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I was just trading notes with Bobby Ryan, who has been genuinely touched by @brianpfraser and his journey. Bobby has told me he’s jumping on @SensMotB for tomorrow as follows: Sens Win: $500 Brady Goal: $250 Shutout: $1,000 All the details for you to join ⬇️

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Jen 💕
Jen 💕 ()

Y’all are really looking at rings only with Brady. Let’s not forget Brady is always loaded. But he is great. Not the greatest My list QB: Joe Montana WR: Jerry Rice RB: Jim Brown

Myron Steen
Myron Steen ()

Anyone in need of 2 of the most beautiful cards I have held? 2020 Donruss Downtown Joe Burrow and Tom Brady. Super rare. $1000 OBO for Burrow and $600 OBO for Brady. Can send additional pics if needed. @HobbyConnector @Hobby_Connect

Brady Photo,Brady Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
CNN ()

The most expensive trading card in football history, a Tom Brady rookie card, has sold for $ million. FitBit CEO and co-founder James Park made the purchase.

PLCSwimandDive ()

Boys State Finals (Unofficial Results): Our 200 Free Relay team of Brady Dumont, Connor Hadaway, Cody Gross, and Blake Gross finish 14th with a time of 1

Noah Sanders
Noah Sanders ()

Guess Tom Brady loses, Alabama loses, Clemson loses, LeBron loses, Duke loses, even NDSU loses. 39 in a row makes you forget it’s still sports.

New York Post
New York Post ()

Tua Tagovailoa compares Mac Jones to Tom Brady in jaw-dropper

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Magnolia🦋 ()

matthew is really giving older sibling energy embarrassing brady in front of his bff stützle and i’m here for it

Pluz ()

@1PBrady Brady is a role model for a lot of people within the community Has achieved a lot so far and is extremely kind and helpful towards everyone ❤️

Brad Bradders
Brad Bradders ()

@Kevin_J_Brady @jonburkeUK I cycled down that very road with my young family last week. It was amazing. All the way from Crystal Palace and back. It was amazing. Unimaginable to do that safely even 1 year ago.

G2N ()

@1PBrady dude brady has gotta be one of the best managers / editors of his time. he not only has achieved so much already but he has so much more potential left in him. giving him a chance to keep going might be one of the best choices you will ever make as parents. <3

mike crum
Mike crum ()

@_sweat9 He isn’t an analyst here. This is a character he is scripted to play. You get a huge fanbase riled up & you get clicks/attention. That’s why he does it. Same w/ Max w/ Brady, Skip with Bron ect. All just scripted tv sitcom stuff that’s wrapped around a “sports debate” show

PatriotsNation Sports Talk 16-17 🍀 11-5-2 Bruins
PatriotsNation Sports Talk 16-17 🍀 11-5-2 Bruins ()

Chiefs fans still crying and hopefully the bandwagons are gone. The Chiefs won’t be the same after they lost Super Bowl this year. So glad the Buccaneers won!!!! let’s go Tom Brady is the GOAT.

ITF Henchman
ITF Henchman ()

@Officialj0nn @FortniteGame Bruh stick to kissing Tom Brady’s ass, why you on fortnite’s page

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Landon Harvell
Landon Harvell ()

@TFG_Football That happens I got luck Brady growk jimmy graham Gurley cooper Hopkins AB Winston cam AP this list goes on they always leave the team after you buy one of those

Brady Fred
Brady Fred ()

Cade Cunningham may be the Detroit Pistons point guard of the future, but in the meantime, they have a good problem at the position.

Cool Old Photos
Cool Old Photos ()

This is a classic portrait of Abraham Lincoln, taken in 1863 by Mathew Brady. What a stunning high quality image. | #ReRun posted 7/13/18

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sofi🎈| CORINGA
Sofi🎈| CORINGA ()

ctz que foi o d**b q escreveu o final de teen beach movie 2. o filme é perfeito, mas o final é péssimo onde ja se viu o brady e a mack nunca terem se conhecido??????

Arlo ()

@Brady_Atlas @Aries_Investor Alright, looking forward to it! Appreciate all that you do man. Risk management and position sizing stuff feels very relevant considering these last twoish weeks of market weakness.

GoodOldArsenal ()

Blah blah blah about this terrible Leeds pitch from the Sky divs. 😴 I’d suggest the likes of Best, Brady and their predecessors would cope okay. 👀

Ciaran McGrenera
Ciaran McGrenera ()

@SamLStandsUp It’s mad reading this. I listened to the first half in BBC radio 5 as I had to nip out and I thought LRZ must’ve done a Tom Brady Hail Mary forward!

Stats ()

@EmePLBC @Lannnccceee Brady scores. Malcolm gives up huge play, Malcolm redeemed himself

rofida/رفيده 🇸🇾
Rofida/رفيده 🇸🇾 ()

militias fighting isis, brady. so in reality you are helping isis. I’ll never understand you americans and how you manage to convince yourselves you’re helping every single time when you’re the aggressor

shane webster
Shane webster ()

Re-emerging after last nights shenanigans! I know a lot of you want Brady to be the manager until the end of the season, but what’s the point? He’s not up to it, sadly. Does the thing I hate most with ’s games drift. Far too reactive. Need a new manager now!

miguel #cadeszn
Miguel #cadeszn ()

Brady has 7 rings He has 4 since 2015 7×4=28 He has 3 between 2001-2004 28 and 3 Falcons blew 28-3 lead

Myk Aussie
Myk Aussie ()

“Tom Brady wanna be” on Gabe @sportsrage ‘s Late Night Chat/Argument/Fight/some good Mates. “Tom Brady wanna be” is a snowflake woke loser clown ahole keyboard warrior jive turkey. He is Bruce Shad Me Pants or his clown loser mate “Ric Flair wanna be”. I hate you both!

Jon ()

@ian_townsend Looking back at all Brady’s games in charge, basic errors have cost us. He had no chance with this squad that curle has assembled. Showed good housekeeping though 🙄

Ashtonion ()

@Marth27 @brandonbeemer Happiest of birthdays to you, Brandon! Thank you for being such a great Shawn Brady and keeping our Shelle alive! So glad your back at #Days!

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BloodyMadnessOfNot ()

@ntfc Yet again the Town showed their ambition in the Div1 by fielding a team of not good enough loanees and Div two players. Brady etc are not at fault, the total lack of ambition every time we are promoted is yet again to blame.

Brady ()

@jane_rolan Yes, of course, so yeah first higher volume node region is 14 so you can scale in/out of your position at various resistance areas then if market weakness persists, you can re-add a portion of your position, or look at something else, market dip has opened up a lot of opps

Ian Mendes
Ian Mendes ()

I was just trading notes with Bobby Ryan, who has been genuinely touched by @brianpfraser and his journey. Bobby has told me he’s jumping on @SensMotB for tomorrow as follows: Sens Win: $500 Brady Goal: $250 Shutout: $1,000 All the details for you to join ⬇️

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