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Can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best tonight. #BeerBods starts at 9pm [M] 🍻.

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Memories of kicking a ball on Sennen beach one summer a couple of years ago. Is anyone else getting hints of cider from this Session IPA? Smooth and refreshing either way. Lovely old job. @Skinnersbrewery #BeerBods.

#BeerBods Solid. Could drink a few. Just the right amount of citrus. Friendly ABV too..

As I suspected - there are casks of this stuff hidden in cellars all over the South West. Just imagine; you could spend an entire afternoon helping a landlord empty one. I could cope with that. #beerbods.

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@Skinnersbrewery senner almost seems old fashioned (so far as craft beer goes, like something I would have been drinking about 8 years ago- not a bad thing. Making me nostalgic for the days when I’d just discovered ipas!) Good balance, nice on a sunny day #BeerBods @BeerBods.

Verdict: A very drinkable pale ale / golden ale, eminently sessionable at , an IPA it isn’t but that’s quibbling, I’d make a beeline for this at the bar and recommend @SkinnersBrewery Sennen #beerbods.

@brooke_pete @BeerBods Fair synopsis. Reckon it would have gone down as well as Aussie wickets at Edgbaston today. #BeerBods.

@Skinnersbrewery I think that Sennen is one of the best beers you have produced. Hoppy, light and grapefruity. Keep up the good work @BeerBods #BeerBods.

Been waiting to try this since the bottle arrived as going to a wedding in Sennen in August! Now the wedding will be even better if this is available 😎@BeerBods #BeerBods.

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#beerbods @BeerBods a nice nutty tang on top of normal light IPA flavour. Tasty. Gone. Oops..

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#BeerBods A very drinkable sessionable Cornish IPA tonight, Sennon by @Skinnersbrewery subtle aromas followed a dryness on the palate going down nicely, thank you..

probably much better had sitting outside a Cornish pub looking out over the sea. A proper holiday beer more than a home drinker #beerbods.

More golden ale than session IPA (calling it that is only going to disappoint people) but fairly pleasant all the same.  Easy drinking. #BeerBods.

Yes now you say it, more like the banana flavour of those bright yellow banana sweets! #BeerBods.

This week’s offering from #Beerbods is a Cornish Session IPA - Sennen. Light, refreshing and very summery. Perfect sun-downer.

@notoriousPAB As long as it hasn’t taken the shine off your beer, Patrick #BeerBods.

Had this beer last week in Cornwall, it fit the bill perfectly #beerbods.

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First time I’ve been in on a Thursday for a while and happy to join in on this lovely beer. Toasty malt and citrus finish. Never change beerbods, never change #beerbods.

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Do forgive me being a little late with the tasting tonight. Mrs Notorious needs her toenail varnish removed. Immediately. #beerbods.

Hmmm, not digging this one guys. Really thin, not got any condition out of the bottle, and odd peachy colour and smells like old cask beer ☹️#BeerBods.

Alright @Beerbods my ‘ansum! This weeks beer is Sennen ( @Skinnersbrewery) session pale ale, subtle, dry after taste , not overly effervescent, very drinkable, one to seek out the next time I’m in Cornwall #BeerBods.

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Sennen Cornish IPA by @Skinnersbrewery. Let us know what you think (as if you wouldn’t) [M] #BeerBods.

We spoke to Twitter and said “look, do you know who we are”... not gonna miss a live tasting #BeerBods.

Can’t wait to get back to doing what we do best tonight. #BeerBods starts at 9pm [M] 🍻.

Missing #BeerBods tonight as I’m out for a slap up birthday meal with Mrs M but ... keeping it @Skinnersbrewery with this lovely pint of Knocker at The Old Mitre!.

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Our beer club beer of the week is Sennen by @Skinnersbrewery A delightfully well-balanced session IPA. Read the story here: Join us for a live tasting tonight between 9 - 10pm using #BeerBods [Gem].

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