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Jordie Benn is on injured reserve and will be out a minimum of 7 days. They still need to assess the severity of his injury beyond that. @BodogCA @RinkWideTOR.

Sheldon Keefe says Jordie Benn is week-to-week They want to give Conor Timmins some time to get settled … he won’t play tomorrow Victor Mete was paired with Mac Hollowell today @TSN_Edge.

Jamie Benn on the power play. Jason Robertson should get the assist, which moves his point streak to 14 games, the longest by a Dallas Star. Tied at 2..

goalie immobilized (literally gets bulldozed by Benn) face down on the ice with his helmet dislodged usually calls for a whistle. “can’t touch this” couldn’t be a worse caption for the situation.

Tournoi NCAA au Québec. Benn avec 20 pts dans la victoire des Pacers. Luguentz 12pts dans la victoire du Thunder. Bonne journée pour le 🏀 au Quebec! @RDSca.

@WPGMurat There is a chance Benn changes his direction at all without 44 being there. That is a bad call. Hellebuyck never gets calls though..


@showponyboyx @RileyMiner honestly i dont even blame benn here necessarily. like im no fan of his, to be clear, but this is entirely a situation of the refs creation.

@linecomposition @RileyMiner i love robo but i can take my head out of his ass long enuf to realize that whos at fault isnt rly of concern but rather the fact that the whistle wasnt blown lol like take a look around n see normal ppl r pissed at the refs n not benn instead of backhandedly defending this call.

@MarleeStarly it makes sense why it was a goal, benn gets shoved in but it’s just such a bad look. like the whistle should have been blown as soon as he was on the ground without a mask.

Final #WPGvsDAL *QSC By Skater: #TexasHockey: (37) Robertson - 8 Benn - 6 Heiskanen Johnston - 4 Dellandrea - 2 Hintz Kiviranta Pavelski Seguin Gurianov - 1 Lundkvist Marchment.

Oh nooo the Jets are gonna talk to the league about the Stars tying goal, the one where their defenseman (Morrissey) obliterates his own goalie by shoving an opposing player (Benn) towards the goal crease. Fuck off crybaby Winnipeg losers..

Something something benn didn’t try to avoid contact. Something something morrissey pushed him. Something something goal chance. The NHL needs to protect the players above all else. There’s a reason skaters need to get off the ice of their helmet is off..

@Benn__Sebnemm_ @demirdenizchp Abla niye 35k takipçin var ve 35k kişiyi takip ediyon ? Niyeyse sizin gibi insanların profiline bakınca hep aynı takip ve takipçi sayıları..

For 12/30/01 was the the last day I would let ppl get away with the chit they were pulling. But for the government it was just another day of doing whatever they wanted and getting away with the crimes they were and had benn committing..

@VinPickles @SoundFlyer14 No he did not the jets player made contact with benn before he hit WPG Goalie.

@Benn__Sebnemm_ @hdpdemirtas Bunlara evlenme teklifi yağar şimdi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ıyyyyy.

Bastian touched a skate 2 seconds prior no Benn runs thru Helly knocking his helmet off and knocked him no call even after @NHLPlayerSafety has no clue what to call, how can we..

/ benn esta prediciendo la muerte de shanks. que todo gire en torno a pesadillas de su muerte significa que va a palmarla.

@goaliecat Idk the context here but is it safe to assume that even if Benn was pushed he still did not go down?.

@AlexHoweWPG @mikemcintyrewpg You haven’t played hockey have you?When you try to move a player the size of Benn, nothing happens. Lol.

[ HX UN NXJSKKFKSKDJS JAJAJAJAJAJA Nooooo mis niños/padres 😭😭😭😭 Benn preocupado por Shanks 🥺🥺🥺.

/ JAAJAJ son las señales. el pelirrojo con ataques de pánico con pesadillas de su muerte y otra colmó benn también tiene pesadillas sobre la muerte de SHANKS.

@lastwordtaylor Hey coach… Benn & Robo together in OT puts your slowest forwards on ice at the same time. I think maybe we should put some more thought into OT pairings and matching..

@JeremyCom Dallas forward Jaime Benn for his dirty head check on Jets goalie Hellybuck.

@WiebesWorld Benn was running through Helly’s head regardless of the contact from Morrissey. New strategy: 1. injure goalie. 2. While he’s on the ice injured he is in no immediate danger. 3. Score into empty net.

@Fuseldd @NHLJets Massive refs help? Morrisey pushed benn into conor… Dumbass canadian.

@jpolly22 Just read the mask rule - with no penalty to Benn they must let play continue so long as Dallas had the puck. Which they did. So refs were right..

@Benn__Sebnemm_ @huseyinbas_BTP Havası zaten yokta aslanım benim küçük çocuk gibi dikkat çekme peş.

@WPGMurat Benn was well on his way to grinding Buckys head into the net on shove was nothing.

@onepiecemilgrau BM, Akainu e Aokiji = high/extreme diff/possível derrota Kizaru = high diff outros = low/mid diff provavelmente ele conseguiria dar cabo de 2 1YC juntos (King e Marco juntos mamariam muito, Katakuri daria um leve trabalho, Benn precisa mostrar doq é capaz).

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