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I wish people would stop referring to “Boris” like he’s some cuddly fun character. They should refer to him by his full name; “That Wanker Boris Johnson”..

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@KamalaHarris the most intriguing thing I learned today, was that although Boris Johnson, will become Prime Minister, after convulsions, Britain will not leave. Take it to the bank. Save this tweet. Cheers, Wil.

@Smilemask_Boris ありがとの〜〜〜⁽⁽٩(๑˃̶͈̀ ᗨ ˂̶͈́)۶⁾⁾ もっと練習するぜ(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧.

@kiyankalon Dave east and will are light, boris is more on the caramel brown side to me.

@nadnadews @boris_lay Montrez moi une étude sérieuse et pas un torchon comme celui là pour étayer votre propos,si vous le souhaitez je vous envoie les études sur lesquels je base mon propos :).

British ambassador to US quit amid backlash from Trump, but praise by almost all British lawmaker, except Boris who only had few words, next time use secured untamper and use polite words to condemn, especially if they are in Washington,.

Every time Boris Johnson promises the UK will come out of the EU on Oct. 31, he sets a political booby-trap that he will blunder into himself on Nov. 1..

Relationship Sounding More Testy Than ‘Special’ by STEVEN ERLANGER and STEPHEN CASTLE via NYT.

Donald Trump was right - Boris Johnson is very is smart..

EPSTEIN & the CLINTONS / Jeremy HUNT & Boris JOHNSON Swedish Reactions /... via @YouTube.

@Telegraph @BorisJohnson How desperate have you got to be to trust Boris Johnson?.

Esta semana, la Fiscalía debe presentar las pruebas con las cuales fundamenta las peticiones de antejuicio en contra de los diputados @Dip_GALDAMEZ y Boris España..

@Anna_Soubry making Boris the scapegoat isn’t helping your cause. He is not the prime minister yet..

It is scary to think that @BorisJohnson feigning ignorance and not providing specific answers is going to be handed over the keys to No10. It is all @realDonaldTrump over again. Boris is going to be the US poodle again. #ITVDebate John Crace.

Me: - en verdad me tomo la astrología con seriedad. Estoy sumergiéndome cada vez más en las nociones e ideas que otorga sobre unx mismx y por ende,me parece muy útil compartirlo. Also me: AAAAA SOS DE ESCORPIO COMO YO,CON RAZÓN TAN CAPX!!!!!!.

@HeckFood Your workforce must have been so pleased making this sausages 4 boris brexit man..

@sgarber15 @RealDark_Kent I’m boycotting all except Home Depot. And possibly Samsung if I can find a good sale on a 65” tv.

@SenseiChanning @MrsTToThee I was just relieved to see the pictures of Boris Johnson at the Heck sausage factory weren’t as grotesque as the last time he was photographed with pig produce..

그렇지만 아버지는 윈터바텀 킷을 지키는 것이 형의 임무라고 하지 않았어? 그건 할아버지께서........

@Jeremy_Hunt My personal thoughts on the next pm is not if we want boris but do we want another Theresa may and that is what we will get in Jeremy hunt and I think I am representing the views of the conservative members also.

Boris Johnson: I’m prepared for sanctions over Iran’s nuclear madness @JewishNewsUK aracılığıyla.

TV-Duell: Boris Johnson bleibt alle Antworten schuldig und gewinnt trotzdem.

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@realDonaldTrump If you think Sir Kim’s comment were bad you should hear what Boris Johnson says about in public.

I wish people would stop referring to “Boris” like he’s some cuddly fun character. They should refer to him by his full name; “That Wanker Boris Johnson”..

When Boris Johnson is Prime Minister I want every single person who voted this clown into highest office that I am going to blame them, every single one of them, every single day until it’s over. OK?.

So as was the desired effect of whoever leaked the Ambassador’s confidential briefing, the path is cleared for Boris to anoint Farage or another crony to this posting. These leaks are endangering our National security.

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