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If they don’t feed you or give you money to pay your bills, they don’t matter and their opinions shouldn’t be matter. Tulikan telinga dari nyinyiran yang nggak ada gunanya. You do you, and do what makes you happy.

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Stephen Wolf
Stephen Wolf ()

Idaho state Senate GOP has passed a bill that would make it much harder to put progressive initiatives on the ballot relative to conservative ones by requiring voter signatures from every state legislative district instead of the current 18 of 35 districts

❄ winter chai witch 🍵 @ ffxiv + 原神 + 明日方舟
❄ winter chai witch 🍵 @ ffxiv + 原神 + 明日方舟 ()

time limited !!!! please help a Black trans woman pay her bills this needs to hopefully be done by today a / s / a / p !!!!

hannah reed
Hannah reed ()

life is all about working hard you should grind just like i did when i worked three unpaid internships while my parents paid for my rent and all my bills and gave me a weekly allowance

Natalie Egenolf
Natalie Egenolf ()

Their bills and pursue their dreams then I want them to succeed. The industry standard of being “lucky to be here” is detrimental, harmful, and does a disservice to anyone who wants to do this to make an impact in the world.

Zzzaddi ()

Ah, yes. First of the month. Time to check all my pockets, drawers, jewelry boxes, laundry baskets, and glovebox for cash so I can pay my bills. I’m nothing more than a squirrel with an attitude.

Henry Rose
Henry Rose ()

After 8 weeks of total escapism and #vanlife it actually feels really good to open the mail, pay the bills and generally act like a member of society.

Glen Parmenter
Glen Parmenter ()

If your job sucks dont quit until your income has been replaced. Create a side hustle and look for a new job. Just make sure your bills are covered in any situation.


@caterenn You won split, you surely be my burden and my smile All the bills on me but make work day

Chris Goudge
Chris Goudge ()

@JaxAustin Being Canadian I feel a closer bond with the UK (and the monarchy) far more so than I do with the USA. The Queen is on our currency, her picture hung in our classrooms, we started the morning singing God Save The Queen, and she still signs our bills before they become

cat tamer
Cat tamer ()

im falling behind and these mfs think its a good idea to deduct points as a punishment jesus sorry for not paying your electric bills sir

Ambrose Emrys
Ambrose Emrys ()

@chidinmaekile My final year bills in school right now please help me, #LaBeunaVidaFunds

The Black Wall Street Times
The Black Wall Street Times ()

Georgia’s Whitelash is coming for Black voters with flurry of new bills


@shezpwiti @Shigoopompey So the men should rob because they are given ridiculous targets and have bills to pay.

Robyn, aka sunsong23
Robyn, aka sunsong23 ()

This is already becoming more than a wish list, with 253 bills introduced in 43 states this year to restrict voting access. Our response? Eliminate the filibuster and pass both the John Lewis Voting Rights Act & the For the People Act. — Sen Alex Padilla

gaby 🌿
Gaby 🌿 ()

also if you have a debit or credit card please consider getting youtube premium, it will give you a free month so you can cancel the subscription before it bills you

MAR’S 🟧🇺🇸🧡👑 STS
MAR’S 🟧🇺🇸🧡👑 STS ()

This is what they care about immigrant children getting taken care of & educated help with mental health @GOPLeader put in the new bill 140 Million for American children mental health & getting schools open @SpeakerPelosi said NO! Guess she’s got some bills to pay from Jan6th

Clement🇳🇬❤ ()

@IGoparaocha Omo I knew it will be nearing that,lots of bills have you settled on this street,God will be with you

Brad Thompson
Brad Thompson ()

Doug Gutwien needs to answer for his lack of leadership. He held no hearing for any bills which are now dead because of him. Our state desires better than this. Thank you ⁦@Maureen4Indiana⁩ and Rep. Carolyn Jackson! ⁦@indystar⁩

5ives🎱 ()

JJ watt going to brown or bills ..... no free agents wanna play for the packers man wtf

Lynnez ❤️
Lynnez ❤️ ()

@d1Vinman @pjlarks They are just being spiteful toward Nancy. They only like bills that benefit “red states” including Russia. 😏

𝒮𝑜𝓇𝒶-𝒮𝒶𝓂𝒶 ()

I could borrow 40 grand for my medical bills @Kartier_Kaels ?

Montgomery Law
Montgomery Law ()

From police reform to legalized gambling and alcohol sales to digital license plates, here’s a small sampling of the bills filed during #Texas’ 87th legislative session—which may become law later this year.

Deckard98321 ()

ALL of my bills except for the phone got taken care of, so after i get out of the unemployment chat, got to pay the phone bill.

Buffalo Fanatics
Buffalo Fanatics ()

JJ Watt’s peloton bio was updated to 3 teams. The #Bills being one of them 👀

Bills Photo,Bills Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
UTAG 👊🏻😎londoncabbie
UTAG 👊🏻😎londoncabbie ()

@davebenidorm166 Yeah I’ve seen you talk about no grants,so tough on you mate and others,I’ve had some but just swallowed up with bills Hopefully work will return soon and we can get going again Hope you are successful mate 👍

Ont_taxpayer_watch ()

@thereds8 @WAlfster Why would they do this? Government is paying all their I’m calling BS on this

Lowly Ningen
Lowly Ningen ()

@BruceOlley @ScottWalker How would you reduce the cost of living? Places have different standards of living. Common everyday necessities are inexpensive. The largest expense is rent/mortgage + utility bills. Utility bills are usage based. But rent/mortgage is different.

Texarkana Gazette
Texarkana Gazette ()

Citing a demand-driven spike in the market price of natural gas, which power generators use as fuel, utility officials agreed that the cost will be passed on to customers, though they say they are working with state regulators to minimize the effect.

Democratic Coalition
Democratic Coalition ()

I care that it appears Texas was just a layover stop for him between Cancun and Orlando to drop a pack of water into someone’s trunk and abandon his constituents again as they get slammed with $16,000 electrical bills, @AOC shot back. #CancunCruz

Alexander Thian
Alexander Thian ()

If they don’t feed you or give you money to pay your bills, they don’t matter and their opinions shouldn’t be matter. Tulikan telinga dari nyinyiran yang nggak ada gunanya. You do you, and do what makes you happy.

☚ Best LB #AttackOnTitan ☛
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