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It amazes me that the government has worked out the virus magically disappears between 10-5am in the why don’t you make the UK all do a night shift and sleep in the day! That will fix the economy! #Lockdown2 #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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Graham Lenton
Graham Lenton ()

Yeah no-one could have predicted demand for testing would go up as we return to work and school with pubs open as winter approaches, with clear historical precedents for second waves, and seeing what happens in other countries #DidoHarding #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Shaun Hill
Shaun Hill ()

It amazes me that the government has worked out the virus magically disappears between 10-5am in the why don’t you make the UK all do a night shift and sleep in the day! That will fix the economy! #Lockdown2 #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Northumbrians For Europe #FBPE
Northumbrians For Europe #FBPE ()

Germany did not waste public money on business deals for their friends & donors. They bought the right tests and got on with it. #BorisHasFailedTheNation #coronavirus

Robbo Ranx ♕
Robbo Ranx ♕ ()

Yeah, the 6ixx definitely real or hol’ a big 💵 #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Tom Scott
Tom Scott ()

At least Eden had the decency to resign. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

kerry Hooper🌹
Kerry Hooper🌹 ()

Dido Harding & Serco need to pack bags & fuck right No bastard tests,people breaking down in tears because they are scared shitless they have #COVID19 Seeing as your working for free Dido, I’ll buy you an Oyster card! #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Helen Seddon
Helen Seddon ()

Can we call another general election like right now please? Nobody in their right mind would let this corrupt and inept government continue. We are the biggest joke in the world right now!! #BorisHasFailedTheNation #CallAGeneralElection

Parody Matt Hancock
Parody Matt Hancock ()

Ah shit! Who let him near a journalist?!?!?! #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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Brewdog1950 ()

First it was summer, now it’s Xmas ...... millions of kids left distraught by Liar in Chief .... #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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Aldo Sterone
Aldo Sterone ()

Boris Johson is controlled by globalists. His goal is to wreck the economy and see people fighting for bread by Christmas. They will show the images worldwide and blame the Brexit. It will be a warning and an example to other peoples. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

ian campbell
Ian campbell ()

The way things are going with this only people we’ll be doing any trade deals with will be Dignitas. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

@hayley_stylez ()

#BorisHasFailedTheNation why don’t people listen until it’s too fucking late! Too many fixated on brexit did this, grow the fuck up!

arbella 3.5%
Arbella 3.5% ()

@BorisJohnson You may think we are “getting through” but that’s far from reality. You are shameful, embarrassing and bloody useless. Our heads are barely above water and pretty soon, we’re about to go under #BorisHasFailedTheNation #ToryShambles

Plastic free NW Leeds
Plastic free NW Leeds ()

#BorisHasFailedTheNation is trending just about sums it up really. Sorry feeling pretty depressed after the news tonight.

Chris J Keelty
Chris J Keelty ()

@BobSingleton_59 #BorisHasFailedTheNation truly and the rick are pocketing from it where are the riots?

jesuiseu 🇪🇺
Jesuiseu 🇪🇺 ()

I’d like to say I’m surprised but ...... #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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Freethinker9 ()

The head of the European commission has made plain her disapproval of Poland’s hateful rightwing nationalist government. No wonder the Tories dislike the EU if it’s standing up against nationalism and fascism. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Bertie Marsh
Bertie Marsh ()

Failed badly, failed miserably. inept, @Conservatives #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Cat stalker
Cat stalker ()

And yet you voted for him. Funny how it only bothers people when it affects them. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

٠R٨YN٤٠! ()

I bet all the people who voted for the tories are really glad they did now 🙄 #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Elis Davies
Elis Davies ()

The ones shouting Boris has failed us are the type not socially distancing , not following simple rules and probably shouts my freedom is being curbed , babies that require attention, grow #BorisHasFailedTheNation

Sue#NHSLove ()

#BorisHasFailedTheNation I have a friend who is a tory. We have had many many disagreements. The stance he has now taken is to refuse to discuss politics at I know why- there is no defence, there is nothing to say, he can say nothing to excuse them-so he says nothing.

NotImpressed #FBPE 🎪 #SardinesUK
NotImpressed #FBPE 🎪 #SardinesUK ()

Everybody, literally everybody: #BorisHasFailedTheNation BJ:

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Joe Crossman
Joe Crossman ()

#BorisHasFailedTheNation When you are offered testing for Covid-19, you are asked to sign a form. This entitles them to share your health information with a credit company. NHS er NO. Tell them to get stuffed.

Joe Crossman
Joe Crossman ()

#BorisHasFailedTheNation Boris has always been a failure. But in this country you can be absolutely useless and get away with everything if you have the right connections to the establishment. Sadly this man is the ugly face of establishment corruption.

Graham ()

#BorisHasFailedTheNation only by muzzling his ppl , should copy Sweden covid policies at least week before & after Xmas have a Xmas then

ellie clare taylor
Ellie clare taylor ()

Just catching up in the weekly storm that is #PMQs. So much respect for @AngelaRayner - between Angela and Ed, the Labour side assembled by @Keir_Starmer is shaping up to be EPIC. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

uncomfortable truths
Uncomfortable truths ()

#BorisHasFailedTheNation is trending! Just shows how asleep people still are and oblivious that the disproportionate measures narrative is the same in every other country.

Tee 🌹
Tee 🌹 ()

Ouch - feel that burn @BorisJohnson. #BorisHasFailedTheNation

CheeryRosie 🍩#NotABot #JusticeForJohnnyDepp 🍩
CheeryRosie 🍩#NotABot #JusticeForJohnnyDepp 🍩 ()

First Ed Milliband schooled Boris and now #AngelaRayner has just spanked him in front of everyone. Has there ever been a more incompetent and ineffective prime minister than Bojo the clown?! #BorisHasFailedTheNation

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