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Isn’t he the same guy that brought an EVM made out of cardboard that was worse than a science project for a 5th grader to prove that EVMs can be hacked so easily. And Kejriwal who .. that IITian who calculated a ticket for Bullet Train will cost ₹75,000 using BoDMAS rule ?!.

@JustThabangLFC 6 / 2 ( 1 + 2 ) = 6 / 2 ( 3 ) = 6 / 6 = 1 bodmas bro, brackets first.

@carolvorders Somehow, almost 50 years after my GCSE exams, the acronym BODMAS just popped into my head..

@carolvorders BODMAS/BIDMAS. No one in their right mind calls them parentheses; rightly or wrongly, we refer to them as Brackets. #DailyToiletPaper failed again..

Never thought I’d see BODMAS ever again after leaving school. PTSD slowly crawling back….

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@FightHaven I googled it and have learned that even without the brackets you still use BODMAS, my mistake. Thanks to those who pointed it out in a respectful manner (very few of you). To those who felt the need to be cheeky you can shut it bro nobody cares..

@____justsihle 6 ÷ 2(1+2) = 6 ÷ 2(3) = 6 ÷ 6 =1 BODMAS is that simple guys 😭🤣🤣🤣 Brackets of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

@AbudiAlsagoff Coke = 10, Burger = 5, Fries = 2. Therefore, 5+2x10 (following BODMAS) is equal to 25..

@FondOfBeetles 1 (1+2) = (3) 2(3) = 6 6÷6 = 1 Its always brackets first, only rule I remember of BODMAS.

@theprojecttv pretty sure when I went to school we got taught BODMAS (Brackets, Ordinals, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) for equation ordering. So using that you work out the brackets first, it becomes:- 6 ÷ 2 × 3 Division first means 3 × 3 Equal to 9..

@ralfadamaus @FightHaven Drink = 10 Burger = 5 Each pavk of fries = 1 BODMAS 5+1x10 Multiplication before addition 10x1 =10+5= 15.

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You see BODMAS trending and think oh no, one of those silly arithmetic things has gone viral again, I see BODMAS trending and think oh no, I forgot to buy everyone their BODMAS presents, we are not the same.

@BladeoftheS BODMAS The answer is 1 (with working) Brackets: 2(1+2) = 6 Orders: N/A Divide: 6/6 = 1 Multiply: N/A Add: N/A Subtract: N/A I had this checked by the good lady mathematician (her in doors).

BODMAS , say it with me , brackets of division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

Nigga wrote Bodmas in all capitals only to end up not doing it.

Shoutout to my grade 3 teacher for drilling BODMAS into our heads at the time -its 2023 and full grown adults are tripping hard with this one 😂😂😂.

@IneffectiveMath the worst is learning from the replies that BODMAS is an acronym some people use. it sounds like a christian holiday season for bodybuilders..


A bodmas calculator says it’s 9 👁️.

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Every time I see these on the tl, I am astounded by the amount of people who never learned BODMAS. Where are you lot getting 9?.

people talking about using BODMAS PEDMAS and GEDMA and still getting it wrong 😭.

@deannaraybourn It was. I got 1 as the answer too. We learnt it as BODMAS. the 2(3) translates as Of so that took priority over the division. Don’t know if that’s changed since.

@kaleazy @ayeejuju According to BODMAS Brackets first- (1+2)=(3) Brackets again- 2(3)=6 Division next- 6/6=1 Therefore the correct answer SHOULD be 1.

@carolvorders Not a difficult equation unless somewhere in the last 50 years Bodmas or Pedmas have disappeared from algebra…..

BODMAS is trending and I feel like I did when I got a solid E grade in my maths GCSE coursework 17 years ago..

@murtazabhat_ 10-10x10+10 = -80 According to the BODMAS rule, multiplication has to be performed first. So, the equation becomes 10–100+10. So, -80 is the correct answer..


BODMAS destroying our future scientists and engineers lmfaoooo. Never laughed so hard..

BODMAS, finish solving everything in and around the brackets first!.

Put this in a calculator and save us the time hey. It’s obviously one. BODMAS man.

Streets Is My Favorite @DojaCat Track, Wondered How It Would Sound If I Added An Electric Piano 🎹 Pretoria Cassper BODMAS Khune.

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