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“George Floyd looks like us, he could be us.” Labour’s @DavidLammy says “none of us can breathe” with the structural racism and discrimination in society. #bbcqt

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@goddersbloom Hi Godfrey, have you seen She gives the uncomfortable truth. This is what we needed on #BBCQT

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Δείτε το βίντεο Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft (1971) στο #bbcqt 😘

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DD ()

@Kellgardner As soon as I say Lammy I turned off , I just can sit through that #bbcqt

Chilternbear ()

#bbcqt ignores the facts, picks and chooses its ‘victims’, and the narratives, encourages a cock-eyed view of the world, and drives division with race-baiters like @DavidLammy on the panel. Where are the working class white poor views? Why they totally ignored by the #ScumMedia

Michael Hunt ()

#bbcqt is a complete waste of time, just a leftie propaganda promotion resource, completely biased, unobjective and scaremongering, no wonder people are increasingly anti media Another dumbed down program from the #BBC

Rix ()

Is it in the killbots’s programming manual for these MP’s to make the fist with finger and thumb pinched, swinging it about whilst raising their voice swerving every question, lying, and NOT Answering, whilst boasting of delusional “Success”🤔#bbcqt

Edey ()

Watching question time and my stress level with Fiona Bruce is through the roof On top of that a audience member just blamed the government for his decision to go to a mass gathering Shortly after a woman suggested that unelected scientists should make gov policy #bbcqt

Shaun Trueman ()

@piersmorgan @bbcquestiontime what a poor show #bbcqt a positive covid 19 viewer asked a question and then was told to wait but you never went back to them when they questioned testing! Will she be in the testing stats tomorrow double counted?

David Wilkie ()

@EdwardMcewan He’s going to be gutted when he hears the Guardian story that the track & trace app isn’t going to be ready until September/October, having just said it will be ready by the end of the month!!!🤦🏻‍♂️ #oops #bbcqt

Alex donohoe ()

@nadhimzahawi @bbcquestiontime #thecoronavirusnewscast #bbcqt Nadhim, why did you say (and you said it twice) Test, Track and Trace would be ready by the end of this month? It wont be fully ready until late September, early October though, will it?

Wm Johnstone ()

A UK gov and SAGE committee full of Oxbridge graduates ... think students in future need to widen their horizons. #bbcqt

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BBC Coronavirus Newscast reporting this old news. #bbcqt #MadeleineMcCann

Three Women 🎗️🕯️🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🎭📚 ()

Exactly how many deaths does the government need to learn lessons? This is not the dress rehearsal. #bbcqt @Conservatives @nadhimzahawi

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“The structural racism is inherent.” Dame Donna Kinnair on the racism she sees in the nursing profession and the health inequalities faced by BAME people. #bbcqt

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“George Floyd looks like us, he could be us.” Labour’s @DavidLammy says “none of us can breathe” with the structural racism and discrimination in society. #bbcqt

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Social care minister reveals just how offensive Tory #coronavirus propaganda really is on BBCQT | The Canary

Darrel Earnshaw ()

#bbcqt so all these restrictions being tell me when we got the DEATHS under control ?...ffs 100s every STILL OUT OF CONTROL ..THE MUCH MENTIONED R FIG IS AT TORIES ARE UNLEASHING IT ON US ON #Eugenics

Jacqueline ()

#BBCQT I imagine few intend to break the Guidelines. However, when placed in a difficult if my child was ill, My parent dying I just might feel that I was seriously reconsidering! If DC can be so flip--Perhaps when my Family is

(((Fifthcolumnblue))) 🖐️ ()

@agirlcalledlina The Spads at Tory central office should always remember to lend the brain cell to the MP representing them on BBCQT

Joi Polloi ()

#bbcqt @Helen_Whately Looks more& more hollow every time I see her I guess it’s the selling of the soul that does it 🙏🌍🖖

Missycorny ()

I still want to know what #dominiccumnings has on Johnson et al. This frantic defense of him is suspect 🤔🤔🤔 #bbcqt

Sam ()

@Helen_Whately believes #Boris is a good communicator 🙄😬🥴 Obviously wasnt watching his embarrassingly dreadful car crash with the liaison committee the other night. #bbcqt

Chris Wilson ()

@Helen_Whately gets half way through this before realising even she thinks what’s she’s saying is complete nonsense. “Extraordinary things have happened” indeed ... none more so than her inexplicable over promotion #bbcqt

Jill Parton ()

@kevinsm17554523 They were not tested so can’t prove they had the virus before leaving hospital. #bbcqt

Alan Holligan ()

2/2 Unbelievably disingenuous to be using their failure to deal with one issue for 13yrs as cover for their failure in another! 46% of deaths in Scotland in care homes! #bbcqt

Jamie Wilson ()

@IanMurrayMP came across very well. Clear, concise and prepped with data. Same cannot be said for @Helen_Whately #bbcqt

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