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Boris and his ministers need to see this explanation of the European Convention on Human Rights #BorisJohnsonOut.

I don’t know who did this but you are a star! #BorisJohnsonOut.

#BorisJohnsonOut Photo,#BorisJohnsonOut Photo by Stephen Hargreaves,Stephen Hargreaves on twitter tweets #BorisJohnsonOut Photo

Cannot wait to watch the self serving Tory MP’s quickly scramble to abandon this weak cabinet and even weaker PM. Just remember this is not for our benefit it’s all about self preservation. Implosion imminent for @BorisJohnson 😂😂😂 #BorisJohnsonOut #RatsFromASinkingShip.

@DominicRaab I really hope you change your rhetoric re sticking with the sinking ship which is @BorisJohnson as he’s gonna lose you your seat. It’s an insult to your constituents like myself your inability to read the room #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisMustGo.

This is what taking back control looks like. This is sending a clear message to @BorisJohnson & MPs to change, or pay the consequences. #BorisJohnsonOut Both significant wins. Labour should be getting their ducks in row now in preparation for the next general election & utilise.

Βρετανός #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisJohnsonMustResign , πρωθυπουργός, 🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜🤪🤪🤪🤪 παπαρολογος μαλακας, μοναδικό κομμάτι..

#BorisJohnsonOut Photo,#BorisJohnsonOut Photo by Gerasimos from Kefalonia,Gerasimos from Kefalonia on twitter tweets #BorisJohnsonOut Photo

Continuing my tradition of celebrating Tories who manage to do he right thing 👏 well done @OliverDowden #BorisJohnsonOut #byelection2022.

@DavidPNoble63 Let’s hope while the cats away, the mice will play. #BorisJohnsonOut.

#FollowBackFriday Absolutely elated following the by-election results! It’s time for new ‘leadership’ and it’s time for change. Eternally optimistic that better days are still to come. #BorisJohnsonOut.

By using the phrase “business as usual” @OliverDowden is pointing blame squarely at @BorisJohnson who uses this phrase on a daily basis. Make no mistake that Dowden is sending a very strong message despite conjecture over whether he’s taking th blame himself. #BorisJohnsonOut.

“We cannot carry on with business as usual [wake up you idiot!]. Somebody [you] must take responsibility [fuller than full] and I have concluded that, in these circumstances [BigDog won’t leave], it would not be right for me [should be you] to remain in office.” #BorisJohnsonOut.

Proud of the place I live this morning. The first steps to remove the lying, corrupt charlatan Tories. Take that Boris! #BorisJohnsonOut.

@idontusethis_2 @SkyNews Right again ! The trust is gone and he should at last leave. #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisMustGo.

Maybe they can’t wait until nightfall for the long knives #BorisJohnsonOut #ToryLiars.

My faith in the Great British public is slowly being restored #BorisMustGo #BorisJohnsonOut.

@OliverDowden Thank you for putting pressure on Boris to resign which of course he must. Hopefully your colleagues feel the same and will act accordingly #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisJohnsonMustResign.

@OliverDowden Should have shown some balls a few weeks ago and resigned then a voted against the man who should take responsibility and never does. #BorisJohnsonOut.

I won’t miss the arch Tory apologist @OliverDowden he is right though, someone has to takes responsibility - probably not him! #BorisJohnsonOut.

@GMB losing a by election is fine. Losing a by election to the Lib Dems is a real kick in the nether regions. #BorisJohnsonOut #GMB.

If anyone is looking for Boris Johnson after losing in Wakefield AND Tiverton & Honiton, I’m sure I just saw him dive in here. #ByeByeBoris #BorisJohnsonOut.

#BorisJohnsonOut Photo,#BorisJohnsonOut Photo by Eli Carter,Eli Carter on twitter tweets #BorisJohnsonOut Photo

@BorisJohnson your leadership of the country and Tory party is toxic, disgraceful and ruinous. For goodness sake, resign. Boris Johnson will lead the party to abject failure. @Conservatives #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisJohnsonMustResign.

Hahahahahahaha!! @BorisJohnson #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisJohnsonMustResign.

And in the latest @BorisJohnson Conservative party has lost both the seats in the by-elections, a big blow to bojo who is trying to reset his turbulent career. #BorisJohnsonOut #byelections.

Boris Johnson, to paraphrase the Norwegian football commentator Bjørge Lillelien: Boris Johnson, as they say in your language in the boxing bars around Madison Square Garden in New York: Your boys took a hell of a beating! #BorisJohnsonOut.

@OliverDowden sacrificial lamb to try and save @BorisJohnson this is a cowards act and he should be joining the ranks telling him to resign #BorisJohnsonOut.

@BlnRussell Ahh … what about Labour? What about Labour?? Are you being deliberately obtuse or just totally oblivious of the reality? #VoteToriesOut #BorisJohnsonOut.

The toxic house of cards is crumbling from the bottom up, it’s a thing of pure bliss #BorisJohnsonOut #dowdendown.

This is why you vote for someone qualified, not someone with a subjectively funny personality. #BorisJohnsonOut.

Oliver Dowden plays the Martyr for the cause, falling on his sword for his party but not his leader #BorisJohnsonOut #byelection2022.

Nobody wants to go out and defend the indefensible clearly…. #BorisJohnsonOut @Conservatives @GMB.

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