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BREAKING: Vatican designates Barnard Castle a sacred site after thousands of blind pilgrims are miraculously cured over the past 24 hours.

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Have I Got News For You ()

BREAKING: Vatican designates Barnard Castle a sacred site after thousands of blind pilgrims are miraculously cured over the past 24 hours.

Matthew Thompson ()

I’m sorry but if @maitlis can’t walk outside and tell you it’s raining then what’s the point in journalism? He broke the rules. On the Barnard Castle trip at least, that is incontrovertible. Fact. Not opinion.

Mike Harding #lightacandlefotheEU ()

Just announced. BBC R4 I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue. Mornington Crescent to be replaced by a game called Barnard Castle. Same rules. Different end point.

V CEO* ()

@ZZonky Your eyesight went weird and you had to drive to Barnard Castle to see if it got any better

The Law Office ()

Let’s get this to number 1 .... we will never loose our ability to take the piss .... not even at barnard castle !!!

Michael ()

Barnard Castle has stood for almost 1000 years. Now its entire history can be divided into pre and post Dominic Cummings

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The Bowes Museum ()

We look forward to seeing many visitors coming to Barnard Castle when its safe to travel 🤗💗🦢

Ruth #herdsurvivor ()

@Mandoline_Blue @liebshen15 I wouldn’t answer or download it anyway before this but even more so now because the app is owned by Dominic Cummings sister and is based in Barnard castle the deal was announced on the 14th of April

Alji76 ()

@CarolineLucas @NotWhatIBelieve Testing eyesight story a complete fabrication, he thinks we are all credulous plebs. His fathers farm exits onto a dual c/way - easy drive up and down to ‘check eyesight’(!). Rd to Barnard Castle not straightforward- no way would he drive there unless specific reason-wife’s bday?

Meurig Davies ()

@wisheart12 @daviesneil275 worse than that Why was Cummings at Barnard Castle…? The Fusion Doctrine in full view spying on the public – public is now the enemy…? Oxford University Professor Adrian Hill: COVID-19 is disappearing too fast…? 25th may 2020 column news

Andrew Parnall - The Office of DontBrexitFixit ()

Dear @BBC, when you commission the next series of Top Gear, please invite Mr Dominic Cummings on to drive not stop from Durham to Barnard Castle whilst blindfolded. How hard can it be?

Jo Maugham QC ()

Travelling to Barnard Castle to test your eyesight looks to me like committing a criminal offence.

OOR Cath Maguire ()

@sturdyAlex I hear there a large GlaxoSmithKline plant at Barnard Castle, could film some of it there.

이미숙 ()

🧀ghbㅍㅏ는곳 🧀강력물뽕ㄱㅜㅁㅐㅎㅏ는곳 🧀#ghbㅍㅏ는곳 🧀#강력물뽕ㄱㅜㅁㅐㅎㅏ는곳 🐾24시🍯동영상🍯인증가능 🐾믿음과🍯신뢰의🍯거래 🐾kakao🆔hk079 When asked whether Mr Cummings made a trip to Barnard Castle - 30

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J. R. Tomlin ()

Whenever you see a tweet like this, take a look at the account page. 28 followers and joined in 2009. This red flags as a bot not to mention tweeting the exact same phrase as others CLAIMING to have an autistic child (did they take their son to Barnard Castle with them I wonder)

Laura Lexx ()


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Sarah ()

Is it possible that this is the boldest move yet by the Barnard Castle Tourist Board?

John ()

@Nigel_Farage The guy in Barnard Castle claims to know for sure it was Cummings because he looked on the DVLA website. That website emphatically does not give ownership information. In fact it states clearly you have to write to them to request this, with a good reason.

Just another Andy ()

@mick_walker1 Downing Street seem to be implying it’s all lies. He only went there once. He never left the house. The police didn’t talk to his father. He never went to Barnard Castle. Seems like he has total control of the PM

JamesClayton ()

If The Barnard Castle trip did happen, even after the end of 14 days isolation, surely it was against the rules?

🏵ProEU-REJOIN⭐HoldThemToAccount-RemindThem-Resist ()

LETS BE CLEAR CUMMINGS LIES & HE IS DOING SO NOW. New testimony suggests Cummings left Durham home where he was staying to visit Barnard Castle 30m away. He was allegedly spotted back in Durham on 19 April, days after he was photographed in London having recovered from the virus.

Sprite22 ()

Why didn’t he book a hotel in Barnard Castle? Oh yeah! They closed them so that people wouldn’t spread Covid to other areas! 😳

Phillipa Rees #SardinesUK🐟 FBPE Pro-EU ()

least TWO further visits to Durham since “fair” first trip, one involving a 39-mile amble over to Barnard Castle? Still “anxiously taking care of” brat? We the majority of British public are NOT fools, @DominicRaab. Time you lot woke up to that. You’re on soft sand!

Carole Cadwalladr ()

Good spot from an anonymous online sleuth. That Easter Day trip to Barnard Castle? Looks like it was also Mary’s birthday

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Jude Kirton-Darling ()

Seems one of them was London-based #DominicCumings apparently seen wandering the Tees in Barnard Castle! @HelenGoodmanBA

SinisterLightBulb ()

@gabyhinsliff Read the he went on a jolly to Barnard Castle, and went BACK up to Durham after he was in Rather demolishes the ‘frightened daddy’. Defence don’t you think?

Planninganon ()

Far more attention is paid to someone *allegedly* having a jaunt out to Barnard Castle, or going for a walk in woodlands a mile away, than children being gang-raped or potentially disease-ridden migrants storming Kentish beaches.

Nick Veale ()

I can immediately explain sightings of Dominic Cummins in Barnard Castle. People clearly have him confused with Barnard Castle based Bargain Hunt expert, David Harper. All baldies look the same😳

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Russell hadd ()

#dominiccummimgs #dominicgoings went sightseeing to Barnard Castle at Easter. Why did I bother staying in? I should have gone down to the hospital to get some of the free pizzas they give away outside. @deGourlay

Imogen ()

Day out at Barnard Castle. So incapacitated that he needed someone else to look after his kid. Really.

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