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Updated: July 24th, 2021 01:37 PM IST

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Telling lies to Parliament is fine. Telling Parliament that someone has lied is not. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar #DawnSpeaksForMe

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Is Could this possibly be the Don’t forget: #BorisJohnsonisaLiar

Have @BBCNews noticed that #BorisJohnsonIsAliar is trending? Have they mentioned it or have a just missed it?

@BallyHell Why do people get upset with #BorisJohnsonIsAliar? Just finished this book. Highly recommend it

#BorisJohnsonIsAliar Photo,#BorisJohnsonIsAliar Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@frankmarcois 🤣 I saw this and assumed it was a parody account but given you Are a parody I suppose I was right. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar Only a Fool or Crave Lickspiitle would not recognise that Actual Fact Block away Bonehead

*To the tune of That’s Amore* 🎵When you let people die and then lie to get by, that’s a Tory!🎵 Let’s have some more lines please, lovely followers! #ToryLiars #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

must feel foolish you #BorisJohnsonIsAliar #BrexitShambles

#BorisJohnsonIsAliar Tory voters thick as shit. Time to name and shame a Tory for being dumb and fucking selfish pricks. Rot in hell the lot of ya.

What a strange way of saying a Liar and a Criminal…. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

#BorisJohnsonIsAliar Photo,#BorisJohnsonIsAliar Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

What @DawnButlerBrent did in parliament yesterday feels revolutionary Etiquette is created and maintained by powerful people to preserve their interests and suppress dissent. Dawn spoke the truth ✊ #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

#BorisJohnsonIsAliar Photo,#BorisJohnsonIsAliar Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Thank you Dawn for standing up for what is right. Hold your head high and be proud, #DawnButlerSpeaksForMe #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

Telling lies to Parliament is fine. Telling Parliament that someone has lied is not. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar #DawnSpeaksForMe

Can Unicorns 🦄catch the #JohnsonVariant ? Boris says not , But #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

Lying Tory failure, with the stench of the Grenfell dead on him, who lost his seat and was ushered into the corrupt, unelected House Of Lords, doesn’t like it when a politician calls his lying leader a Liar… #DawnButler #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

@guardian @angela_mcshane We live in a demockery! PM is a rabid liar and much more. He gets away with it because those who can stop him, like the speaker, give him a free reign! The UK is a laughing stock on the world stage. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar


The only person who looked like they weren’t doing the right thing is the deputy speaker, we need more MP’s doing this all on the same day. A united front a mass calling out the PM a liar. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar lets see how many they can ask to leave the chamber at once

Let’s hope @DawnButlerBrent goes in and does the same thing tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that…. And that others join her in doing it too! #BorisJohnsonIsAliar #borisisaliar

Pathetic comment. Try being more #IStandWithDawnButler less #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

@Normanjam671 @DawnButlerBrent Daily, one by one, standing up in the HofC and calling out the lies of Boris Johnson #BorisJohnsonIsAliar #DawnSpeaksForMe

The first rule of Lying To Parliament Club is you don’t talk about Lying To Parliament Club. #DawnButler learns that the hard way. #BorisJohnsonIsALiar

@ThatTimWalker Yes, he’s definitely a liar. I imagine the reason it’s forbidden to say so is because such insults would result in a duel. But he’s a coward too and hides from fights so there’s little to worry about on that score. #DawnSpeaksForMe #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

@DawnButlerBrent Well done for actually saying it and on record! #BorisJohnsonIsALiar

#BorisJohnsonIsALiar is trending and needs calling out more often. Well done @DawnButlerBrent 👏👏👏👏

@sulaAlice @DawnButlerBrent True, the amateur trolls need someone to tell them what to think, but even the paid pros need time to cook up a response to this blinder. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

. @BorisJohnson is an actual liar. @DawnButlerBrent was simply stating the truth. #borisjohnsonisaliar Wish you were my MP, Dawn. Keep up the fight.

#BorisJohnsonIsALiar and a cheat, and corrupt and a moron and a sack of shit

@BBCPolitics Why should she withdraw the claim? Unlike #JohnsonLiar she was telling the truth. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

But this is the truth. It isn’t an accusation. It isn’t an insult. It is fact. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

@SkyNews You don’t need to put “lied” and “liar” in quotations marks, we all know that #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

@RichardBurgon So now that @DawnButlerBrent has started the trend, please make sure you are next to unequivocally state that #BorisJohnsonIsAliar when you next speak in the HoC.


@BethRigby Why should they renegotiate an arrangement they all agreed only a few months ago. It’s only because Johnson & co are so thick & arrogant to read and understand what they hailed as a triumph. #BorisJohnsonIsAliar

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