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They are even coming by kayak now. This was brought in by Border Force. Another successful entry into Britain.

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SaitErguven ()

11:40 on Tuesday night, Turkish Air Force hit a car carrying the 5 PKK members driving through the village of Safra 43 km north of Sulaimani city near the Iranian border

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NayaDaur Media ()

Following the claim of Indian Border Security Force that they had captured ‘Pakistani spy pigeon’, a villager of Sialkot refused the allegation against Pakistan, saying he is the owner of the pigeon and his bird pet could never be a ‘spy’ or ‘terrorist’.

Abimanyu🔥🔥🔥 ()

#IndiaChinaFaceOff India blocking the road continued to built by China in Ladakh disputed area and China bring Army force in to the border for support. China wants to do it by this winter whether it’s war or

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Edmund Martyr ()

The Indian Border Security Force passed the pigeon on to the police, who launched an investigation and logged the animal as a ‘Pak Suspected Spy.’

Free Market Conservatives ()

The Home Secretary has told Border Force chiefs to examine whether they have the legal authority to turn migrant boats around in the Channel – and send them back to France.

Maxiedexter ()

@Bishop64 @slc6638 That cop will soon be promoted to Spuds Border Force for a job well done

Guy ()

Why is a new law always labelled contentious, especially if it gives the Police, in this case Border Force stronger powers?

Kathimerini English Edition ()

Greek Police (ELAS) plans to send an additional 14 riot police units at the country’s northeastern border with Turkey, to assist the existing police force and army #Greece

SafiMaasai ()

@pbump What abt the miles of”the wall”that 35 MPH wind blew down a couple of years ago? That was hysterical!🤣😂My home in Melbourne FL,stood up to 110 MPH Hurricane force winds, so did my pool cage! And the trump ~>WAY OVERPRICED border fence blew over w/35 MPH winds?? 😂🤣

Around and around ()

@kagij How hard would it be for the Australian Border Force to contact everyone by phone then it would of all been sorted out

Save Yarra Bay ()

The Australian Border Force has announced that cruise ships will now be banned from entering Australian waters until at least the 17th September, 2020 - now if we could just ban them forever from Yarra Bay!

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Bakhtiyor "Bakh" Safarov ()

Russia is ready to provide mediator services to the two countries, Lavrov said, calling on Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to avoid using force in solving the border-related

Madeleine King ()

But why didn’t the Federal Ag department tell WA on 20 May when first advised of Covid19 symptoms among the crew? 🤔 Pick up the phone perhaps? And where is Peter Dutton’s Border Force in all this? Officers are meant to go on board every so we’ve been told. 🧐

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🌹🌹🌹Jerome Warren ()

Will be interesting to see how and what Border Force do here?

Lisa Storm ()

@jmil400 @Suemonti57 Isn’t ‘Border Force’ in charge of borders? Or are they just in it for the uniforms?

Mel ()

she wants Border Force to check if they have the powers??? shes the fucking Home Secretary its UP TO HER TO KNOW and INSTRUCT THEM!

The Kathmandu Post ()

The four-year long study has also pointed out the lack of basic services like schools and health facilities in border areas and harassment faced by locals at the hands of Indian border security force. — by @binodjourno

Bnewman9 ()

Former Border Force boss Roman Quaedvlieg critical of how Ruby Princess coronavirus situation was handled

Australian Human Rights Commission ()

Hi @ForLovenFreedom We have raised with Australian Border Force (ABF) the issue of access to the Australian Human Rights Commission website for people in immigration detention. 1/4

Tony ()

We pay for the military forces to protect our country and boarders. But they are protecting other countries borders, while border force are meeting the French mid Chanel and presenting migrants with a welcome pack.

Nigel🇬🇧 ()

MAJOR THREAT: Ex Border Force Chief Says Migrants Crossing Channel Are Major Threat via @Politicalite

©🇬🇧 theUKtoday 🇬🇧 ()

I am seriously considering downloading the tracking app and attaching it to a dear in the New Forest or maybe stick it with a magnet to the side of a Border Force taxi that goes to and from the middle of the channel to bring the illegals across

The Greek Analyst ()

As Erdogan is escalating his asymmetric warfare gimmicks against #Greece, Greek Police has decided to send an additional 14 riot police units at the country’s northeastern border with #Turkey, to assist the existing police force and army.

Aaron Quigley ()

@cpltalk @chrisjrn It’s a well oiled machine. You have nothing to do but arrive here. You are met by the border force, police force, medical people etc. They take you to a hotel and put you into the room. Food comes 3 times a day. They look after you very well. I think a good system.

Paul@applewood ()

A wag on twitter suggested Dom Cummings for DG at the BBC. Personally I would like to see @Nigel_Farage given carte blanche with Britain’s Border other suggestions fitting the right person to the right job ? 😂

Anthony Walesrocs ()

@whatshesayin @BlueG37624769 And neither is it xenophobic to demand that the border force do what they get paid for, and protect our borders.

Dr Hannah Murray ()

@amisamileandme I have about 10 scrapbooks documenting my relationship, would totally get these out for border force 😎

UKIP Patriots ()

@SueWhitaker11 @NKrankie All the border force are traitors. I created this petition demanding a cap to immigration. Please sign and retweet this petition.

Nigel Farage ()

They are even coming by kayak now. This was brought in by Border Force. Another successful entry into Britain.

Michael Heaver ()

Today @Nigel_Farage has exposed more illegal migration: “That’s the French Navy, that boat escorted the rib…escorted it into British you’ve got the Border Force and thats 13 more people coming into the UK”

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