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Updated: November 22nd, 2021 07:36 AM IST

Both squads are looking to bounce back, which one will? 🤔 @Bengals | @Raiders 📺: #CINvsLV -- Sunday 4:05pm ET on CBS 📱: NFL app

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Prior to today, Horst Muhlmann was the only kicker in #Bengals history to kick more than three 50+ field goals in a SEASON (4 in 1970). Evan McPherson kicked three today and is 6-for-7 from 50+ this year. Think of what that weapon has meant to Baltimore for the last 10 years

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VEJA os melhores momentos! Bengals não tomam conhecimento dos Raiders e vencem fácil em Las Vegas #NFLnaESPN #ESPNnoStarPlus

痺れるプレイ。こーゆーのを待ってたんだよ( ・∇・)

@bengals_sans @Forester932 He’s clearly talking about YOUNG rising star Kirk Cousins

Perfect weekend so far for the Killer B’s. Time for #SurvivorSeries ! Bearcats - ✅ Bengals - ✅ Becky Lynch - ?

@MidgetTamer So fuckin true. This Bengals team was torched by the damn Jets now all of a sudden they got it all figured out

@AlecDMcAvoy Ur fraudulent! Bro lets go to the Ravens/Bengals game in Cincy the day after Christmas and freeze our asses off.

50K+ #Google searches 4 Bengals vs Raiders 1h old

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@bengals_sans It’s a rare sight for someone to leave the bathroom at a party alone. People usually went in there with others… 😂🤢

Hubbard piling on the superlatives for @MoellerFootball this weekend.

Bengals defense is playing well, just needs offense to step up and continue the momentum

@spidamann Thank God for Evan McPherson! Lawd have Mercy! Being a Cincinnati Bengals fan gets stressful at times!😩

#Bengals need to step on the #raiders throat this drive. A Statement drive for a touchdown would be absolutely huge.

SE ESTIRA Y TOUCHDOWN💥 Joe Mixon logra la anotación por la vía terrestre #NFLxFOX Bengals 10-6 Raiders 📹: @nflmx

Raiders had a sack to end bengals drive negated by neutral zone penalty, could have held to a fg after on 3rd down stop but had a unnecessary roughness call. Went from punt, to fg, to td for bengals because they’re undisciplined and have been for decades.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Las Vegas Raiders (4:05 PM ET) Selection: Las Vegas Raiders +

I’m cool off watching this game not because the raiders suck I’m just over refs controlling the game it’s laughable, raiders vs the bengals/refs

@VGo07 Yeah. But the bengals have no right to have any fucking points right now. Refs handing them this shit between penalties and ball spotting.

@JustinG61789686 @Bengals Clear penalties cost the raiders, DL head was over the ball, that’s illegal and the hit was definitely dirty. Football is hard for most to understand I see

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@boomsteagz @Bengals Absolutely LOVE that play design with Stanley leading around the edge

Same thing week after week…the @Bengals offensive line is just straight up hot garbage!🙄

Bengals entered week with 2nd fewest penalties/game () and fewest penalty yards/game (). #Raiders had 3rd most penalties/game () and 6th most penalty yards/game ()

That’s a 13-play drive touchdown drive for the Bengals and they did it against a Raiders d-line that is feasting. Gotta be demoralizing for the Vegas big guys.

Curious how often #bengals run when Stanley Morgan is in the game? Great block on TD but seems they run whenever Morgan is in. @JakeLiscow @JoeGoodberry

Like we had the bengals stopped 2 times on that drive. Yet the raiders decided that we should give them extra downs.

@PFF_Bengals I hear so much negativity from the fans and we aren’t even in the 2nd half. Keep that same energy

Mixon puts the Bengals up 10-6! Live lines: Bengals Raiders +

Zac Taylor gets completely bailed out on that drive - such terrible offense @Bengals - predictable run plays, 3 yard passes, just awful.


Both squads are looking to bounce back, which one will? 🤔 @Bengals | @Raiders 📺: #CINvsLV -- Sunday 4:05pm ET on CBS 📱: NFL app

Bengals Photo,Bengals Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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