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Artur Beterbiev, a devout Muslim, refused to fight in #China because of his stance with Uyghur Muslims. He declined millions of dollars in solidarity. Salute to him, and his dominant victory tonight. #SmithBeterbiev.

Beterbiev Photo,Beterbiev Photo by Khaled Beydoun,Khaled Beydoun on twitter tweets Beterbiev Photo

Artur Beterbiev knocks out Joe Smith Jr in round two to unify the WBC, IBF & WBO light-heavyweight world titles. Destruction..

Artur Beterbiev looked awesome terminating Joe Smith on Saturday night to unify 3 light heavyweight titles. Here’s his rookie card in my #boxing collection. It was in the very limited program from his first unification win over Gvozdyk in 2019. #BeterbievSmith.

Beterbiev Photo,Beterbiev Photo by Dan Rafael,Dan Rafael on twitter tweets Beterbiev Photo

@DAZNBoxing Spence vs Crawford Beterbiev vs bivol Ryan vs tank Boots vs Thurman Haney vs Loma.


ah yes, 9-0 beterbiev was the fight everybody wanted andre ward to face. i also believe floyd mayweather retired to avoid a fight with tim bradley!.

Arthur Beterbiev is like a slab of concrete, one of the strongest boxers I’ve ever witnessed..

Teddy Atlas says Beterbiev like “Terminator” beating #JoeSmithJr.


Beautiful boxing. Beterbiev vs Dmitry Bivol is going to make noise..

Bivol v Beterbiev not going to happen is exactly the problem with boxing…what a fight and what a time for that to happen next #BeterbievSmith #boxing.

@BoxingJournaIs It should be a common practice for his opponents, also Beterbiev, to get an MRI, endoscopy and abdominal ultrasound just to see if things are still in place..

Y’all must have forgot! Ward beats both Bivol and beterbiev if they ever fought in their primes!.

Beterbiev Photo,Beterbiev Photo by Wilders Right Hand 💣,Wilders Right Hand 💣 on twitter tweets Beterbiev Photo

People Talking Bout Artur Beterbiev Power but Lateral Movement Counter Punching & Punch Variety.


@RandomKneeGro Andre Ward fights in the same range Beterbiev fights in. I’ll take Arthur.

Considering Beterbiev is 37 he probably wants to do that soon..


@MIGHTYMaxBOXING Beterbiev would have had to knockout Ward to win. Ward has to be the most disrespected 168-175 lber in modern history. Not only did he clean out 168, but he then stepped up and fought the best 175 lber in the world when his own contemporary (Stevenson) ducked him for years..

@MIGHTYMaxBOXING Sorry but Andre Ward was too technical no way Ward stands in front of Beterbiev like Joe Smith did.

@WaraWeekRadioN1 He would have to pick his fights carefully. Michael Spinks would struggle with some of the super tall Heavyweights of today and I believe Spinks beats Beterbiev at LH..

@RandomKneeGro Totally…Ward struggled with a prime Kovalev (very good fighter), Beterbiev ‘s inside fight would’ve been a nightmare for Ward, and Beterbiev’s power and phisicality would make him very hard for Ward tí manage …Ward was great and had an amazing ring IQ, but Arthur is a machine.

@_Moon_w2_ @LazyLeftyOG Even if he’d fought him people like you would have just said it was too early for Beterbiev. There would always be an excuse ..

@MIGHTYMaxBOXING What makes me laugh is a while back people like you were probably saying Canelo would beat Beterbiev now you’re saying the 37 year old Beterbiev beats a prime Ward. 😂😂😂😂😂.

@lewisdeeks73 I’d completely agree. I think he beats Bivol if I’m honest if he’s on form as you say. He has a decent chin but if Beterbiev lands it could cause him problems so I’d agree, maybe a 3/4 round war 🥊.

Only Fools Rush In: Beterbiev douses Smith Jnr’s fire in just two rounds: #BeterbievSmith.

Beterbiev Photo,Beterbiev Photo by Boxing News,Boxing News on twitter tweets Beterbiev Photo

@lewisdeeks73 I agree or the Callum Johnson fight for me as they’re both with Frank. Would benefit him before a Beterbiev fight.

Anthony Yarde Insists He Can Beat “Too Slow” Beterbiev #boxing.

@lewisdeeks73 I’d agree. Styles make fights as they say. I just hope we get these fights made. Fed up of rankings & mandatories getting in the way. Beterbiev 🆚 Yarde does nothing for me if I’m honest.

Artur Beterbiev made another big statement on Saturday, plus (a bit) more in this week’s rankings after #BeterbievSmith More:.

Beterbiev Photo,Beterbiev Photo by Bad Left Hook,Bad Left Hook on twitter tweets Beterbiev Photo

If Beterbiev v Yarde gets announced for the same weekend as Mos Def I will be WANKING.

Spammed Beterbiev yesterday, but stayed quiet on Robeisy Ramirez because he deserves his own space too. Growing into the professional ranks nicely and is a stylistic nightmare for Warrington..

@DarkDestroyer82 @AlBernstein Agree. He put superman into retirement tragically and then I think he realised enough is enough after beterbiev.

@lewisdeeks73 I can see that result too but he’s got no choice. He’s in & around that level so he either fights journeymen or takes on the challenge. Has to be better to have a Johnson fight than Beterbiev? Johnson is inactive really so might catch him.

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