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Ant and Dec playing Stephen’s ridiculous new game #BGMT.

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@StephenMulhern has got to be one of the funniest people on TV. Ever. I’d fight @antanddec to prove this point. #stephenmulhern #bgmt.

Mind blowing that people on BGMT don’t realise @StephenMulhern is royally taking the piss out of them 😂.

#BritainsGotTalent was good again golden buzzers all of them are just meh but that group are the best of the bunch. #BGMT amazing and funny as usual with Stephen..

Not even ashamed to say that #bgmt is my complete guilty pleasure, makes me die 😩😂.

Watching BGMT +1 @StephenMulhern never fails to get me in tears of laughter GENIUS.

Jason’s jolly jokes cheer up the Judges | Auditions | BGMT 2019.

You dont really do any work do ya? Its all just a load of fun...Barrys nailed it 😂😂 #hotpotato @StephenMulhern #BGMT.

@StephenMulhern made laugh so much tonight on bgmt!!! 😂😂 I loved it so so much, Stephen makes me so happy! ❤️.

I see so many great looking acts in the background of #bgt and #BGmT that we never get to see on stage. Too much fill not enough acts. @BGT.

Britain’s got more talent has got to be the best spin of show on @StephenMulhern is a fantastic presenter and absolutely hilarious @BGT #BGMT #BGT.

@BGT Shouldn’t of liked that but it was so silly couldn’t help laughing #BGMT #BGT.

Really liked Jason on #BGMT the crowd wouldn’t know funny if it smacked them in the face #doosh.

Jason’s humour was far too high brow and sophisticated for the theatre #BGMT.

I know I’ve got strange sense of humour but surely that Pun Chap was really funny 😂 #BGMT.

Aah this is right up my alley HAHAHAHA all the puns give me ALL THE PUNSSSS #BGMT.

Watching @ITV2_BGMT and I sympathise with Amanda, the exact same thing happened to me whilst watching #astonishing on board Britannia 😂😂😂😱 @StephenMulhern.

ant n dec n the judges seem to let there hair down on #BGMT like they are not on camera just avin real fun.

Crying laughing at #BGMT tonight @StephenMulhern is hilarious great job! The swans!!! #Unbelievable.

@StephenMulhern you’re my Saturday Night guilty pleasure #BGMT #getitinthesheath.

Ant and Dec playing Stephen’s ridiculous new game #BGMT.

Stephen Mulhern is a seriously funny presenter! #BGMT should be nothing but shoddy trash TV but he actually makes it enjoyable!.

Absolutely love @StephenMulhern sense of humour. Funniest guy on TV. Leagues above David Walliams. #BGMT.

Absolutely crying at @StephenMulhern tonight! #Unbelievable #BGMT Sword game will catch on in this house!.

Omg I think this sword game could go a series! @StephenMulhern @antanddec #bgmt.

@StephenMulhern doing that Lost The Will segment on @ITV2_BGMT Is comedy gold!!!! #bellylaughs.

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