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“So we have one big question this morning. Are there signs that the Tories are getting back on track?” #bbclaurak.

Spending a billion pounds on a massive tax cut for the richest 1% isn’t just using a sledgehammer to crack a nut - it’s using about the most expensive sledgehammer the Chancellor could have found 🔨 #bbclaurak.

I mean Humza Yousaf has been subjected to loads of racist abuse, but OK mate.

@bbclaurak If I were Labour, I’d have you out of your job immediately. You’ve done as much to ruin this country as the Conservative party themselves… Impartiality Laura…. 🤣 You’ve broken every single rule..

@OliDugmore @bbclaurak Tell me about the senior education people that have more than a million in their pension, Oli. Are any of them teachers? You know, the ones striking..

If the #Johnson ‘bombshell’ defence is that he believed what he was being told to be the truth so he repeated it, whatever happened to that age old principle that ‘ignorance is no excuse’ or in Johnson speak ‘ignorantia legis neminem excusat’ ? # bbclaurak.

@ImIncorrigible Both weren’t that great, not sure what the point being made here is. #bbclaurak.

The idea that Kate Forbes who is an enthusiastic member of an extreme fundamentalist church with strong views opposing LGBT rights, abortion rights and supports an extreme conservative view would not allow that to affect how she runs the country is absurd #bbclaurak.

Laura Kuenssberg: What’s gone wrong in the SNP’s time in office? Kate Forbes: answers the question Laura Kuenssberg: How could you be so CRITICAL of your own party?!!? 🤣 #bbclaurak.

This is not ‘negotiation’ by union ‘leaders’, but simply blackmail by the government, which seems to have been timidly accepted with sadly little, if any, real negotiation from the unions’ #bbclaurak.

And @jemmaforte, we have the usual Tory enabler @bbclaurak enabling Oliver The Tory Twunt to get an easy time of it..

@bbclaurak #zerotransmission is not a theory. No travel quarantine in Jan 2020. Against all wisdom. Did they toryZ instruct you the and MSM/BBC to not talk about a quarantine..

#bbclaurak I fully back Suella Braverman’s immigration bill Britain is awash with Lilly-livered wet liberal lefty tosser do-gooders it’s about time we as a government and a nation backed the Home Secretary and as I say Britain First for British people making Britain Best ….

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@bbclaurak Why do you not believe what she says, yet appear to accept unquestioningly comments by these chaps?.

@bbclaurak @tiktok_uk Why the bloody hell would you need Tik Tok on a work/Govt device anyway?.

@Lizzieenglish20 According to Mogg it was 50 years - possibly the only thing I’d agree with him on as being more likely #bbclaurak #ToryBrexitDisaster.

Goodness - who’s given #bbclaurak permission to ask THAT question (too little too late) #BrexitBrokeBritain.

Given the questionable impartiality on #bbclaurak, i wonder if Laura was questioned about what how she has held the present government to account what her response would be?.

Just finished watching #bbclaurak and in my opinion, the panel except Cristiana, showed they were out of touch. Gove backed de Pfeffel, so out of touch with the majority of the UK. As for LK, she was really laying into labours DCMS shadow sec without much just cause.

Good morning @bbclaurak I’m not sure if there was a mic issue during your show today or if something worn by you or a guest. A clinking noise heard at intervals sounding like someone stirring a cup with a metal spoon..

Anyone saw the episode of Sunday with Laura Kuenssburg today? Stated that the cost of living crisis is hard on mothers (apparently not fathers/men) and pointed out to viewers Laura White is now the head of John Lewis. That was announced back in 2019 #bbclaurak not impressive..

@AjcCritchley She asked Richard Hughes about it, and got a simple answer. #bbclaurak.

Has this reached any of the news programmes or television news programmes yet? Any mention on #Ridge or #bbclaurak ?.

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Speaking to @bbclaurak this morning about our review to ensure the BBC can continue to thrive in the coming decades, despite the headwinds it faces over funding, the streaming age and challenges to its independence.

@bankofdad61 Laura lied , I know shocking , she said they were offered £10,000 , they weren’t , they demanded £10,000 whole different narrative, working for the #Tories tirelessly @bbclaurak #BBCbias.

@bbclaurak So when inflation is down to 2or3% prices will not be any cheaper just increase at a slower rate no one seems to talk about this.

@bbclaurak Shadow of the leader eh @michaelgove? For some reason some people believe that the use of cocaine and cannabis occurs within the Houses of Parliament. Best way is to demonstrate how those who make the laws stringently adhere to them first. Credibility eh?.

@bbclaurak Tory corruption is item 13 on BBC News. Under Radcliffe having a baby! I used to respect & listen to BBC news. Evidence now keeps mounting, pointing to the way this Johnson Tory era has interfered with the BBCs independence. The institution no longer holds our gov to account..

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