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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 12:37 AM IST

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Clearly Bercow had supposed he’d have his nose firmly planted within the House of Lords’ gold-plated trough by now, but he hasn’t.

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@IanLabour @LindsayHoyle_MP Irony Lindsay Hoyle is a Labour MP Bercow was a Tory Really

@DPJHodges @Dawesomedawson I’m old enough to remember when John Bercow reprimanded Johnson for sexism for referring to Emily Thornberry with her husband’s title, naming is against the rules.

@DawnButlerBrent Shades of ‘the beast’ 🙌🙌🙌 also, seeing Bercow put down the junior minister reminds me how useless @CommonsSpeaker is!

@JonJonesSnr Hoyle wants to go to the Lords so he not going to upset Mr Johnstone and his Eton Gang Bercow did and they took unjustified evil revenge on him.

Where’s John Bercow, when we need courage? Disgraceful behaviour by the deputy speaker

Truth is now the enemy! Dawn Butler is told to leave for calling out Johnsons lies On the SAME day Rees Mog uses racial slurs & NOTHING is done The Prime Minister runs a party of liars, the house of Parliament is chaired by cowards Bring back John Bercow #DawnButler TRUTH&JUSTICE

Bring back BERCOW Bring back BERCOW Bring back BERCOW Bring back BERCOW Bring back BERCOW Bring back BERCOW Bring back BERCOW Bring back BERCOW !! ....... !!

@IndyLiveStream I remember @Ianblackford_MP called him one under Bercow and refused to withdraw the remark, and has since repeatedly pointed out #JohnsonLiar #DawnSpeaksForMe

@jenreeve190 This is why Bercow isn’t in the House of Lords. Treating Johnson like the obnoxious oaf he is and the now PM won’t have forgotten this lesson.

@ToryFibs The same deputy speaker who kicked Dawn Butler out of the House and who’s showing her contempt of the opposition, or maybe just socialists. A Tory more interested in looking after her own than serving fair play. John Bercow was a giant among Pygmys.

@DawnButlerBrent You are amazing! The deputy speaker is absolutely ridiculous. How I miss John Bercow!

@TelePolitics Let me fix that for you. John Bercow changes his mind. Not so much of a headline now though is it? That man has more integrity in his thumbnail than the whole of government.

@AGENTMOET @LindsayHoyle_MP Evidence for that statement? In a crowded field of corruption Bercow isn’t anywhere near the pitch

When Bercow gave up making the Torys look twats, a mouse and Lindsay Hoyle went for the job as speaker of House of Commons. The mouse was considered radical and would probably squeak to loud at Tory lies. Shut mouth Lindsay Hoyle became the silent speaker at the cesspit commons.

SHAMELESS 😬 David Lammy Hypocrite & John Bercow £35,000 FOR LIFE x2 Pension 👇👇👇📺👇👇👇

Bercow Photo,Bercow Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

The Torygraph are attacking Bercow - He’s taking an early pension, so what?! Is that it? 🙄 He was an honourable Speaker of the House of Commons, he held the Tories to account so no wonder really; something that wet bag of out of date salad Hoyle, wouldn’t know how to do.

John Bercow is widely lauded, but the truth is these scoundrels got to him a long time ago. His failure to stand up to them & his choice to corrupt his office rather than face a media mauling cost us all dearly. His secrets are their secrets and he guards them to our detriment.

@_VinoP @JulietW11704242 Did you watch John Bercow, Defender of Parliamentary Democracy in Parliament? Johnson was kept to heel whenever he lied, which is always.

Bercow what’s the problem with John Bercow taking his pension, he is entitled to it like anyone else….

Bercow Photo,Bercow Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Close your eyes for 5 seconds & imagine how picturesque it would be to see John Bercow putting Boris Johnson in handcuffs 😍🥰 H/T @ColdwellContact for the pic 👍 #ArrestBorisJohnson #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern

Bercow Photo,Bercow Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I believe that reformed Tories like John Bercow and Matthew Parris should serve only half their terms for being members of a proscribed organisation.


@DianaHarding7 Bercow takes pensions, read all about it! This story is a joke, as are your wonky opinions, Diana.

A so-called academic speaking out his arse. Bercow is entitled to take his pension and should do so. His reputation is britain remains higher than most sitting MPs snd cabinet ministers

Watch Police investigate more allegations of fraud against the SNP. And John Bercow breaks a pledge. on YouTube

@sandieshoes Sally Bercow is certainly a heavy duty and heavy maintenance model that needs loads of money to function.

Bercow breaks pension pledge on his wife’s instruction. Bercow changes his mind. Previously told us he wouldn’t take pension early because he could earn a living away from Westminster. That hasn’t turned out so well 😂

If I understand, the agenda for Labour’s NEC meeting tomorrow is: - purge socialists - sack 1/3 of staff - welcome John Bercow Still, maybe one day Andy Burnham will be leader …

“People who don’t like John Bercow, it’s another reason for them to get angry” Conservative MP Stephen Crabb says former Speaker John Bercow “should have stuck to” a previous pledge not to take his pension as soon as he stood down #PoliticsLive

Clearly Bercow had supposed he’d have his nose firmly planted within the House of Lords’ gold-plated trough by now, but he hasn’t.

John Bercow ‘broke’ his promise to save the taxpayer money by deferring his £35,000-a-year Speaker’s pension until he is 65. Mr Bercow took his final salary pension in 2019, aged 56. Andrew Bridgen MP: He has shown his words are worth nothing. @PatrickChristys | @ABridgen

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