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BREAKING: Australia will provide Ukraine with 34 more armoured vehicles and join the G7 ban on Russian gold exports.

Well this was definitely something different, being asked to feature on the cover of Australia’s Stellar Magazine! @StellarMagAU.

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Since his DNF at Australia, @Max33Verstappen has scored 150 points out of a possible 164 🤯🤘.

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President @ZelenskyyUa has shown bravery and leadership emblematic of his people in the face of Russia’s brutal and illegal invasion. My visit to Ukraine sends a clear message that democratic nations like Australia will stand with the Ukrainian people in their time of need..

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We are really excited to announce @TheSnuts will be joining Louis again in Australia for select dates! Also joining him will be @PacificAvenueAU.

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Australia’s relationship with France matters. Trust, respect and honesty matters. That is how I will approach our relations. @EmmanuelMacron.

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🚨 Cristiano Ronaldo not expected to attend Man Utd pre-season training for second consecutive day, citing family reasons. Currently unclear if/when 37yo will return. #MUFC head on tour to Thailand + Australia on Friday. With @lauriewhitwell @TheAthleticUK.

⚡️Australian prime minister visits Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel. Anthony Albanese said during a visit to Kyiv Oblast that Australia supports just punishment for the crimes committed in the region by Russian troops..

One Piece
One Piece

Luffy and the Straw Hats are about to embark on a music-filled journey unlike any other. 🎶 @Crunchyroll is bringing One Piece Film: Red to US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand later this year! MORE:.

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Wonderful to meet with @EmmanuelMacron in Paris to discuss the future of relations between Australia and France..

Interesting how BBZ the Imported Foreign Minister only chose to retweet this one tweet by President Alvi - that of US envoy presenting credentials; when 6 envoys presented their credentials to President of Pakistan today: Australia, EU, Turkeyi, Bhutan, Sudan & USA..

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⚡️ Australia to provide $100 million in military, technical aid to Ukraine. Australian PM Anthony Albanese said during a briefing with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv on July 3 that Australia is ready to continue supporting Ukraine as long as it takes to win the war..

🚨BREAKING 🇦🇺Australia will remove ALL vaccination and testing requirements for travel to the country from Wednesday. Its Passenger Locator Form will also be scrapped..

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Australia has become a major non-NATO supplier of military aid to Ukraine. 🇦🇺 is so far from 🇺🇦, yet is one our closest partners! Our nations share a love of freedom and respect for the environment. Your weapons will help us with pest control of our fields. Thank you! 🇺🇦🤝🇦🇺.

Photos from Griffith, New South Wales, Australia of an event wr Khalistani supporters got Australian Defence Force Sikh soldiers in photos, something that intents to suggest alignment. The event took place earlier this month..

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The ultimate flashback Friday! 12 years ago today, Julia Gillard made history when she was sworn in as Australia’s first female Prime Minister by our first female Governor General, Dame Quentin Bryce..

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Australians - are you not ashamed that Mexico is doing more for your fellow citizen than the government of Australia?.

👀WHAT NOT TO DO: Australia 🇦🇺 gave up on containment of #COVID19 in 2022—➡️ever since their hospitals 🏥 are utterly light years MORE FULL than they were in 2020 & early 2021 when mitigation was a thing. PREVENTION MATTERS—please also help HCWs! #CovidIsNotOver HT @AndrewHewat.

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Well, look at this, Australia with some of the highest cases in the world. Now it is fully open with no restrictions or mandates. Zero covid policy: a complete flop. Two years wrecked for no reason. Politicians pretend like nothing happened..

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In other rich countries, such as Iceland, Norway, Japan, and Australia, men live on average eight years longer than they do in the , even though Americans spend more on healthcare than people in any other country in the world..

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“Free the Uighurs!” Protesters interrupted a speech by China’s Ambassador to Australia, accusing China of committing genocide on Uighur Muslims ⤵️.

Iceberg lettuce in Australia - now $ #CostOfLivingCrisis #inflation.

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Australia: Islamic scholar says ‘homosexuality under the shari’a is punishable by death’.

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Australia’s first fixed pill testing site to launch in Canberra sparking a hope for a national initiative. Good news is there’s real scope for serious drug law reform in the new parliament. Politicians desperately need to catch up with the public on this..

Great to sit down with Frederic Baudry from @bp_Australia to discuss the risks & opportunities on the path to net zero, and Australia’s potential role as a clean-energy powerhouse..

@BethRigby @SkyNews Nobody talking about farming. Truss deal with Australia will wipe out pastoral farming in the west of the UK..

John Hatzistergos was a senior member of the most corrupt government in Australia’s history. It would be a terrible mistake making him ICAC commissioner. He’s clearly no good at identifying corruption and massive conflicts of interest. #auspol.

@Most_Maximus Animals in Australia die sheltering their unhatched eggs from wildfires meanwhile women in the United States kill their children at the slightest threat to their hedonistic lifestyle.

Thank You Very Much Australia For Visiting Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 @CricketAus @cricketcomau Love From Sri Lankan People 🔥.

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@Dillon_v27 wait i’m actually laughing. it says the movie comes out in july in australia but it’s in cinemas rn too 😭 i’m watching it right NOW.

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