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Watch this little half-pound puppy win over his grumpy big dog sister 😍.

It’s okay if you want a BIG dog, but can you satisfy the dog? It’s okay if you want ENERGETIC dog, but can you satisfy the dog? It’s okay if you want hairy dog, but can you groom properly? Stop getting dogs for aesthetic ❌.

Boris has just hosted an emergency COBRA meeting. He’s clearly taken the by-election results badly as he looked like shit. We discussed how best to react to losing 2 seats and agreed that Big Dog shouldn’t have a haircut for at least 3 months and must ruffle his hair every hour..

Happy #FollowBackFriday to you, after yesterday’s results, with voters in #TivertonandHoniton making electoral history & Honiton’s Conservative Chairman providing extra cheer. Seems today we’ve reached the perfect time for a coup. When Big Dog’s away, the mice can stray. Yes?.

Just turned TV on, best day in ages, #byelection2022, dowden, 1922 committee sharpening knives , bye-bye big or cling on, either way the tide is turning. Happy happy day 😁 🎉.

I’ve never heard such belly laughs and giggles from Monty . Sat watching Clifford the big red Dog 🥰.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson You madam are absolutely deluded. I’ve never heard a politician spout such purple crap in all my days. You’ll soon be gone along with Big dog.

Tory Mps now wringing their filthy hands at the double disastrous by-election results, they brought it all on themselves, especially @OliverDowden who never failed to defended the indefensible. They choose to fuck the country, fuck their party and fuck themselves for Big Dog.

Is the coward Boris Johnson still hiding in Rwanda? Big Dog? Old Yeller, more like..

Big Dog Photo,Big Dog Photo by Hugh Osborne,Hugh Osborne on twitter tweets Big Dog Photo

@desertrose1969 @NadineDorries I think the rabid big dog is out the country. She will be hitting the bottle no doubt..

@HardingMike You can hear the creaks as the combined intellect of Nadine Dorries and Michael Fabricant is mobilised for Operation Save Big Dog (again) :-).

@paulmasonnews Mordaunt? The Mordaunt who told the Big Lie, dog whistling to racists about there being no way to prevent Turkey joint the EU?.

@PaulTempleman6 @IWolstencroft02 Big Dog does Big Job. I hear there’s a loo roll shortage in Kigali.

@PatKelly1158 No one has given them the story to spin today yet, Big Dog is not here to offer his .. ahem ‘guidance’.


Big Dog Photo,Big Dog Photo by TWISTED@TWITSED💙hivolt11kva/it hurts,TWISTED@TWITSED💙hivolt11kva/it hurts on twitter tweets Big Dog Photo

Despite the #Tory desperate actions to save big dog, it seems that when the electorate get the option they do decide to #moveon Unfortunately for them they are moving away from the tories in droves.

@RhonddaBryant Big Dog will survive. The party chairman has been sacrificed. He will keep throwing people under the bus. Well at least until the buses join the trains and go on strike that is 😂.

@SkyNews @KayBurley There’s always someone willing to take a kick in the balls to save ‘Big Dog’. Unfortunately Johnson will never resign and the damage to our country and it’s institutions will continue for another couple of years..

Big Dog Photo,Big Dog Photo by John Doe,John Doe on twitter tweets Big Dog Photo

Not SJ related. My dog had surgery today to remove the bladder stones he has. It’s a lot and some are big. The vet said that good thing we brought him for surgery as soon as we could. Now, my dog is bumping his cone unto my leg as if his snitching on his vet. 🙃.

Big Dog Photo,Big Dog Photo by Thea (TIRED AF & going semi-IA),Thea (TIRED AF & going semi-IA) on twitter tweets Big Dog Photo

Updating this 👇 Seems today we’ve reached the perfect time for a coup. When Big Dog’s away, the mice can stray. Yes? With this 👇 the info via @mrjamesob & @LBC, that #LiarJohnson is out of the country for the next EIGHT DAYS..

Big dog runs away again , let others front up a terrible night for the Tory party . Who would have thought big dog was a coward 😂.

Watching Big Dog head to knackers yard in real time is delicious. Just hurry up #1922Committee the UK is waiting!.

@MichaelTakeMP Wise words Sir M. I feel sorry for that stunning blonde Tory candidate Helene Hunniford. About to take her place as the new Home Secretary and Boris Babe but had it cruelly snatched away. Bet Nads, Therese and Liz are pleased though! Enough competition already for Big Dog haha.

Big Dog Photo,Big Dog Photo by ‘Lord’ Dougie🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿,‘Lord’ Dougie🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 on twitter tweets Big Dog Photo

#NEWS: Though she may be small, therapy dog Millie certainly has a big presence when it comes to helping firefighters and officers who are feeling under pressure or stressed. Read more:.

Big Dog Photo,Big Dog Photo by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service,Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service on twitter tweets Big Dog Photo

@carryonkeith Fiction: Big Dog the Brexit Fantasy Reality: Just a dog of a PM from a dog of a party..

313 Sectarian dog posting their utter lifelessness proud that he organized a raid on a discord server with like 50 people. All the messages are gone in seconds and they were banned immediately 😂 but keep celebrating your big W (or you know, touch grass).

@socatleader @Ari_Is_Bored and almost every big dog i have encountered terrified of thunder.

Got to keep this momentum up now folks and get rid of Big Dog. People power 👍 #JohnsonOut151.

@KarenKeyLargo @Ali_Peek Day said $13 mil and that’s just for current roster. OSU holds a different type of leverage though, as they’re the Big dog in the BIG 10, and a football factory from a player development standpoint. Much tougher to have 13 mil be your target SEC. Need at least 2x.

@scottlincicome As a member of and shill for Big Dog - I can confirm that Rover sucks for many reasons but policing nonsense license requirements isn’t one of them..

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