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Time for Boris Bastard to go. Unless people want the front bench to consist of Growler Raynor & Keir knob. #BorisMustGo.

People of Tiverton & Honiton speaking loudly and clearly. #BorisMustGo #ToriesOut.

What you saying @Dominic2306? A 30% swing in solid Tory Land? Is he just the worst or what? #BorisMustGo #TheClownInDrowningSt.

Boris Johnson reacts: “I will listen to voters but keep going” Translation: I don’t give a fuck about anyone but myself #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisMustGo.

The year is 2050. The @Conservatives have lost every By-Election for the past 30 years and still have not called a GE. The other parties are so shit no one can form a majority. @BorisJohnson is STILL PM insisting on “Building Back Better” in his office underwater #BorisMustGo.

@BorisJohnson can never say “Don’t just judge me by my words but by my actions too” his words and actions never match up. #BorisMustGo.

@Kevin_Maguire 💼🧳👜👛🎒👝 hope his bags are getting backed as we speak, or he can just leave from the tarmac when he lands back ❤️🧡 #BorisMustGo #BorisJohnsonMustResign.

Oliver Dowden a man with honour unlike Boris. Well done Tiverton we do not want a liar or a criminal as leader of our country. We deserve better. Cabinet Ministers grow a pair and do the right thing. #BorisMustGo #Partygate.

Things people care about: 1. Their community 2. Their health 3. Lying Prime Ministers Things they don’t care about: 1. Culture wars 2. Immigration controls #BorisMustGo.

Honestly, completely stumped at what ‘Big Calls’ Boris has got right 🤔 are they talking about the wallpaper choice on his flat or the wine he brought at the lockdown parties? #BorisMustGo.

@OliverDowden @Simonhartmp Oliver can see time is up for Johnson. How much longer will you continue to blindly follow a dead man walking ?? #BorisMustGo.

@Simonhartmp Simple answer to this…. If Baroness Morgan resigns, does this mean Boris will resign too. After the poor show in the recent by elections #BorisMustGo #BorisJohnsonOut.

@BorisJohnson and everyone who broke the law. The people are speaking and you only have yourselves to blame. #BorisMustGo.

#BorisMustGo Photo,#BorisMustGo Photo by emilmcmahon,emilmcmahon on twitter tweets #BorisMustGo Photo

I say, #Boris is really quite the lothario! Whilst still married he got five women pregnant who were not his wife! #BorisMustGo.

BoJo says he’ll “listen to voters” but “keep going”. If you listened then you’d resign BoJo. You’re a lying, incompetent, treacherous, grifter fool. No one wants you in the room let alone in government. Look around yourself, they all don’t like you or trust you. #BorisMustGo.

Leaders look at results and act on them, Boris must resign the results are speaking for themselves and it will only get worse. There is no confidence in his ability to govern. #byelection2022 #BorisMustGo.

We did it in #TivertonandHonitonByElection. You’re welcome! The message is clear, Tory MPs, #BorisMustGo.

@AdamBienkov If @BorisJohnson is willing to listen, us voters say RESIGN!! #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisMustGo.

Waking up today feeling significantly better than I did 6 years this it?? #BorisMustGo.

Those that poke with a stick, mess with fire, lie always get caught… #BorisMustGo your time is up matey! Karma is a Bitch!.

Car crash interview from @pritipatel on @NickFerrariLBC Given the unenviable task to do media today but there is no defence of this #ToryShambles and #BorisMustGo.


Breaking news: Boris says he’s got to listen to what the voters are saying. Listen to this #BorisJohnsonOut #BorisMustGo @Parody_PM @BorisJohnson.

No other Cabinet Minister will resign in the wake of these by-election results. They’re all spineless good for nothing cretins who are only interested in their own interests! #BorisJohnson #BorisMustGo.

@AlecShelbrooke Alec, today of all days, do your bit to get this incompetent PM/goverment out. We deserve better, we feel that we deserve better. Stand up for the people of this country and speak out, enough is enough! #BorisMustGo.

@DominicRaab listening to your rubbish on #bbcradio4 the pm got it WRONG with the pandemic AND how he partied in the face of people suffering. #BorisMustGo.

never mind #BorisMustGo the entire conservative party needs kicking in the constituencies. anything to stay in power..

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