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19 March 1930 | A Czech Jewish woman, Anna Lindtwová, was born in Prague. She was deported to #Auschwitz from the #Theresienstadt ghetto on 28 October 1944. She did not survive..

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Auschwitz Memorial,Auschwitz Memorial on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

20 March 1933 | A French Jewish girl, Freda Rojzner, was born in Paris. She was deported to Auschwitz in February 1944 and murdered in a gas chamber..

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Auschwitz Memorial,Auschwitz Memorial on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

18 March 1935 | A Dutch Jewish girl, Mirjam Hoogstraal (left), was born in Apeldoorn. In February 1944 she was transferred from Westerbork to #Theresienstadt and deported to #Auschwitz on 4 September 1944. She was murdered in the gas chamber with her sister Johanna Wilhelmina..

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Auschwitz Memorial,Auschwitz Memorial on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

18 March 1905 | A German Jewish woman, Sarah Lassmann, was born in Hainsfarth. She was deported to #Auschwitz in June 1943. She did not survive..

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Auschwitz Memorial,Auschwitz Memorial on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

12 March 1943 | An Austrian Roma boy, Josef Baranyai, was born in Deutsch Kaltenbrunn. In #Zigeunerlager (Gypsy camp) in #Auschwitz II-Birkenau from 16 April 1943. No Z-6533 He perished in the camp on 15 August 1943..

Yes. Anyone posting a montage of Braverman laughing in front of Auschwitz, you are the **** here..

On the disgusting use of Auschwitz as a background, to the Tory migrant policy, who can have a go at the policy but to use the Holocaust, is beyond any reasonable point..

Its thanks to tweets like this (now deleted) that Auschwitz is currently trending. The Shoah should not be used for cheap political point scoring. The Rwanda project is not comparable with the systematic murder of 6M Jews, and Braverman’s husband is Jewish..

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Graham Ward,Graham Ward on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

@globeandmail Thanks #Kirk Wetters and Paul North of Yale for encouraging to file for a Title IX while Rebecca Comay expunges the remnants of Auschwitz.

Do you know Prescott Bush, and banking assets with him helped Hitler rise to fame, and did you know the also was a critical player in building Auschwitz’s camps, BBH, brown brothers Harriman, yes the US backed banks helped the German war machine financially rise to power.

@Ben_Davison1 Poland at that time was occupied by Germany and not by the Nazi Party. It was the Germans who deported 150,000 Christian Poles to Auschwitz, such as Kazimierz Lewiński . 3 million Christian Poles were murdered by the Germans and the Soviets when they occupied Poland.

@Wincent19589186 ALLIANZ ubezpieczał krematoria w Auschwitz-Birkenau i po wysadzeniu ich przez więźniów wypłacił Waffen-SS odszkodowanie ! 😄.

I saw this and cringed so hard. It’s like these people forget Auschwitz is a real place and people are mourning their relatives who were killed there to this day. Please don’t do this, it’s not funny and is actually really insensitive..

@AuschwitzMuseum My Aunt Lilly (in photo) survived #Theresienstadt . I always wonder if she knew the people who were deported from there to #Auschwitz when you share their photos. Thank you for your important work..

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Marni Fechter,Marni Fechter on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

@MandyintheWest @atensnut This is Oskar Gröning, born July 10th, 1921. He worked at the Auschwitz Conecentration Camp in the prisoner property administration from 1942 to 1944. At the end, he hold the rank of Unterscharführer of SS..

@brittas_strikes Oh snap. He blocked me for calling out his hideous Auschwitz photoshop post. What a bellend he is..

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Tim Sennett,Tim Sennett on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

@AndrewRTDavies I showed this photo to my partner who is apolitical with no comment from me as a test: “Why is this woman looking at Auschwitz? It is Auschwitz. The train, the towers, the gates, the barbed wire. Who is she?” So your explanation is a bit short..

@BiesenWim Dat standbeeld is van Kitty die uiteindelijk in Auschwitz is vergast. Ze staat het symbool voor de Joodse gemeenschap in Nijmegen die vermoord is in de kampen. Op de gevel daarachter kan je in brons alle namen van de slachtoffers lezen..

Just finished ‘The Escape Artist’ about the life of Rudolf Vrba, one of the only Jews to have escaped from Auschwitz. His whole life was fascinating. Will there be a movie/series @Freedland? I had a new idea for one almost every chapter….

@McAlindenS That is Auschwitz. You should visit it sometime. Then you wouldn’t make such foolish mistakes..

⚫️ La inquietante historia de Irma Grese, la temida ‘hiena de Auschwitz’.

Greece marks 80th anniversary of first deportation of Greek Jews to Auschwitz.

Family members perished in the death camps & on the death marches of WW2. Legal Influencers retweeting offensive #Auschwitz memes to attack #SuellaBraverman might wish to reflect on whether devaluing those horrors is the right thing to do..

ma poi ma dai usare la polizia per importare la gente nei lagher di concentramento COMPLIMENTI ALLE NAZIONI DEL MONDO E I POLITICI VOI AVETE FATTO AUSCHWITZ!.

@SaysGypsy @Auspol Israel was created out of Western Guilt. That they did sweet F nothing. They could have bombed the railway tracks of Auschwitz but they didn’t..

@JavierO66080535 no solo a corredores estan enterrando, a todo el mundo estan enterrando, porque previamente fueron vacunados por estos hijos de perra que se hacen pasar por medicos, cuando son carniceros de Auschwitz.

@IrvingGary @DrNeenaJha The lefties have wound themselves up so much they now think Rwanda is another Auschwitz..

#OTD 1944 On 20 March the Germans entered Munkács. I remember that day as sad and tense. The town was paralyzed; everyone locked themselves up in their homes. Less than 3 months later, the Jews of Munkács were deported to #Auschwitz Learn more >>.

Auschwitz Photo,Auschwitz Photo by Yad Vashem,Yad Vashem on twitter tweets Auschwitz Photo

@SusanJaneWeston @g_gosden You can disagree vehemently with something without calling it Auschwitz.

@Greyhound_One @newsthump Would the people taking issue with the superimposition of Braverman in front of Auschwitz be happier if it had waited until it had a direct comparison on the list below? The image is highlighting the road we appear to be on, not trivialising the horror..

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