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Al Bayt stadium filling up. #ENG flags everywhere: Leeds, West Brom, Coventry, Stoke, West Ham, Huddersfield, Rochdale, Boro, Bradford, Southampton, Wednesday, Yeovil, Bristol Rovers, Bristol City, Luton, Birmingham, Forest, Barnet, Ipswich, Wolves, Brighton, Bolton and many more.

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MATCHDAY! 🔴 Friendly action for #Boro north of the border 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🚍 #UTB.

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Three days later, the match kicked off after a very well observed minute long applause for Jimmy O’Rourke. Both sets of supporters then immediately started on each other. Boro fans telling us that Scotland is a shithole and that they wanted to go home (they’d only just arrived).

I’m not one for stereotyping anyone but those three Boro fans I met before kick off blended into a sea of fat bald men so I couldn’t see if they’d made it in or not. I wondered if everyone from Middlesbrough is a wee bald fat man. And I say that as a big fat hairy bastard..

The Boro fans response was to tell us that “you’ll do what we say” referring to the fact that Scotland is not an independent country - an accurate putdown. One hibs fan in particular was highlighted by the Boro fans because of his ginger hair. “Chesney, give us a song” he never..

A third well taken goal for Boro This time Jamie Reid with the finish That should be game done now 👊 #UTB.

#おやすみVtuber じんどう、は、ちからつきた…… 明日一問一答アップします!.

@paigelawsonhfc @micmoo_hfc1 You could buy a street in Boro for the price of a two bedroom flat in Leith!.


@Boro Enjoyed 1st half. Some decent defending from the youngsters Collins LWB & Robinson LCB. Needs a goal to.

途中送信した。 核爆弾かなんか埋め込まれてると思われてる????????.


Kadang suka mikir sampe kapan gini2 aja Boro-boro keluar zona nyaman Masuk aja.

くろさん(@R_96_3 ) の短時間🌳画?•́ω•̀)? RTしたら🎁当選頂きました🙇‍♂️ ありがとうございます! お祝いリプ沢山嬉しかったです☺️.

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@ashbergh It’s a cool group that’s been around for years created by Boro. Its business practices have been less than legitimate. And it’s very random that they suddenly have retail 1’s when they have been quiet for a chunk of the year. Usually when it sounds too good to be true….

Walked round to the stadium and was about 25 mins early for kick off so hung about outside the west stand like a wee helmet. Met three Boro fans - all three, fat and bald. They wanted their picture taken with the big hibs badge in the background, I nearly offered.

89’ CHANCE | Boro have a chance to take the lead with a cross from Osbourne but no one can get on the end of it. 1-1.

Ryan Giles is the name of the Boro player who crossed the 2 beauties. 22 years old on loan from Wolves. He’s been loaned out for 4 years, umpteen clubs. No doubt outwith our wage range unfortunately..

Aw bugger was going to go today but thought it would be too busy. Went to Boro instead- that was a joy!!.

boro boro beli rokok. oli abis, starter ngelos, piston ngejim, karbu ngaco, kopling slip, kanpas rem abis. inimah ciri gajian lewat doang 👍.

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@boro_yare استثنائا از کل قاره امیدوارم عربستان ببازه.

How does the ref not give that pen - ref was looking straight at it and no where near the ball - come on Boro.


Eu já boro nas aventuras sem jet, imagina com kkkkkkkk 🤝🏼.

Strange football choice on tv just now - the A10 derby between The Linnnets and Boro in the FA Cup or #POLKSA in Qatar. No real contest - tuned into the Lynn match for some real football entertainment!.

Missed out on away end, so In with the spoon burners watching the Boro #UTB #Boro.

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@kiplegend @PhilHay_ The others being just as bad isn’t the endorsement you think it is. His teams are as dull and turgid as his personality. He slid in the the role because he was an easy option and says all the right things, nothing to do with his coaching ability. As was proved when he was at Boro.

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