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Damon K
Damon K

Bandcamp waives *their* revenue share on #BandcampFriday - meanwhile Spotify waives *our* revenue share by giving away free premium subscriptions. Get the difference?.

#BandcampFriday Photo,#BandcampFriday Photo by Damon K,Damon K on twitter tweets #BandcampFriday Photo

At the end of 2022 we had the pleasure of touring Europe with @thecure. We recorded those shows and released two live EP’s exclusively for Bandcamp on a ‘PWYC’ basis Today is #BandcampFriday and a great time to purchase those EPs 🎥 Brendan Jay Smith.


One week to go until Mogwai Young Team and CODY reissues are out on @ChemUnderground - available to pre-order today on LP/CD/Digital via @Bandcamp 🎧 Get yours here➡️ #BandcampFriday.

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Finally made a proper release for Armacadia. Here are 3 songs, Enjoy! #BandcampFriday.

✨#BandcampFriday✨ 全アルバム30%OFFコードを配布します 30% Discount Code :「ramen_daisuki」 ~ 2023/02/05 23:59 (UTC) まで使えます.

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【お知らせ】 本日はBandcamp Friday! 去年の12月ぶりにクーポンコードを用意しました👍 SKETCH UP! RecのBandcamp内にある作品はすべて対象ですのでこの機会に是非!!! ※今月10日まで有効です Discount Code:frost0203 👇Bandcamp👇 #bandcamp #BandcampFriday.

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本日は #bandcampfriday 、やばさレコーディングでは、沼津のサンプリングダンスミュージックの鬼才、 LIZA EQUALIZA氏の「LOVE」をリリースします🔥 絶妙なコラージュセンスをもった美しくもチルい素敵な楽曲です。 やばさレコーディング.

!!!#BandcampFriday!!! 15% off all Bandcamp releases with coupon code “samuel” クーポンコード”samuel”でBandcampの全てのリリース15%OFFになります。この機会に是非~! 無料のpolysha昔のアンリリース集もありますので、見るだけでも見てってください~.

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happy #BandcampFriday - here are the latest from @theleaflibrary #silverbiplanes and David Tattersall (from @TheWavePictures ) to get you started.

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BRANCHES IS OUT NOW I’ve never worked so hard on music before, and it’s pay what you want on #bandcampfriday I hope you like it.

#bandcampfriday Good Stuff - Library Of The Occult book club! First up, Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. Each month an artist offers haunting sounds to accompany your reading. First up, The Psychic Circle. On lathe-cut 7-inch too @DreamDivision_ @MoonbuildingMag.

CURTISSS & NGAIO ‘All For You’ [DURK039] Amapiano with a Bristol twist courtesy of @CURTISSSUK & @ngaioanyia #BandcampFriday.

Hey all! Today is #BandcampFriday which is that one day when musicians get 100% of the sales! 👀 All my music is 50% OFF today and tomorrow as well, because why not, if you enter bing50 when you buy anything on my bandcamp 🙏 Link below, thank you so much! 🥹.

#BandcampFriday Photo,#BandcampFriday Photo by Christoph Jakob 🎮🎶 on YouTube, music sites etc.,Christoph Jakob 🎮🎶 on YouTube, music sites etc. on twitter tweets #BandcampFriday Photo

What, with #BandcampFriday and all, why not load this little creature into your collection and treat yourself like you’re pretty and whatnot? Get some of that outburst-ambient, gruppy unstuck noise. Go, go, go!.

what day is it you say?! Oh that’s right! @Bandcamp Friday! Lots of fun stuff to be found on our list this time, check it out (and the links to our past lists) #bandcamp #bandcampfriday.

Music | Tor Einar Bekken Today is #bandcampfriday - meaning that ALL the money for a purchase from ⁦@Bandcamp⁩ goes straight to the artist. So yeah, check out my music…🎹🎹🎹.

Out now: O​.​H​.​E. [action] b​/​w R​.​I​.​FF. [minox] by YOCKO feat. prinz-ip aka agogol Limited edition (20 copies) and digital #BandcampFriday.

Do you know what my biggest problem is this #BandcampFriday? I have this huge box of CDs taking up room in my studio. If only someone would buy them all (spelling mistake included) and also maybe help us break even after all these years! #PcikMe!.

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We open pre-order now! A co-release with @shelflife CD available on @subjangle #BandcampFriday.


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🚨 It’s #bandcampfriday ! 🚨 So if you’ve been thinking of purchasing the digital or tape release of my new EP even more of yr purchase will go towards the @translibdub ! Some tape colours are already sold out so don’t sleep on it 😴 😊 It is also a good day to listen to it 🎧.


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✨✨ #bandcampfriday ✨✨ 本日は、bandcamp friday❗️❗️❗️ 購入して頂いた分そのままそっくりアーティストに還元されます❗️❗️❗️ Invaders(@Invaders_jp )の1stコンピ「」を始め、各メンバーのシングルも取り揃えておりますので何卒🙏🙏.

#BandcampFriday is upon us once again. Here are some recent recommendations from my blog 🧵.

Mae hi’n #BandcampFriday 💚❤️💜 .. ewch draw i: os y’ch chi’n chwilio am tiwns yn llawn ‘groove’ am bris teg! 🥳.

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Buy something from my bandcamp on #BandcampFriday.

#BandcampFriday Last few MEMORIALS t-shirts designed by the one and only @Adam_Higton available on our bandcamp page (and our song There Are Other Worlds is there too).

#BandcampFriday Photo,#BandcampFriday Photo by MEMORIALS,MEMORIALS on twitter tweets #BandcampFriday Photo

Go give Ashes Fallen some love this #BandcampFriday. And all bands you enjoy that is on there!.

Today is #BandcampFriday and this @alientangoband single is a bona fide #banger . Join the dots!.

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