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Michael Beale set to join Rangers. This is the same bloke that done a massive interview claiming how loyal he was when he turned down the Wolves job. QPR are without a win in 5 games..

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🚨 Beale has arrived in Glasgow ahead of appointment as Rangers manager. 42yo’s connection to #RangersFC & relationship with sporting director Ross Wilson key factors in decision to leave QPR, having recently rejected chance to work in Premier League at Wolves @TheAthleticFC #QPR.

Michael Beale on brink of Ibrox return as Rangers close in on QPR boss.

Beale had informed the Rangers board yesterday that he is interested and QPR have also been made aware of the same. Rangers intend to go through the recruitment process swiftly though..

🚨Having spoken with a couple of sources close to the Rangers board, there is no doubt that Michael Beale is the frontrunner for the Rangers managerial position..

I liked Beale as a coach, obviously he’s very promising but we need to see how that translates to top job. However, the key thing for me is that the squad meeds completely overhauled and he MUST be backed by the club on doing that. If he isn’t, he and we have no chance..

dinliyordu. Annabelle akşamları Joachim Beale adında olursa olsun işyerindeki herkesin onun yanında yer #çerkezköy alacağını anlatmak için neler çok zengin arabası olan.

genç bir mimarla yakınmalarını dinlemekten nefret #bornova #karşıyaka ediyordu arada soğuk soğuk başını sallayarak çıkmaya başlamıştı. Beale İtalyan çinilerinden Amerikan.

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Why are the celtic fans obsessed with Rangers, appointing catholics? They are fucking obsessed with religion, rangers fans dont care what religion Michael beale is 🙅.

My main fear about appointing Michael Beale is if he gets a tune of out of players who shouldn’t be here next season which they get rewarded with contracts..

I’m excited for Beale. Don’t let the fact that he’s the easy option blur things for you. He’s an extremely knowledgeable coach with experience not only with us but across the world. It’s a big job but I think he’ll step up to it and fully deliver..


👔 “Beale knows Rangers having been there with Steven Gerrard & knows the players.” 👀 “There’s been talk of Sean Dyche. In terms of security, I’d lean towards Sean!” Ally McCoist would rather Sean Dyche as #RangersFC boss than Michael Beale 🔵.

Enjoyed dealing with Mick Beale pretty much since he walked in the door at QPR. Despite everything, he is a good guy, but this will rightly sully his reputation in QPR fans eyes. But it reinforces that football is a dirty business and loyalty is reserved just for supporters..

I will reserve judgement on the expected new managerial position at Rangers. I still believe it is players we need & to often in the past the current ones have let down expectations. Time will tell if Beale can change the club into serial winners..


Devastated mate; turned down by Micky Beale, just for us to get a former Spain and Real Madrid manager. We’re utterly despondent..

A get this 100%. And am not saying am completely sold on Beale myself, but some of the things av seen on here today. Wow.

Even though I don’t agree with the choice, I’ll be behind Beale and I really hope he can improve things on the park although there’s concerns out with him. , the many men videos are class tbf 😂😂😭.

🎯 Rangers are targeting QPR boss Michael Beale as their new manager, having assisted Steven Gerrard at Ibrox.

Ryan Kent has given Michael Beale his signed My Chemical Romance CD as a welcome present..

If we wait for Beale to get more experience….. it’s likely we have no chance getting him. A Premiership team has already tried to get him. Clearly well thought of and if successful for a year or two, would be out of our reach!.

I wanted Beale when Gerrard left. I wanted Beale when he went to QPR, I wanted Beale when Wolves wanted him and I want him now. Great appointment……there’s a reason why he is so well respected around Europe..

The imminent appointment of Beale has me as excited as I am when I see the tax on my payslip..

🚨 FI SOURCES! 🚨 - Rangers board are increasingly concerned about a backlash among fans to appointing Michael Beale. 🇬🇧 - Beale remains No1 choice, with QPR braced for official approach. 🔥 - But Rangers still talking to other candidates and could make late U-turn. 🧨.

I hear from my sources that Mick Beale might be the new Rangers manager, haven’t seen it on here yet, could anyone confirm?.

Beale needs to know this squad needs rebuilt in the summer, old pals acts can’t happen otherwise he’d be doomed to fail..

Rangers trying to land Michael Beale is full of intrigue. Beyond dispute, a highly respected coach, but coming off a disastrous run with QPR: 1 point taken from last 15 in Championship. Little wonder RFC fans are split on this. A crucial moment for Rangers..

Actually feel sorry for @QPR fans in a way as it’s only been 3-4 weeks since Beale said he won’t join #wwfc as #QPR and the project mean to much to him yet a few bad results and he’s off within seconds after he said loyalty is everything to him? Bit of a mug move imo.

This Beale thing needs to be over one way or the other. After his comments when he rejected Wolves, can’t help but feel if he was standing by that now with Rangers he’d have said so already. IF he does go, the man is even more of a snake than before.

Well if Beale does leave now for Rangers - and it pains me to say this - I hope he’s an absolute failure and never gets a decent job in football again. Yes, that is bitterness, but you don’t say what he did 6 weeks ago and then leave. Total hypocrisy..

The definitive story of Michael Beale’s journey from Charlton apprentice to Rangers manger. Told by the man who gave him his futsal franchise, Chelsea & Liverpool colleagues, his São Paulo boss & QPR assistant 🚨£1/month offer @TheAthleticFC.

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