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on my way over to Westminster to talk #peoplesvote on #bbcpm. That’s right! The New European on the BBC! My the times they are a changin’

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This importance of language. This is mortifying. Listened to English business teacher on @BBCPM. Fascinating if horrifyingly basic errors by British government in language translation. 1/2 What botched White Paper translations say about Brexit priorities.

Goodness, just discovered I’m blocked by @eddiemair. Nevertheless I have to say that the final 30 minutes of @bbcpm we’re pure joy. Juxtaposition of hilarious #Brexit translation balls up & sadness of Irish ‘home babies’. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

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@bbcnews: ...while dressed as a Actually: while minimally disguised as a policeman by wearing a riot helmet #bbcpm.

Or the wife of a friend who saw Dry Sherry on the menu of an Italian-Indian (yes!) restaurant in Munich, asked for Dry Sherry and got - you guessed it - drei #BBCpm #BrexitTranslation.

English teacher interviewed on @BBCPM saying white papers for EU Brexit can be translated for 300 quid? Try adding an extra zero and you’re a bit closer ;)..

Global Britain might well need to improve the language skills of its people. There is no to/from Trumpese option on Google Translate #bbcpm.

Brussels will want more concessions, on freedom of movement So the millions of people taking their news get a simplistic, formulaic soundbite, learn no information, but probably have a feeling of doubt reinforced. #bbcpm.

We, the peoples of Europe, also have a will. And our will trumps the will of a few English nationalists. So we are not going to spoil the integrity of our Union for their sake as they disappear into global obscurity #bbcpm.

anyone who has to regularly communicate in another language will know how hilariously bad google translate I suspect our mad government using it to translate important brexit documents into german is the best illustration of the cultural isolation these morons want #bbcpm.

The former darling of @Conservatives conference now calls for a #PeoplesVote . #bbcpm.

This historical cover-up story of the trafficking of babies in Ireland makes me think of ‘the Handmaid’s Tale’ Becky’s reporting is excellent. #bbcpm.

@Annette1Hardy EU has Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, as well as employing many freelancers, translating 700 different language combinations. Wonder if Bozo took that into account before painting up his £350 million a week bus? #bbcpm.

I’m going to miss @eddiemair enormously. Only #bbcpm could juxtapose on google translate, Good Morning Vietnam and the horror of the west Ireland childrens’ homes, and do it with grace..

@MichaelRosenYes @BBCPM Is it the same as schlimazel? Took me right back to my mis-spent youth, that word, and the opening credits of Laverne and Shirley. 😊.

The will of the people? These Brexit ideologues are destroying democracy | Jonathan Freedland #bbcpm.

@eddiemair on @BBCPM looking for German idiom for translation of Brexit white paper. Try kuddelmuddel:.

The Pitfalls of Foreign Language Translation For Diplomacy. Explained by the doughnut @EddieMair. Doncha just love him #BBCpm #BrexitTranslation.

Did the extra money used by the Vote Leave campaign make a difference to the #Brexit referendum outcome? Professor John Curtice of @UniStrathclyde gives @BBCPM his thoughts..

on my way over to Westminster to talk #peoplesvote on #bbcpm. That’s right! The New European on the BBC! My the times they are a changin’.

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