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We’ve reached the apogee of #factchecking on #bbcbh @BBCRadio4. Professor Mary Beard is factchecking @BorisJohnson’s statements on Ancient Greece and Rome. Amazing..

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@JackieLongc4 @Channel4News #bbcbh is as essential listening here as #c4news is!.

[email protected] For ancient parallels, how about #Herodotus - the Persian debate on the rotating appeals/downsides of monarchy, oligarchy and democracy ? #bbcbh.

@RoslynByfield @coaldragon One of the nice things about my hospital stays in Cornwall is being called my lover by the nurses 😀 #bbcbh.

Cameron continues to misrepresent the nature of the EU debate in the UK; it didn’t become the convulsive issue until he made the decision to go for #EUref; it was always about party management – @campbellclaret #bbcbh < Leave was a rejection of _broader_ politics, inc. Campbell’s.

@Ennor1 Every Johnson interview would be like that bit on Christ, where Beard almost smashed the bell repeatedly through the table. #bbcbh.

Just imagine an interview with Boris Johnson it would sound more like a piece on campanology! #bbcbh.

Brilliant segment on #bbcbh with the incomparable @wmarybeard on how @BorisJohnson ‘s classical references are often - er - skewed.

As a diehard @Channel4News fan, it was really quite surreal to be hearing @JackieLongc4 on #bbcbh this morning!.

We’ve reached the apogee of #factchecking on #bbcbh @BBCRadio4. Professor Mary Beard is factchecking @BorisJohnson’s statements on Ancient Greece and Rome. Amazing..

Only 1 in 6 parents chastised for their parenting skills publicly @BBCMoreOrLess underestimated by 83% #bbcbh.

@bobbidog & getting Brexit supporters reading out Brexit ’s just cheap propaganda #bbcbh.

Paper reviews are so 20th are propaganda sheets sponsored by largely Brexit proprietors,bin them #bbcbh.

#bbcbh When the media find a source of stories they tend to eke it out over a long period of time, in a daily drip -drip-drip. Coincidentally, this approach tends to do more political damage..

#bbcbh Please play us out with the beautiful, nostalgic, sweetly melancholic The Slow Train by Flanders and Swann. ❤️🚂It @bbcpaddy.

I see Jo Swinson’s getting it in the neck from left & right wingers & be doing something right then #bbcbh.

Flanders & Swan’s ‘slow train ‘ conjures up an England that sadly never existed #bbcbh.

@IainDale Destroyer Cameron struggled with writing Brexit chapter because all Tories struggle with telling the truth. They are taught to lie & bullshit at Eton & Oxbridge. Give a donation to his charity by all means but don’t waste paper on his shitty book #bbcbh.

It’s like we’re all living in a Shakespeare history #bbcbh Most of those didn’t end well.

Boris Johnson took a tactical decision in his strategic ambition to become Prime ; we’re all paying the price #bbcbh.

You know that Britain of the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony that everyone professed to have ’s it gone? #bbcbh.

This is a prop for this Sunday’s BH. It involves ⁦Dame Mary Beard @wmarybeard⁩ #bbcbh.

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People have a very rose-tinted view of the past, and some of these arguments about Brexit are absolutely rooted in the past – Elinor Goodman #BBCBH < This is a trope peddled by Remainers who don’t talk to Leave voters, or try to understand ordinary people.

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