofty @CroftyF1 @SkySportsF1 Surely the early tyre change under the safety car is the main reason the hard tyres failed as they went further than they would have done otherwise under a normal pit stop window.

Fran Bleasdale
Fran Bleasdale ()

Judging by the number of helicopters 🚁 flying overhead, just how many bubbles can you fit in one chopper? #AskCrofty

Tim Zaccheo
Tim Zaccheo ()

Normally drivers are picking up marbles on the in lap after the race had finished, but if you finish the race with only 3 wheels, or having lost a wing - what are the chances of your car being underweight on scrutiny? #askcrofty

Zak ()

@SkySportsF1 @CroftyF1 FIA Regulations 2020: If a driver has serious mechanical difficulties, he must leave the track as soon as it is safe to do so - Shouldn’t LH drive into the pits instead of finishing on track? Reg doesn’t exclude/make exception for last lap #AskCrofty

Ellie Wingrave
Ellie Wingrave ()

@CroftyF1 @SkySportsF1 #AskCrofty why did Hamilton receive 2 trophies? What was the extra trophy for?

Andy ()

@SkySportsF1 @CroftyF1 #AskCrofty the tyre failures is due to the resurfacing at the track

Sean Nevatte
Sean Nevatte ()

@MBrundleF1 If they usually have to pick up marbles to maintain the weight of the car, surely with half of the tyre missing the car will be under weight? #SkyF1 @CroftyF1 #AskCrofty

Peter John Ashurst
Peter John Ashurst ()

Hamilton should be black flagged for having an unsafe car #BritishGP #AskCrofty @F1 @SkySportsF1

𝙱𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚗 🔊🎛🔊
𝙱𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚗 🔊🎛🔊 ()

Get @CroftyF1 his P45 @SkySportsF1 absolutely the worst commentator on tv. How many times can one man get so many things wrong in one race?! #SkyF1 #AskCrofty

David Mathieson
David Mathieson ()

@SkySportsF1 completely agree if unsafe, Hamilton should have been forced to stop #AskCrofty.

Kiri Wood
Kiri Wood ()

@SkySportsF1 @MBrundleF1 #AskCrofty has anyone ever won a race crossing the line with a puncture??? GO Lewis!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Saddiq Abba 🇳🇬
Saddiq Abba 🇳🇬 ()

With the picture on the last lap, could @LewisHamilton have come into the pits and still win the race? #AskCrofty

Sean ()

@SkySportsF1 @CroftyF1 #AskCrofty Lewis finally getting compensation from his last delamination issues? When was it, 2012??

Lynne ()

@SkySportsF1 Surely driving with a dodgy front tyre in the condition it was, was unsafe and Hamilton and/or Mercedes should get a penalty. No? #SkyF1 #AskCrofty @CroftyF1

Pavilion Mid Wales
Pavilion Mid Wales ()

#askcrofty Would using the softer tyre next week make it more of a race by forcing more pit stops??

Stuart Edwards
Stuart Edwards ()

#askcrofty The softer tyres for next weekend might be a blessing in disguise for Mercedes

Shaun Jolly
Shaun Jolly ()

@CroftyF1 do you think if Max had pitted earlier and started ramping up the lap times it would’ve forced Mercedes into a problem sooner? #AskCrofty #skySportsF1

Sheryl Mantack
Sheryl Mantack ()

#AskCrofty wow wow wow. What an ending. Was it 2013 that we had lots of tyre issues at silverstone?

Stephen Levett
Stephen Levett ()

Should there be a rule to force teams to do a minimum 2 pit stops for tyres as a safety issue?#askcrofty

Chris Bell
Chris Bell ()

We had major issues with the hardest tyres at silverstone a few years ago. Is it even possible to race safely with softer tyres next week #askcrofty

TheScottishKiradech ()

@SkySportsF1 #AskCrofty do you think the new Mercedes DAS contributed to the wearing of the tyre?

Shubhan Chemburkar
Shubhan Chemburkar ()

Should it be mandatory to pit when having a puncture rather than heading for chequered flag? For safety #askcrofty #skyf1 @CroftyF1

Gillipollas ()

#AskCrofty can Hamilton be penalised for completing the race having suffered a blowout? Unsafe car?

Jason Nash
Jason Nash ()

@CroftyF1 @MBrundleF1 is Lewis Hamilton the only drive to win a race with 3 wheels? #AskCrofty

Jay ()

@SkySportsF1 Possible debris from Raik front wing to cause three tires so suddenly to go ? #askcrofty #AskCrofty

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