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I think when we leave the EU on 31st October, John Bercow needs to leave the Commons. This odious man is just embarrassing!.

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Bercow’s Promise To Remainers Results In 13,000+ Signing Petition To Remove Him As Speaker | Political UK.

@BorisJohnson You should do something about that unruly fellow Bercow! And the sooner the better!.

@barflydan @BorisJohnson Bercow thinks his position as speaker is higher than that of the sitting PM. He needs to be slapped back down to earth..

@labourleave What rubbish. Bercow will emerge in the history books as one of those who stood up for democracy against the dishonesty of those who tried to cheat and dishonour this country.

@Patx05 @SocialM85897394 Maybe we could disqualify Bercow by passing a law that The Speaker must be above 3 feet tall!.

@blaiklockBP @andrew_rawling Thank god for Bercow - Dominic Cummings pulling the strings, When was he elected?.

@blaiklockBP If any single man has stood up for this country, it is Bercow He is one of the few fit for office. There you go, corrected it for you. 🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺.

Bercow-Rudd pincer movement may foil Johnson’s schemes @InFactsOrg.

Only in modern Britain could someone like Bercow stand up for a democratic process, and be berated for it..

No deal Brexit can be stopped claims John Bercow! via @YouTube.

@DavidLammy We are in a situation where Bercow acts as the Opposition … It should be Labour, non?.

Brexit – Bercow: Widerstand bis zum letzten Atemzug gegen Boris Johnson.

Asked by the Edinburgh festival fringe audience if parliament was able to stop a no-deal Brexit, Bercow replied: “Yes”..

Bercow vows to stop PM from closing Commons to force no-deal Brexit.

No-deal #Brexit will be stopped, former finance minister Hammond says.

@WestmonsterUK I never voted for Bercow how can this man dictate to the people who voted leave - Judt trying to keep us tied in.

John Bercow kündigt Boris Johnson Kampf bis zum letzten Atemzug an via @SPIEGELONLINE.

Bercow vows to fight attempts to suspend parliament Sent via @updayUK.

Can John Bercow stop Boris Johnson from proroguing parliament? Speaker’s power revealed.

#PhilipHammond still doing the bidding of the #EU and corporate interests- Conspiring to bring down a democratically elected government is treacherous. Ignoring a democratic referendum is despotic. Just join the LibDems you traitor..

Speaker vows to ‘fight with every breath’ to stop Boris Johnson forcing through no-deal Brexit - follow live updates.

@pimlicat and this is why the right wing of the Tory party have tried their hardest to take Bercow down.

John Bercow has said he will fight any attempts by Boris Johnson to shut parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit. @MaajidNawaz asks: Do you want John Bercow to stop a No-Deal Brexit?.

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@Change_Britain This can not be any plainer what we voted for. John Bercow should watch this and remainers.

I think when we leave the EU on 31st October, John Bercow needs to leave the Commons. This odious man is just embarrassing!.

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