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Birmingham City on verge of British takeover (as per @Neil_Moxley). Due diligence underway and a sale could be agreed within the next 4 weeks. Lee Bowyer’s future in doubt + club waiting for approval on Cat 1 academy status after failing recent audit #bcfc.


🚨| BREAKING: QPR boss Mark Warburton has been handed the job at Championship rivals Birmingham City, according to TEAMtalk sources..


Kennedy off to Lincoln I assume. Bowyer told to carry on so BSHL don’t have to deal with the contractual side of getting rid of him. We’ll see but I reckon that’s most probable..

Hardly likely that current ownership of #bcfc would pay off a coach amid takeover speculation….#bowyer.

The Club will now work with Lee Bowyer to fulfil the position of Assistant Head Coach in time for pre-season of the upcoming campaign. Something that the club are obliged to say regardless? Or is it indicative that Bowyer sees out his contract? #bcfc #BSHLOUT.

🗞 Blues have confirmed the departure of assistant head coach Mark Kennedy. Lee Bowyer has been told by the Blues board to carry on as normal. More👇 #BCFC.

Prediction: Related next season •No HKSE announcement •Bowyer keeps his job •Little investment (if any) will be made in the team •Stadium repairs won’t be ready for next season Even with the takeover talk, I’m afraid I’ve lost my optimism. Hope I’m proven wrong. #BCFC.

Scenes when we keep our current owners, keep Bowyer in charge and go on another season with loans and injuries knocking on the door of relegation 🙄.

Now let bowyer bring in that Jonnie Jackson. Give him some money and let’s focus on getting promoted next season 😍 #bcfc.

Off to Lincoln then. Johnnie Jackson to blues as number 2? Bowyer wanted him to come when he moved here. Wonder if new owners are going to give Bowyer an opportunity then? #bcfc.

Tbh im much more inclined in keeping bowyer and giving him till xmas than giving dinosaurs like pulis or warbuton the job, we need someone who is hungry not someone who are after ther final pay packets #BCFC.

Lee Bowyer was our manager two days ago. Mark Warburton was our manager yesterday. Lee Bowyer is our manager today. What a club! #BCFC.

New owners want bowyer to stay. Unless there are no new owners, now there’s a thought. Kill me now.

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@BCFC So many people not reading the statement. The club will now work with Lee Bowyer to fulfill the position of Assistant Manager.

I wad going to say so it begins... but the the statement says The Club will now work with Lee Bowyer to fulfil the position of Assistant Head Coach in time for pre-season of the upcoming campaign... Read into that what you #bcfc.

Blues fans need to chill the fuck out. Our current owners are NOT going to sack Lee Bowyer! It would be the need owners that do that. This doesn’t mean he’s staying and it doesn’t mean we’re not being sold! Calm down!😂😂😂.

Hoping they’ve just said this because they have too… they can’t exactly say the club aren’t going to replace him until a new manager comes in when they haven’t sacked Bowyer yet… here’s hoping anyway 🤞🏼.

@BCFC The club is still being run by the Chinese. They are not going to sack Bowyer and pay compensation to him if they are in the process of selling the club. They will let the new owners do that if they want. Bowyers job is no stronger today than it was on Saturday #bcfc.

@NorthBSHA He said from the get go the club needs changes from top to bottom, he wasn’t backed with permanent signings and Bowyer did his best to get the bad eggs out. He deserves a proper crack at it.

@DeanHodgson13 Status quo with Bowyer more likely something’s afoot imo, no outgoing funds. Patience!.

I think how quickly this replacement is made will be telling of the future of Lee Bowyer #bcfc.

@R_J_Carter I think the one most disappointed with Bowyer not being sacked is Bowyer 😁.

what people expect the club statement to say?? “well with bowyer being sacked soon we will need to replace them both” obv not, as it stands he is still our manager until told otherwise and staff have to write like that.

Bowyer stays then. Not impressed but I’d rather give him another season than appoint someone like Warburton..

Depressing if Bowyer is to stay for next looking forward to seeing players played out of position, wrongly timed and selected subs, bad game management and a plethora of injuries. 😔😔😔😔.

@BCFC Can people not read it means bowyer is not being sacked as the club will work with him to find another assistant head coach Nailed on johnny jackson who has left charlton recently his ex number 2.

It can only be a good thing that Bowyer is still in charge. This clearly means the current board don’t want to pay him off so they will leave this to the new owners to deal with. #bcfc #BSHLOUT.

Listen, LB told to stay but his assistant flogged at the first opportunity? For me that confirms a takeover, Lincoln will have paid for Kennedy or at least we won’t have to pay compo to get rid of him. Bowyer kept on until the paperwork is done and the new guys can foot the bill.


I won’t be going to another blues game if Lee Bowyer is still manager next season. #BCFC.


This counts as a club statement in my eyes. If the club are working WITH Lee bowyer does that mean he’s staying 👀.

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