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Brennan Johnson, Neco Williams, Wayne Hennessey, Aaron Ramsey, Karim Ansarifard. Nottingham Forest past and present on the pitch at the same time. Just need Chris Gunter and Jonny Williams on now. #NFFC.


Daniel James and Brennan Johnson are a disgrace. I can’t believe they’re playing at the World Cup..

Brennan Johnson will be glad he doesn’t get embarrassed by Kieffer Moore’s mouth again #nffc.

Brennan Johnson Photo,Brennan Johnson Photo by Sarcastic Premier Forest,Sarcastic Premier Forest on twitter tweets Brennan Johnson Photo

Brennan Johnson trending on Twitter as a world of keyboard warriors judge him on 15 minutes at the end of his second World Cup game, happy to compare him unfavourably to several generations of Wales players that never got to a World Cup..

Estoy deprimido chavales, lo pecho frío de Gareth Bale le cagó un Mundial a Brennan Johnson y Neco Williams.

Feels like Brennan Johnson is one of those players that people keep telling me is brilliant but looks shite every time I see him.

@LarrieYNWA @j7s_big_chopper Mate Dan James and Brennan Johnson will still be Dan James and Brennan Johnson.


Brennan Johnson has been woeful for Wales since coming off. Balls just bouncing off him..

@thomasutr_ Fair play to Brennan Johnson, made a huge impact off the bench 👏🏼.

Brennan Johnson Photo,Brennan Johnson Photo by Jake Barker,Jake Barker on twitter tweets Brennan Johnson Photo

Gareth Bale shouldn’t have played as much as he has for Wales. Aside from that penalty against USA, he’s done next to nothing. You’ve got a Premier League player in Brennan Johnson, who’s barely featured, on the bench. Sympathy selection. #WAL.


kieffer moore will be happy he doesn’t have to play with brennan johnson again for a while.

If #Wales want to get the best out of Brennan Johnson they might try passing it to him once in a while #nffc.

Did we just see the last of Gareth Bale in a major international tournament? Gareth Bale has been substituted at half-time for Brennan Johnson. #FIFAWorldCupQatar2022 #Qatar2022.

Brennan Johnson Photo,Brennan Johnson Photo by Sportz Point,Sportz Point on twitter tweets Brennan Johnson Photo

Remember when Brennan Johnson was supposed to show Harvey barnes levels this season btw.

Vaya bajonazo Gales, Bale, Ramsey, Brennan Johnson, James… Ni ante Estados Unidos ni ante Irán han sabido competir. Tremenda decepción.

Brennan Johnson has the touch of a rapist. The bloke couldn’t trap a bag of cement..

How can forest fans watch Brennan Johnson on a weekly basis? He’s lazy, wasteful and technically so fucking poor. He’s done absolutely nothing but give the ball away, arguably Irans best player for 25 minutes..

@lbertozzi Por que o tal de Brennan Johnson não ajuda em nada na defesa??? Ele e o Moore não fizeram a recomposição em NENHUM lance, com o time jogando com um a menos. Ridículo..

Wales might go back to the dogs man Dan James and Brennan Johnson ain’t replicating shit.

No sympathy for Wales, they’ve been absolutely Garbage in this World Cup no quality except Bale, their pace Outlets Dan James and Brennan Johnson are dog crap….Can’t believe they were talking crud the way they was.

@katsasso Watch Dan James & Brennan Johnson standing around, fresh off the bench when wales needed to defend.

@apatheticfanati Haha off course my guy hope we win tonight like . Can’t see Bale playing on after this World Cup he’s 33 right ? Wales need to find another superstar maybe Brennan Johnson?.

@Africanbluebird @roathboy Agreed. Page needs to earn his manager’s wage now with his selection v England. Class of 2016 (Allen aside), looked leggy and offered nothing. Brennan Johnson has to start. Get Morrell on for Ramsey..

Player Updates from Thur. Nov 24 🔒 Includes: Jaden Akins Keeshawn Barthelemy Kyle Filipowski Malik Hall DJ Hughes Spencer Johnson Gabe Kalscheur Quentin Millora-Brown Kowacie Reeves Brennan Rigsby Daeshun Ruffin Derrick Walker See these & more:.

@Terry06681277 @MichelleOwen7 What do you guys see in Bale that hurts your eyes? He is the only skillful player in the team that holds the ball, keeps the ball and gives clean passes, all this youngster talk for guys like Brennan Johnson who was abyssmal..

@WalesOnline He’s right, but no point people blaming Ramsey / Bale. Roberts, Neco, Brennan Johnson all had 3/10 performances today..

Since in the past 24 hours I gained so much attention from the #NottinghamForest faithful? How you guys feeling about Brennan Johnson, Neco Williams and Wayne Hennessey basically being eliminated today?.

🔴 Brennan Johnson 🔴 Ryan Yates 🔴 Scott McKenna 🔴 Joe Worrall Cast your vote for the #NFFC Fans Footballer Of The Year award..

Can’t believe such a talent like Brennan Johnson is out the World Cup Love it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Brennan Johnson is an absolute myth as well. Young player but massively overhyped by Forest fans.

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