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Today - 6 years since EU Referendum Fishing - Gutted Farmers - Burning pigs Small businesses - Crippled Negotiations - Tories breaking law Official analysis - Brexit more harmful than Covid Northern Ireland - No government UK - Divided ZERO MENTION ON @bbcquestiontime! #BBCqt.

“The people voted to have a choice, the people should have a choice… let’s bring it on and have a referendum” The SNP’s @AngusRobertson believes it’s a matter of democracy that the people of Scotland should be able to vote in an independence referendum. #bbcqt.

@rec777777 @bbcquestiontime But you voted Brexit for higher wages Reccy? You changed your mind again?.

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@Sue_Cowley @bbcquestiontime Yes! I rarely watch it but wanted to see Mick Lynch on the panel. Such biased chairing from I won’t be watching it again any time soon..

@ElphinstoneJack @bbcquestiontime Fiona should be removed from her role. She is most definitely not a neutral..

@JockNae @Daily_Express What the Scots voted for in 2014 was not what they got in 2016 when England renegades on the promises made to the people of Scotland. When you get married it’s until death you do part. But as we all know it doesn’t always last that long. #BBCQuestionTime.

@bbcquestiontime i think the Tories should stop interbreeding that Tory look a lot like Johnsons Mother in law ! .. Tories you really need to stop breeding with family members !.

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@bbcquestiontime And Mick responded brilliantly by telling this airhead , I don`t think that being able to catch Covid is a qualification🤣🤣🤣.

@bbcquestiontime I cannot believe how low-rent QT now is. Haven’t watched since Dimbleby left, won’t be watching again. Fiona should stick with reading news, that was a very poor performance on her part..

[ TTs UK🇬🇧 01:59 ] #BBCQuestionTime entered the Top Trends => 5⃣.

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@PDowness @bbcquestiontime I stopped watching BBCQT, when it became TBCQT, Tory Broadcasting company question time, it happened when Tory Bruce became the presenter. An antique with the people who put the programme together and select an audience, in general, of Tory ass wipes. Get Matt Frie to present..

If @bbcquestiontime is still screening its audience to reflect the balance of votes at the last GE, then it will be filling 40% or so of its seats with people who, even now, are willing & proud to declare themselves Conservative. So perhaps no wonder at the knuckle-dragging..

@bbcquestiontime MSM is a joke. This bias narrative is beyond obvious and tiresome. You really have lost touch with reality and the public as a whole. Disgraceful wastes of my licence fee..

@bbcquestiontime serves no other purpose than to con working people into thinking that a ‘real’ debate about their lives is taking place. Completely biased and disingenuous broadcasting.

@redditchrachel your constituents will remember you lying on @bbcquestiontime. You might as well give up your seat now..

You’re no longer credible @bbcquestiontime . Two weeks running now you have clearly selected a particular type of audience which does not reflect the country. Won’t be watching anymore ..

@bbcquestiontime the BBC aren’t even trying to hide their anti-worker bias anymore. Mick Lynch humiliated the MSM, and now they’re out for blood. They will do everything they can to embarrass and smear this man. Just watch..

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@bbcquestiontime @RMTunion Moral is so low and peoples mental health is spiralling out of control.

@bbcquestiontime To which you ask her to list the faults 😂 this was more about her trying to justify why she voted for Boris (Tory) in 2019.

@bbcquestiontime You actually posted this clip like it’s a good thing 🤦🏼‍♂️.

@bbcquestiontime Well done, Wakefield!! Well done, Tiverton!! Two more steps on the route to jailing BonZo!.

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@CentralBylines @bbcquestiontime Well done, Wakefield!! Well done, Tiverton!! Two more steps on the route to jailing BonZo!.

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@bbcquestiontime I gave it 5 minutes and remembered why I hadn’t watched it for so long. Time for a new presenter. Victoria Derbyshire would be an excellent choice. No balance and shocking imbalance in audience selection. Bruce does not engage in any impartiality..

@lesley_mcgloin @bbcquestiontime There is not a war going on on your door step an insult to the people of Ukraine..

@schadenfreudem1 Totally agree, tonight was virtually a party political broadcast for the tories. I have never seen such bias in such a show @bbcquestiontime shame in you.

@bbcquestiontime A carefully planned set up by BBC tory sympathisers & Fiona Yet Mick still was able to get his point across. #GoMick.

A registered nurse on @bbcquestiontime talking about being ‘scunnered’ by current policy in last time I heard this phrase was from great granny 👵as a youngster growing up in #scotland.

@HellholeIsland @bbcquestiontime so youre saying the tories had no mandate for brexit?.

@GlasgowPam on majority of issues on @bbcquestiontime a great contribution from you. You will be a credit to the #Scottish government on the other side of independence..


@bbcquestiontime What happens to the SNP when Scotland becomes an independent country? Does the party dissolve?.

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