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Sponsor officiell KANAVAL Blondedy Ferdinand Pataje bayo love la

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Seun-Prophet ()

@IAm_Bayo @ChiefOjukwu I dey work but leaving by Mumsy is around We got lots of talk

Jack Maguire ()

Have I missed something today? I thought it was a really comfortable win. Young polish lad will get better and I want to see Bayo keep getting into good positions even after he’s missed a chance or two! Well done Bhoys, we go on ! 🍀

Blondedy Ferdinand ()

Sponsor officiell KANAVAL Blondedy Ferdinand Pataje bayo love la

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Lovenzo ()

@NullstarSSBU Joker is weird but not as much as ZSS and Megaman, also Palu even (???), DDD and Ridley even and Bayo losing, also Lucina worst mu uhhhh

Sergi ()

@SergiPeriche Por ejemplo, esa de Chimo Bayo: Es la bomba, que va a WU HAN!

DevilBombers @ DORO ANIME 🥟 ()

i really do wonder who made the sweet bayo and hell jan tumblr bc ever since that acc was created i cant stop calling jeanne hella jan skdkkskkdm

Jakalas 👑 ()

Bethi Bayophuza Kuleya Tarven Kanti Bayo-scout Ngaphesheya Komgwaqo, Nxa!


If phcn refuses to bring light for a month. Nigerians will still pay. I said what i said.

Triumphant Radio🇳🇬 🇬🇧🇨🇦 ()

#Now Playing On Triumphant Radio : We Give Our Praise to You ft. Alessandra by Bayo Daniels listen at Buy song

Warrior Exo ()

@Dark_Wizzy_ Yeah, without the dlc and rage it was incredibly solid. Only thing that killed the momentum for me and most I know was bayo and cloud killing it

Mini ()

@gng_ssb Yeah, hes not the only character with that problem and theres also a lot of characters who cant be jablocked by anyone in the game unless its during the bounce animation (bayo, joker, zss)

Bon ()

@Float_Luigi @DeliFGC Is there a difference between sdi and di bc I die to bayo combos too

Lake ()

@Nintendoman0413 I’m curious what the Bayo 3 form will be. But we will have to wait and see

Galarian aron ()

honestly i vibe with bayo mu for falco but maybe its just because i havent played any good bayonettas


37%of Nigerian-American have bachelors degree, 17% of them have Masters and 4% have PHDS larger than any other ethnic group in America. Practically Nigeria-American is the most successful ethnic group in USA, THAT’S WHY WE ARE FACING VISA BAN @realDonaldTrump take it or leave it

Steven ()

@ICG_LordFrieza @Danny_Fathom I think I got like $130 for this one lol Little Miss Bayo finally did something useful for me in this game.

Fletch ()

Unpopular opinion but Bayo looked sharp, did well to get into scoring situations, finishing will hopefully come. Positive 20mins for the lad

Juan Casillas Bayo ()

@gregoriacarod Nada, nada. Charmander siempre es la mejor opción para empezar jajaja

Juan Casillas Bayo ()

@mariano_alonsof Recordamos cierto episodio toledano con una mochila de protagonista.

Luciano Chein. ()

El equipo de ese día: Carlos Jorge Minoian; Walter Davoine, Pedro Ladislao Galeano, José Horacio Marinovich, Carlos Daniel Bayo, Domingo Héctor Lejona, Hugo Mario Carro, J. C. Cortes, Eliseo Prado, Francisco Diego Bayo, Oscar Gomez Sanchez.

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Ryan ()

@Georgina87x A kickaboot at times. Looked early on like it wiz gony be a tough match, hard tackles, wind blawin the ball everywhere. Broony & Ntcham ran the show tho. We never took advantage ae the wind tae test their keeper much. Bayo got a goal late on. Solid performance. 🍀

Kieran Clare ()

@Seanfolek @CelticFC I can’t even seen it man because I’m blocked 😂 I’m assuming it’s bayo related?

F0Fuchsia🇺🇸(🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿/🇵🇷) ()

@CharlieHaruno @JashyBro_ Downthrow dash-attack is kinda character dependent, like bayo, snake, trainer, puff, and shulk can all get out for a good while cause frame one stuff . I think Pikachu and pichu can thunder but I’m not sure.

Futebol Super FC ()

Pela Copa da Escócia 2019/2020 [email protected] o Celtic vence e se classifica sem sustos. 5ªFase - 09/02 Clyde 0 - 3 Celtic ⚽: Ntcham, Brown, Bayo - CEL #ScottishCup

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Olabayo Elusakin ()

Too big to play for Nigeria. That’s what I heard of him last

Paul B 🍀 ()

@scoblerone10 Indeed. Thought Bayo done ok in that hearts game earlier in season as well


@bhoysviews The players who are the REAL DEAL usually score on their debut or 1st couple of games, maybe hartson the Bayo scored today he is the most boring striker iv seen in a hoops shirt, people will shoot me down but the pole is a dud as well

Seyi ()

@channelstv I hope @MBuhari can sign a better MOU with the prime minister and not just a photo ops.

Oposisi tulen ()

Ini celoteh si mencret ketika partainya masih jadi oposisi. Sekarang setelah berkuasa,apa yg dahulu mereka tentang justru itu yang sekarang mereka galakkan. @66Hasto Pedeipe lupa daratan Partai wong CILIK berubah menjadi partai wong LICIK.

Trevor ()

@luulubuu Amaterasu: It is a continuation of Bayonetta’s trailer in which Pit fights the supernatural slut. However, instead of fighting each other, they team up to take down the evil clone of Palutena, with Pitt needing to save his goddess and Bayo needing to defeat a (con)

☚ #awfullybritishstormnames Arsenal ☛
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