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“Who’s going to be buying Russian kit? We have seen in Libya, in Syria, in Azerbaijan, and now in Ukraine, [🇷🇺] equipment being defeated by predominantly handheld equipment,” Wallace said. “When a TB-2 takes out your SA-22… I think that has an impact on what is Russia’s offer.

I literally just put it together that Henry Cuellar the anti-abortion Democrat is the dude who was whole hog backing the dictatorship of Azerbaijan as they waged their war on Armenia Moreover, ICE must be destroyed.

Azərbaycan Respublikası, Rusiya Federasiyası və Ermənistan Respublikasının xarici işlər nazirlərinin görüşünə dair ⬇️ - On the meeting of FMs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation & the Republic of Armenia ⬇️.

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i am TRIGGERED how tf Belgium and Azerbaijan qualified over Cypurs and Ireland i hate you europe.

A new day for new opportunities, have a wonderful day! 5:34am #Azerbaijan🇦🇿 📷 by me.

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Good luck on your journey, Azerbaijan!🇦🇿❤ Vote for Azerbaijan🇦🇿❤ #Eurovision #ESC2022.

the only thing currently preventing azerbaijan from finishing off their genocide of Armenians in Artsakh are the Russian.


She was also the most senior official from the Trump Organization involved in a real estate development project in Azerbaijan that appears to have been a money-laundering scheme for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (double oops)..

Person (1) running for City Council calls 📞 : ‘I’d like your support.’ Me: Sure, I’ll help. (1) What U doin? Me: Advocating for Armenians being massacred by #Azerbaijan (1): 🤐 _________ Me: 5,000+ killed so far (1): So, coming to my event? #ToneDeaf.


🚨IT’S MATCHDAY!🚨 🏆 UEFA Under-16 International Development Tournament Azerbaijan 🆚 Zambia 📅 Friday, 13 May ⌚️ 15h00 CAT 🏟 GF Football Academy.

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Scrolling down the thesis catalogue of the university, found an interesting work titled Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest :).

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Unless Azerbaijan is planning on invading Iran or Russia, this buildup of military spending speaks of continued warfare against Armenians. This is what they consider peaceful overtures. Is anyone even gullible enough to believe they intend peaceful coexistence?.

“We should look not only to the past but to the future,” Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan told me. He said that if Armenia continues to be in a “zero-sum” game with its neighbors Azerbaijan and Turkey, “our region will be in a vicious circle.”.

My followers live in Turkey (53%), Azerbaijan(17%)... Get your free map:.

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when she puts herself between belgium and azerbaijan to win 😭😭😭.

@escluuk If I were to put money on it: Straight: Poland, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Belgium LGBT: Romania, Israel, Australia, San Marino.

@braxton_mccoy That is terrible idea. The closest corollary is what Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia did in Nogorno Karabakh in 2020. Ramadi may as well be the revolutionary war..

I am quite unsatisfied with Belgium cuz although Azerbaijan’s mediocre ballad also qualified, at least Nadir served excellent vocals and it was staged OK. Belgium was bad as a song, bad vocally, and staged badly. I just don’t get it?? Who TF voted him over Ireland and San Marino?.

My followers are in Iran(62%), Azerbaijan(13%) Get your free map.

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Alriiiiight predictions! 🇫🇮 Finland 🇮🇱 Israel 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan 🇸🇲 San Marino 🇭🇲 Australia 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇷🇴 Romania 🇵🇱 Poland 🇸🇪 Sweden Estonia or Czech Republic likely knocked into 11th #Eurovision.

QUICK PREDICTIONS FOR #EUROVISION Australia, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, San Marino, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan & Poland let’s see if i can get better than 6/10 this time.

Genuinely no idea today. Sure qualifiers: Sweden Serbia Poland Azerbaijan Idk anymore your guess is as good as mine🤷‍♀️ #Eurovision.

my and my besties’ prediction for tonight: azerbaijan 🇦🇿, serbia 🇷🇸, poland 🇵🇱, cyprus 🇨🇾, czechia 🇨🇿, australia 🇦🇺, estonia 🇪🇪, sweden 🇸🇪, israel 🇮🇱, finland 🇫🇮 / belgium 🇧🇪 (ROMANIA PLS I NEED WRS THERE IM W MY LEGS OPENED FOR HIM).

Both Azerbaijan and Poland getting 2nd half is more bad news for UK. Will be even worse if Australia gets it. All the male power singers in one half of the draw. That plus the lack of upbeat songs anyway. I think we need to reset our expectations of Space Man 🇬🇧.


Azerbaycan finale kaldı. Bu gecenin en sevindirici haberi. Tebrikler ♥️🥳🇦🇿 @NadirRustamli #Azerbaijan #Eurovision.

AZERBAIJAN will perform in the SECOND half #Eurovision #ESC2022.

@blxnchitobebe literally azerbaijan qualified instead of him?? a song with no personality, no meaning, a soulless performance which only have one redeeming quality in a good vocal.

Focus On The City🏙️ #Baku #Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 @ExperienceAZE @AzerbaijanSTA.

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@FlagsMashupBot Original images for 🇯🇴 (Jordan) + 🇦🇿 (Azerbaijan).

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