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Anthony Davis shared his thoughts on the no-call at the end of regulation vs. Boston. (via @jovanbuha).

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8 years ago today the 2015 Boston Snow Blitz began in which Boston received 7 feet of snow in 3 weeks (Jan 26/27 - Feb 15)..

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Fantastic to see the launch of #ShapingUs yesterday – an important element of family life on both sides of the Atlantic, as HRH The Princess of Wales discussed at @Harvard during a visit to Boston in December 🇺🇸🇬🇧.


All I got from this game is that Russ is probably the worst player you’d want on your team in a 7 game series The way I’ve seen teams adjust to this man this szn is Example - rn vs Boston.

Vou só falar uma coisa, ainda bem que não vi esse jogo ontem, pq foi mais do mesmo, UM ASSALTO EM BOSTON. Nada de novo, o time mais ajudado como mandante ao longo das décadas em jogos decisivos, quem discordar é só pesquisar ✌🏽.

all I need is 2-3 fwbs who want to smoke weed, cuddle and breed me weekly. anyone in Boston down for that? 🫣.

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Season series is 2-1 Boston. All games have been competitive. Tonight would’ve been much closer if not for some shaky goaltending. It’s all good. Back at it on the 10th..

Lebron is screaming like it’s game 7 of the nba finals calm down nigga you in boston you scaring the yt folks.

Boston adminini bu cesur tweeti dolayısıyla kabul ederim trashtalk yapamayan yallah survivor falan izlesin.

O Lakers “perdeu” ontem para o Boston Celtics depois de um ERRO BIZONHO da arbitragem que não marcou uma falta CLARA em LeBron James, nosso próximo jogo é contra o Nets na quarta feira..

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Nine day break following a loss to Boston where their goalie couldn’t make a save. Fun!.

Don’t really care if I get some backlash for this, but I kind of wish as a fanbase we could just be done with this. Kyrie had his reasons for leaving, it was obviously a disastrous ending…but he had always expressed his admiration for Boston and wishing things went differently….

On top of Russ and Ham tanking the ducking team it’s also 8-1 on free throws in favor of Boston..

The pre-2004 Boston sports fan in me will never not hit the panic button, no matter how trivial the stumble #nhlbruins.

@jrichardgoodman He could knock him mid air and you won’t get that call lol Lakers in Boston not happening Plus they don’t call fouls and game winning drives.

@GiddePalema04 Blev räksallad denna gång men Boston är gott oxå. Men mjölk Haha nej det dricker jag till pannkaka köttfärssås och i kaffet, annars sällan 😀 Mjölk får du ta med sonen!.

Today worked on a project where I used various regression models to predict the prices of houses in the Boston Housing dataset. The goal was to identify which model would perform the best in terms of accuracy..


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@fra_sempru @thegattiluca Boston ha passeggiato l’ultimo mese e mezzo? Ma davvero? Da febbraio ha dovuto giocare come fossero già i playoff con Udoka che ruotava già a 8 (massimo 9) perché era decima a metà gennaio. Dopo 50 partite erano 25-25 e hanno poi fatto 26-6. Passeggiare?.

Unforgettable memories will be created Boston //Feb 20 - 22 DC //Feb 23 - 25 NYC //Feb 26 - 28 Atlanta //Mar 1 - 3 Chicago // Mar 4 - 5 LA //Mar 13 - 15 San Diego //Mar 16 - 18 St Louis // Mar 19 - 20 Detroit //Mar 21 - 23 Dallas //Mar 24 - 26 Houston //Mar 27 - 28 rt=❤️.

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Es ist bemerkenswert, dass LA gegen ein Team wie Boston überhaupt bis zum letzten Play im Spiel ist. Es gab genug Wins und knappe Spiele gegen contending Teams (MIL, DEN, MEM, BOS), die dem FO klar machen sollten, dass ein oder zwei Moves hier wirklich was bewegen könnten..

@twotigermoon Ty I did. 😊💕 I have a filter for anything with artist, alley, anime boston to be marked priority, too 🤭.

@MarkKepes No, i liked bozo and clank the tin can man. Clank was in the Boston programming. My father in law made clank. Maybe just locally but you could buy clank filled with chocolate syrup in the stores up there when I was a kid.

@vevosuave Yeah I knew this would be ugly….every player on Boston has some type of advantage..

Hanging on cloud 9 with my valentine ! 💘💐 And just like that, we’re back! Bring your gals 👯‍♀️, your pals🕺🏼, or your special date 👩🏽‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏽 & join us at our Love 💗 & Puff 💨Valentine’s Day event ! #Boston #ValentinesDay.

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Just shows how bad we are outsized by Boston but @NetsDaily tweets nothing needs to be done 🫠.

@boston_atlas @CPUSA_TN2036 You make dumb posts. NATO propagandists ain’t sending their best.

Assista ao grande clássico da NBA ao vivo pela #ESPNnoStarPlus. Acesse aqui:.

lmao Boston just leaving Russ open on purpose and it being a defensive win @alpacinogrunt.

@Boston_Diehards Drop off from Ullmark to Swayman is absurd. Hoping that kid watches every playoff game from the bench..

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