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Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife, Catherine Ann Blackford, twenty years today since we married!.

Blackford Photo,Blackford Photo by Ian Blackford 🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿,Ian Blackford 🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 on twitter tweets Blackford Photo

Ian Blackford couldn’t empty a room any quicker if he was a known carrier of ebola. It’s an astonishing, unparalleled talent.

Blackford: “This is the 11th SNP election victory in a row. The 8th under @NicolaSturgeon’s leadership. A party in government winning more votes and winning more seats- can you imagine that Prime Minister?”.

The moment Blackford was called to speak yesterday, the majority of MPs headed for the doors, can anyone put the Benny Hill tune to it? If any clip deserves it its this one..

Hear me out: pre-recorded Ian Blackford speeches to clear pubs at closing time..

Blackford Photo,Blackford Photo by PAW (Peter),PAW (Peter) on twitter tweets Blackford Photo

Ian Blackford has majorly stirred the hornets nest. All the right wing mob such as Daubeny have is lame insults but underneath it they’re rattled. Keep on doing what you’re doing Ian..

@cattler It’s not just Blackford they’re showing contempt for, it’s Scotland and it’s people..

‘Couldn’t clear a room faster’ Blackford humiliated as MPs rush for the door before speech 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱.

i was for a long period not at all a fan of his style but im beginning to like Ian Blackford..

‘Game is up for the union’, says Blackford as he calls for Scottish referendum.

Ian Blackford tells it like it is and the Tories leave the room. How ignorant and arrogant are the narcissistic Tories . Extremely unethical and the speaker Lyndsay Hoyle should either step up or step down !.

@AgentP22 @GiftCee The only person sneering in parliament is Blackford. He just oozes hate..

What a great sight that was; a strong cross-party protest vote against Blackford and the SNP. Keep them coming! 😊👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

WM in Q/Time is more like statements made by Blackford SNPMP Leader in WM who reports back to MSP no matter lower political figure than seriously wrong how she has to much say w/out facing consequences of wrong claims agst opposition in Holyrood & WM..

@sophielouisecc Ian Blackford. Boring the nation to death one speech at a time. He does not speak for Scotland..

@ScotNational And Ian Blackford has never insulted the PM or other Conservative MPs in his orations in Parliament?.

Ah yes, Bunter Blackford. Clears the House of Commons quicker than one of Angie Rayners farts! 😂😂😂.

@LauraEWebsterr @Ianblackford_MP The MP is correct, he speaks THREE countries and over FOUR million Scots. Bunter Blackford is a monumental bore.

@LauraEWebsterr @Ianblackford_MP Is it possible to show disrespect to Ian Blackford?...... on the premise that respect should be earned 🙂.

@ScotNational I love the Scottish journalise “ sneered “ but the problem with two cakes Blackford is he is indecipherable unless you use sub - titles.

@LauraEWebsterr @Ianblackford_MP That MP was right is a tedious windbag who blurts on for way too long..

@snb19692 He has his detractors, but everything I personally see of Ian Blackford impresses.

@cattler To be fair most people hold Blackford in contempt especially the good people in Skye who depend on tourism for their living..

@PhantomPower14 Well said Ian Blackford we will get our Independence from Westmonster PP.

@Euan_MacDonald If Blackford could represent Scotland with a positive message, a willingness to collaborate and something approaching politeness then maybe people would listen. As it is he just mumps and moans and insults the Tories so why should anyone listen?.

@theSNP @Ianblackford_MP Thought only where allowed in the chamber, what is Bunter Blackford doing there..

@StephenFlynnSNP Your lot were still sitting in there so Bunter Blackford can do his usual and rise to his feet like a rocketing pheasant screaming for the 2nd referendum that will never happen. So zip it, Jock!.

@kirstenoswald @Ianblackford_MP Blackford spouted his usual drivel while clearing the house the man is a waste of space. Everything your party touches turns to crap while you blow taxpayers cash on vanity projects outwith your remit. Your indy dream is pie in the sky..

@kirstenoswald @Ianblackford_MP Bunter Blackford, the simple crofter - laser focused? 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@kirstenoswald @Ianblackford_MP “Laser focus” from Bubblehead Blackford 😂😂 Come on Kirsten, you’re not going to fool anyone with that fanciful talk..

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