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三笘のシュートが相手に当たってブライトン5点目〜🤩 #EmiratesFACup #BHAGRI.

Why do some fans seem to think it’s clever to throw things on the pitch?! So stupid. #BHAGRI #FACup @officialgtfc.

グリムズビーみんなユニ交換してるwwそりゃ欲しいよねww #BHAGRI.


◆FA杯◆R8 ブライトン×グリムズビー ブライトン三笘薫、相手にあたってコロコロゴール#BHAGRI #FACup.

三笘きちゃあああああああああ これは三笘のゴールになるのかな...? #BHAGRI.

Proper football club, Brighton, who well deserve their current success #BHAGRI #FACup.

Had a feeling Brighton would destroy Grimsby. Not been a close game whatsoever. Hoping for goals in the Man Utd game!! #BHAGRI #FACup.

Brighton are absolutely awesome, playing really really well now. Potters has left #BHAGRI.

Excellently worked 4th goal for @OfficialBHAFC now 4-0 up vs Grimsby Town in #FACup #BHAGRI.

I have always said the only team I fear that can get top 4 ahead of us is Brighton they have games in hand & ar playing the best football this season with Napoli & Arsenal #nufc #BHAGRi.

Strictly speaking they didn’t. They increased it by 50% #BHAGRI.


I don’t care he’s the best striker in the world, bring Irish excellence to my club 🇮🇪 16 G/A this season at 18 years old, for a team pushing the champions league spots. Elite, Elite talent. World class. 💫 #BHAGRI.

Can see what the fuss is about with Nathan Ferguson. Looks like a proper striker. #FACup #BHAGRI.

Brighton are lovely to watch. Ferguson, a terrific prospect. Game over 3-0 #BHAGRI #FACup.


Grimsby fans chucking shite on the pitch like a bunch of 5 year olds ✊🏼💦 #BHAGRI #.

I actually want this ref to take the players off the pitch to protect them from vicious paper cuts. In my humble opinion, it’ll be the greatest moment the game has ever seen. #BHAGRI #FACup.

It’s just Paper???? Why they acting like we’re throwing bombs onto the pitch? 😂😂😂😂😂 #BHAGRI #FACup.

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