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Sander Berge starts for Norway. 🇳🇴 They take on Romania at 5pm.

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John Nalan
John Nalan ()

Minnesota wrestling Class AA quarterfinalists at #Super32 126 - Chase DeBlaere, Simley 182 - Bennett Berge, Kasson-Mantorville 195 - Gavin Nelson, Simley 220 - Bennett Tabor, Simley

Zon BOLA ()

FT : Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield (Firmino, Jota) (Berge PK) . Liverpool menyempurnakan comeback untuk menang selepas ketinggalan selepas pengadil memberikan penalti kepada Sheffield walaupun kekasaran berlaku di luar kotak penalti. Apa guna VAR?

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Moewen_Mum ()

Mein Mann und ich lernen es nie: „Eigentlich ist ja erst 01 Uhr“. Trefft mich um halb sechs in der Küche! Es wurde ein „Morgen geht’s in die Berge“-Plan gefasst.

Berita Harian
Berita Harian ()

#BHSukan Skuad kendalian Klopp ketinggalan susulan penalti kontroversi Sander Berge pada babak pertama di Anfield

Sheffield United
Sheffield United ()

Calm and composed. 🇳🇴 Sander Berge with his first goal of the season.

ESPN Uruguay
ESPN Uruguay ()

#Video Liverpool se impuso 2-1 sobre Sheffield United, con tantos de Diogo Jota y Firmino. Berge -de penal- había puesto en ventaja al conjunto perdedor en la #PREMIERxESPN.

Sheffield United Argentina
Sheffield United Argentina ()

🗣 Sander Berge sobre los resultados: Creo que si seguimos jugando así, estoy seguro de que los resultados llegarán. No es fácil jugar con la presión de previas derrotas, pero hoy demuestra que realmente creemos en nosotros. Seguiremos presionando y los puntos llegarán solos.

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Football Heaven
Football Heaven ()

⚽🎙 It shows great passion and faith from this team that we come out her against the reigning champions Sander Berge on #sufc loss at Liverpool:

FPL Alerts ⚽️
FPL Alerts ⚽️ ()

⭐ Bonus! Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield Utd 3 - Firmino Tot 9 Pts 2 - Jota Tot 9 Pts 1 - Berge Tot 7 Pts #LIVSHU

Harry...✌ ()

Enjoy sander berge this season blades fans because he is far too good for us #twitterblades

Darren Smith
Darren Smith ()

First point of the season but worst performance #twitterblades? In a game we needed to win, a result that looked like it was just a matter of time at the half way break, ended up being a lucky point. Signs of the old United in the first half driven on by the class of

⭐Cathaleya⭐ ()

Und wieder zeigt sich wie Domm und Naiv die Speerlollie Drachis von Ruiner, seines Zeichens Oger Drachenlard vom und zum Schaurigem Berge und Ogerkönig von Meddlfrangen ihn immer noch für Glaubwürdig 😂Lasst euch weiter von ihm verarschen und Ausbeuten!🤘😈

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てんちゃん🍒 ()

でしてー もっと自然にふっくらと描きたい所 #このタグ見たやつはほっぺた貼ってけ

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Tom Wright
Tom Wright ()

I really do think we’ve just come to take Bash’s consistency for granted. That man is a machine, yet never gets mentioned for a #twitterblades MOTM. He was my shout today, edging Ramsdale/Berge

Brabbeltinnbart ()

Investmentopportunity. Mit Hilfe eines verrückten Wissenschaftlers (@fischblog) lege ich einen Kimberlitschlot in den Erdmantel und berge einen 350 km3 großen Diamanten. Technisch wird das möglich, indem man den Bedenkenträger (auch @fischblog)

Tyrone James
Tyrone James ()

@AaronRamsdale98 kept us in it several times and my MOTM. Berge is just outstanding, however no surprise he was gassed at the end. #twitterblades #SUFC

Neil colclough
Neil colclough ()

@Deadbat_DB International games a blessing and a curse. Builds fitness, but adds tiredness and fatigue. Berge dominating first half and by rights should have been at least one up at H/T. Second half a different game then, we could try and be co trolling and adopt a different plan

james doran
James doran ()

@andymorton81 Given the football berge has played in the last week and air miles put in expected him to tire. Those 1st half chances if taken change that and berge comes of and midfield freshened up. Instead needed to push more up top

Kerry ()

Shit result but think we actually benefitted from VAR for once. Not 100% I’d have given a pen for that. Few positives from that game Lowe looked good before going off, Berge is an absolute goat, and Billy still scores goals. Looking forward to our next few games. 🤥

Jonathon ()

And ppl last season said berge was a waste of Money? Nah look further up pitch for that

Alfie 🇮🇪⚔
Alfie 🇮🇪⚔ ()

@Richie1889 Such a waste of money its just Mcburnie missing sitters and Berge doing everything

Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell ()

#ffc need to speed up the attacks. Adarabioyo seems decent upgrade so far, Berge looks a good player for Sheff Utd #SHUFUL

fab ❼ 🇬🇾 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Fab ❼ 🇬🇾 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ()

By the way, Berge is brilliant . The power, strength is remarkable from him; we need to close him down

Dawit Alemu
Dawit Alemu ()

Sander Berge is a quality player🙏🙏 Running the show in Bramall Lane from an advanced position. #SHUFUL

C4ftbl ()

Berge been superb again for SHU in the right channel. SHU looked massively threatening thru rotations out wide + have put good quality into the box, McBurnie got to do better. Lookman found some nice pockets for Fulham on left but no threat at all behind SHU Def from FWs/WBs

Fulham Transfers
Fulham Transfers ()

HT: Sheff Utd probably have the edge at the break but there are some positives from it. Tosin looks like he belongs in the prem but I had no doubt there and lookman and RLC both look like they could spark something. Need to get hold of Berge but we are level at the break. #ffc

Kop.Finest ()

HT Thoughts | 📣 Berge has been the best player on the pitch by a mile✅ Good football + chances created✅ Solid at the back✅ Ball isn’t in the back of their net❌

Emanuela Oppong
Emanuela Oppong ()

@premierleague @OfficialFPL Whoever paid for this game I feel sorry for you man. Zambo and Berge are actual ballers. Brewster wouldve bagged at least 2 of those chances Oli missed. Bottom line , Fullham are DEFO going down.

NPO Radio 1
NPO Radio 1 ()

Kamerlid Niels van den Berge legt in @Argosradio1 uit waarom onafhankelijk onderzoek naar georganiseerd sadistisch kindermisbruik belangrijk is. Slachtoffers doen vaak geen aangifte, omdat ze geen vertrouwen in politie hebben.

Sheffield United
Sheffield United ()

Sander Berge starts for Norway. 🇳🇴 They take on Romania at 5pm.

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