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I don’t like Sundays! Sorry just watching Boomtown Rats on BBC2.

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Yvonne McGowan ()

@bbc2 Excellent docu on Boomtown Rats #bobgeldoff - took me right back. The best band. ‘I don’t like Mondays’ - even more relevant now.

Chris Ponting ()

@Lesbob If it wasn’t for Band Aid and Live Aid, Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats would be long forgotten.

Jan kooi ()

Op Rat Trap van The Boomtown Rats konden de Top of the Pops kinderen duidelijk niet dansen. #totp #bbc2


@DylanStrain The Boomtown Rats were utter shit , riding on the back of the punk movement , physically loathed by punks like myself who could instinctively tell what a total phoney Geldof was !

Dylan Ebenezer ()

Enjoyed The Boomtown Rats doc on @BBCTwo - but loads of tweets reminding me how much people hate Geldof, Bono and Sting. It’s ok to put Liam Gallagher on a pedestal though 🙈

Ian Clarke ()

Sat down to watch the BBC2 doc about the Boomtown Rats. I liked them, bought their records and saw them live s few times. But it’s impossible. Bono, Sting, Stewart, Gambaccini. The usual puffed up dullard’s waffling pretentiously about them. Hard to listen to.

Cathal ()

Forget The Boomtown Rats, we need a 90 minute documentary on Rory Gallagher. His influence was far greater, from Brian May & Johnny Marr to Slash, an entire generation was inspired by him.

F.T.S.H.D.M ()

Citizens of Boomtown: The Story of the Boomtown Rats, Citizens of Boomtown: The Story of the Boomtown Rats: via @bbciplayer 🧸

Kevin Froude ()

@brendaanne66 Saw the Boomtown Rats play live when I lived in show as I recall.

Historical Television Website ()

The Story of the Boomtown Rats followed by #TOTP The Story of 1978 followed by Big Hits BBC Four or the Yesterday channel? The BBC could be trying to tell us something because tonight they are on BBC Two. The Story of 1978 is on here shortly at 11pm if anyone wants it.

James Swift ()

Anyone watching this Boomtown Rats thing that were too young to remember them; they were shit!

Jason Carty ()

Watching the end of this Boomtown Rats thing. Jaysus, such overwrought hagiography. Do you know who got the job done? This guy:

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Ronpeck ()

Was more of a The Jam man myself, but the BBC2 documentary about The Boomtown Rats is well worth a watch!

Rob Bernstein ()

Fabulous documentary on BBC 2 about The Boomtown Rats. Not particularly a fan then, but it is now (after 40 yrs) that I have found out the song ‘ I don’t like Monday’s ‘ was a protest song, about a mass shooting at a High School in California, really a message about gun control.

Paul Lewis ()

I don’t like Sundays! Sorry just watching Boomtown Rats on BBC2.

It’s only curly at the front ()

Sat through that Boomtown Rats documentary, waiting for someone to say, “Yeah but The Undertones we’re better”


The Boomtown RATS did not revolutionise the world!! They were two hit Ure had more of a musical influence amongst the stars, Geldof was just a loud mouthed prick and a Michael 🕺🍻🙈

India Willoughby ()

Watching BBC2. I’m a Boomtown Rats fan. Got every single and album. Absolutely under-rated - but they were never the top group fan wise in Britain. Bad timing. That said, I Don’t Like Mondays and Rat Trap: classics. Bob and Paula: Tortuous love #BoomtownRats

OzlyBee ()

Really enjoying Citizens of Boomtown on BBC2 - story of the Boomtown Rats - soundtrack to my teenage years 😀

John Duggan ()

Watching the excellent Boomtown Rats documentary on @BBCTwo and thinking how groundbreaking they were. New wave. Bob Geldof an obvious Irish icon, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Also thinking of the achievement of U2 to break America.

Sophie H ()

I love that Kate bush telegrammed the Boomtown Rats congratulations when Rat Trap got to number one. That’s so lovely.

Erwin blom ()

Ik kijk een documentaire over The Boomtown Rats, lang niet gehoord, aangenaam verrast weer.

Eddie McCreadie 1977 ()

Watching Boomtown Rats Citizens of Boomtown documentary on BBC2. Rats were never proper punk band but always liked Looking out for No1. Great number.

😇AtheistInShorts🇪🇺 ()

Blimey 1982 @uniofeastanglia I saw: Kid Creole and the Coconuts. John Martyn. Steel Pulse. The Cure. Boomtown Rats. Lynton Kwesi Johnson & John Cooper Clarke. Orange Juice #WhatAYear ❤️

Eamonn Forde ()

There’s a Boomtown Rats documentary on BBC 2 now (for some reason). Their existence ensures that U2 are only the second-worst band from Ireland.

░K░i░e░r░a░n░ ░M░a░h░o░n░ ()

A 2 hour programme on the Boomtown Rats? They’d be better posting a test card with “We think you’re cunts” on it. My god.

Andy Pitt ()

Birds, beer & football: nothing exciting featherwise today, Salopian again!🍻 and a rerun of the 1973 FA Cup Final- Porterfield (David Coleman). Boomtown Rats doc on BBC2 now. Cheers folks!😁

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Chox ()

I might have watched that TV programme about the history of The Boomtown Rats if Bob Geldof wasn’t in it ! 🤔

Johnny ()

Boomtown Rats were before my time. But they hung around and did a very good job of infecting my teans with a healthy degree of disrespect.

Mark Williams ()

Why is there a documentary about the Boomtown Rats on prime time #bbc2 they are a one hit wonder

☚ #FossilFriday #fancydresspewithjoe ☛
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