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So Fiona Bruce shut down Mick Lynch for not answering the specific question and then allows Ben Habib to go off on a multiple minute rant that had nothing to do with the pmsl #bbcqt.

Crikey. 6th anniversary of the vote to cripple ourselves & divide the nation. So #BBCQuestionTime invite Brexit party’s Ben Habib onto panel. Can I be forgiven for thinking BBC would finally address the carnage & the lies? Not a peep. Shameful. #bbcqt.


Ben Habib says we’ll now see strikes from “all those people we clapped for during the pandemic” because all public sector workers are 20% worse off in real terms than before the Tories took office in 2010..

..Tories are taking the UK back to the 70s ..Since Tories came into office in 2010 we have had a real term deflation in wages of 20% #BBCQT Brexiter Ben Habib.

I’m watching #questiontime and it will become a the textbook example of how a Trade Union Leader can 1. Make their members front and foremost in a national debate (in a good way) and 2. Not to rise to the bullshit. Even Ben Habib aligns himself with Mick as a populist..

Interesting that this audience is so right wing and Fiona Bruce keeps cutting mick lynch off. I don’t think the BBC expected Ben habib to be off its message. It’s a bit shitty this #questiontime.

Ben Habib is absolutely livid about the economy and government he has been cheer leading for for years. #bbcqt.

@FranklinVH2 Brexiteer businessman Ben Habib doing a better job than NTS. Context, smash the gov, offer a solution. It’s not hard. Why are Labour so shit?.

@RemainingKind Me neither, hardly relaxing before bedtime! But tonight was interesting to watch Ben Habib slag off the Tories!.

Actually quite surprised at how much sense Ben Habib spoke on #bbcqt ,but he always seemed to manage to end each point with something that made me go Oh yeah, he is a bellend.

@JCaramac Wash my mouth out with soapy water but Ben Habib seems reasonable, I’m never drinking Estrella without supervision.

Hearing Brexit headbanger Ben Habib bemoaning broken supply chains on #bbcqt is quite something. It’s time he questioned his own destructive Brexit ideology..

@MatthewHoneyma9 Problem is Matthew, Rachel thingimmy is so poor and alienating Fiona feels the need to give her a hand. Ben Habib has barely been allowed to speak since his outstanding fact check to Boris & his party people. Didn’t see that coming, neither did Fiona, clearly..

The world has come to a strange place when I think most of the sense spoken on question time came from former brexit party candidate Ben Habib..

First time watching #bbcqt for years and now I remember why. What’s worse is I found myself occasionally agreeing with that #Brexit nutter, Ben Habib. I note he didn’t once mention it as he must know it undermines any points he has about economic growth..

@axxelate @LoxyFlo I was also surprised at Ben Habib’s analysis. I didn’t know he could be so measured..

@LoxyFlo The most impressive person on the panel was Ben Habib to me as he frequently put the boot very squarely into the Tories and really attacked their lack of a coherent plan. His comments were VERY unexpected and totally #offpiste !.

Ben Habib appealing to the workers - that in one sentence is how they do it. That’s how they pretend they are for the common man & woman. #questiontime.

@lukeshepherdson @dannywallace Found myself having an out of body experience tonight as I similarly found myself cheering Brexity Ben Habib. Maclean just spouted nonsense while giving off Nurse Ratched vibes. As for Surrender Act loon in the back row and his half asleep mate….🙄.

Rachel McLean totally glazed over and lost as to what Ben Habib was explaining #bbcqt.


Interesting that Mick Lynch *and* Ben Habib are able to show the same thing, from different perspectives: the total failure of the current government, dating back to well before Covid #bbcqt.

Was not expecting Ben Habib to go so hard against #tories 12yrs in government and very little growth #bbcqt.

@Politicorak I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Ben Habib’s contribution. He supported Mick and put the boot into the hapless Tory panel member..

#bbcqt watching this evening I can’t help but feel the MP’s form Cons & Labour put in very poor performances whereas Ben Habib & Mick Lynch were both on top of their brief..

lmaoo at tommy-symonds and ben habib trying to use this qt as a soapbox for their political interests #bbcqt.

Ben habib Wow bbc have made a mistake He dislikes the government more than lynch.

Ben Habib is a conman. He welcomed no deal Brexit as an opportunity for disaster capitalists like himself. “Any volatility [due to Brexit] would only be an opportunity for small, opportunistic companies such as First Property [Habib’s company].” #bbcqt.

@bbcquestiontime Ben Habib makes a lot of sense. This government before getting around a negoatiating table needs to assess how it is going to grow the economy of this country and make people wealthy. .

The look you make when you Tory mate Ben Habib just dropped you in it and reality has set in that the Tories you’ve backed have rotally screwed it up!.

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When Ben Habib says the Govt needs to make people wealthy again he means himself and his commercial property investor mates #bbcqt.

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