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No Barkley. No Shepard. No Engram. No Gallman. 14-14 with the best team in the league. Say what you want about Pat Shurmur, but he had this team ready to play tonight..

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@maxacarlin @AdelBrkic Zion is really the second coming of Charles Barkley or an undersized PF. I’m rooting for Sir Charles.

Tairrah McGriff was arrested after the death of Sahara Barkley, 24. In addition to manslaughter, a jury found her guilty of carrying a concealed firearm. The verdict was unanimous..

Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley, and Booger McFarland combined.

札幌満喫中 ゲームサボってごめんなさい。.

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I know Ali Barkley running CRAZY 💨 @barkley_33 @saquon.

@GXATSHXT @NBATruthHurts I’m not worried about him finishing one on one against I said Vince in Barkley ’s the schemes to make him work against himself.

FLASHBACK: ...Las Vegas, the Mayweather-Pacquiao show had already started and we were in the lobby of the MGM Grand with Charles Barkley and a bunch of others when I LITERALLY bumped into the very large Jesse.

@NYGiantsRush No, but it does likely mean Barkley is back if they are cutting two RBs and only signing one. That’s my take..

Looks like Im getting Barkley from solos instead of Jamal.

Someone else who should be ahead of Barkley on the pk list.

@catturd2 Barkley already bowed in his statement on this what you think the NBA should do theres billions on the line.

Some folks say #BootBevin Barkley says #FlushBevin But No matter, here are 141 reasons to share with people who are thinking of voting for the.

@Ayoo_Sheed I feel that but there young. They will grow the Offence misses Barkley man think about it play action works with Barkley not w hillaman. Saquon by himself will make are Offence look good. The young guys on D have played better lately an we been getting pass rush.

@MuzakirAhmed Delete and repost without Barkley’s name. The man is trash. No point ball carrying if you 1) take too many touches in possession and get tackled, 2) manage to avoid 1 and end up fucking up the pass because it’s poorly made or poorly chosen.

Allow it you just fucking picked Barkley, he’s actually worse than ole ffs.

At what point when you need to introduce “game changing substitutions” do you think of Ross Barkley and Marcus rashford #England.

Maddison withdrew, He can’t play Monday. Winks, Rice & Mount/Hendo/Barkley Get Foden over from U21 squad..

FIND THE WEAKNESS. Say @P2 get blocked Vick ( Escape, Gutsy, Agile) Barkley (Leap Frog, Evasive) and Kelce (Indentifier, Threat Detector) on Offense Tillman(Enforcer, Tip drill, Tackle Supreme), Adams (Enforcer, Tip Drill, ST) and Calvin(Lurker, Acrobat, Tip Drill) on Defense.

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@_H4RR1S , chillwell, Alexandra-Arnold and Barkley infront of them for me, rice is just side to side Barkley wants to play foward all the time!!.

@dazzPablo Barkley “plays” for Chelsea simple answer. Maddison will get his go but virtually pointless when horrendson and Rice pass it sideways and backwards all game.

@clarkythetitan Don’t ask me why Rice, Keane, Barkley start, I don’t rate them, I’d have gone with Pope tonight too!! Can’t get exited for international games u less it’s a tournament, just coasting through games! Club football means more unless it’s a tournament I think most of them think.

@art_stapleton They should have done this before, not when Barkley is gonna come back. Smh. Better late than never?....

@94CAMRAM No Alli in the squad so I’d play Barkley. Thought we looked much better going forward as soon as he came on..

@RegistaEdition Please refer to the statistics. Mason Mount created two chances. Barkley, Kane, Sterling and Sancho all created one each..

No Barkley. No Shepard. No Engram. No Gallman. 14-14 with the best team in the league. Say what you want about Pat Shurmur, but he had this team ready to play tonight..

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