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“When two million people in the richest country are skipping meals because they can’t afford it, the fact you’re not acting, I think, is unforgivable” Economist @Miatsf accuses the government of not “grasping the scale” of the cost of living crisis. #bbcqt.

#bbcqt Liverpool next week. The Tory on the panel will get an absolute roasting. Who do we want? 🤣.

“I remember Boris Johnson saying the protocol in that deal was the best deal ever” Economist @Miatsf explains why she thinks it is Boris Johnson’s responsibility to solve the Northern Ireland protocol. #bbcqt.

#bbcqt I have no idea how Suella Bravernan can both lie and keep a straight face whilst the audience are laughing at her ridiculous comments regarding the current cost of living..

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Well. I think it’s safe to say that @SuellaBraverman will be tucked away in the same closet they hid Jacob Rees Mogg after his Grendel comments. What an absolute idiot she is… #bbcqt.

Suella am in your constituency. The funding given to Fareham Council for desperate people is £122k. That equates to just over a pound per person for the 116,000 people in Fareham Borough #bbcqt.


@Ips_cali @sameeha_rehman Spoke more sense about the mess the is in than the Gov Attorney General. Search #BBCQT.


@bbcquestiontime @SuellaBraverman Braverman is a vacuous Johnson polit bureau shill, happy to tow the line and denegrate the law when it suits her. #bbcqt #JohnsonOut109.

Suella Braverman saying how awful the Brexit deal is for Northern Ireland. Remind me, who arranged the deal? #bbcqt.

I don’t know how anyone has the patience to watch #BBCQT. I certainly don’t. I’d be wanting to put my foot through the TV in annoyance at the Tories and their stooges spouting garbage..

This Tory MP telling the struggling to save money yet Tory MPs are spending thousands on takeaways? Tories do as I say not as I do attitude ffs #CostOfLivingCrisis #bbcqt.

Have the Tory party not realised that they have created this situation? Brexit and their ridiculous policies and crises? They created the Irish border and this Tory cannot see past the end of her nose! The UK now a third world world country #bbcqt #ToriesUnfitToGovern.

Who would want to be a Tory representative on #bbcqt tonight. They have rightly been sliced diced and shredded by both the audience and fellow panelists. And I for one am loving it..

Another Question time where it seems noone is to blame for the UKs current position- a mess! #bbcqt.

#bbcqt well said by the audience, it was the UK Conservative Party that agreed and celebrated the deal that has caused a border to be created in the Irish Sea, can not blame the EU for the mess they have created..

#bbcqt @SuellaBraverman don’t blame EU for a deal you & Tories agreed to & signed up to! You’re a despicable truth twister to spin these lies over & over again. Just like the Telegraph.

Your reminder that the UKIP Tory Charlatan Brexiteer Suella Braverman is a millionaire ... #BBCQT.

🕊 More lies about trickle down economics #bbcqt . @BBCRealityCheck , do taxes generate public spending ? .... NO ! ( its in one of your interviews ! ).

#bbcqt dear god - it’s not the application it’s the fact that we have had to have a deal because we left the EU. Created by Boris Johnson..

So basically the Tories want Keir Starmer to resign if he receives a fpn for drinking beer and eating a curry during an actual work event, but when it comes to Boris Johnson lying to parliament and who has received an actual fpn, we should move on? #bbcqt.

BREAKING. Bearded gammon shares misinformed opinion. #bbcqt.

@DanielaNadj Youve clearly never seen years of how #bbcqt decide on their audiences If you’ve got the audience in that YOU want, of course they’ll cheer in the way you require Its never been anything other than a lefty rabble Who watches that shite anymore other than lefty Remainers?.

@GeorgePeretzQC @SuellaBraverman She’s a bloody embarrassment. #bbcqt giving air time to someone so detached from the truth. Blatant lying and misrepresentation on so much? How is she even in the job? #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern.

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Went to bed super early super sad. Woke up ridiculously early still sad. I’ll be fine. Just going to watch #bbcqt. So maybe not..

The Gross Profit for Draganfly Inc. Q1 2022 increased $301,143 relative to Q1 outcomes in 2021. As such, $DPRO saw an increase of between the 2021 Q1 and 2022 Q1 periods. The increase is due to the sales mix of the products sold #blockchain #bbcqt.

What can a millionaire f1 driver contribute with regards cost of living crisis #bbcqt.

@reece_dinsdale Mate, Gonzo (Suella) was making a complete twat of herself last night. Righty booed throughout. #bbcqt #BBCQuestionTime.

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