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BREAKING: Benefits of Brexit finally begin to trickle through after Lithuania agrees to buy two boxes of mackerel.

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Rose🌹 ()

@leoxriverfilm @softcvrrents awh man my hair as well i remember goin for “the no hair lewk” 😭😭😭

Seth Stodder
Seth Stodder ()

What an insane self-inflicted wound #Brexit obviously has been.

DooLally Brexit #FBPE #RejoinEU 🐇 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🐇
DooLally Brexit #FBPE #RejoinEU 🐇 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🐇 ()

A brilliant solution to the #BrexitDisaster for British firms: leave the UK.

Femi😷 ()

£80 million to £23 million to Johnson is spending a lot of money to save British industries from a Brexit he said would help 🤔

Have I Got News For You
Have I Got News For You ()

BREAKING: Benefits of Brexit finally begin to trickle through after Lithuania agrees to buy two boxes of mackerel.

Leave.EU ()

The majority of Brits believe the media is doing a bad job, no surprise! The British people are sick of the constant lefty, woke and anti-Brexit media coverage.

Slough for Europe 🇪🇺💙
Slough for Europe 🇪🇺💙 ()

Britons have finally understood (five years too late) why the European Union’s single market and customs union are important: They make EU internal borders invisible.

Best for Britain
Best for Britain ()

Barnier: “I don’t want to meddle in British domestic politics nor judge the way British people have been prepared for Brexit. The only thing I say is that a lot of the consequences of Brexit, which are numerous and serious, have been underestimated and often badly explained. ~AA

Talat Khan
Talat Khan ()

Brexit News EU: Top Dealmakers Leaving London and Heading Into the EU - Bloomberg

Fozzie - hold politicians to higher standards
Fozzie - hold politicians to higher standards ()

@GenericHandle18 @Matt_Dean1994 Too many people oversimplifying & then focussing on few issues. Soundbite politics. The world is not like that. Step back & look at the big picture. I still wish KS would say “Brexit is crap isn’t it?” He can’t yet until the effects are really felt. Everyone is in their bunker.

Peter Jukes 💙
Peter Jukes 💙 ()

I don’t know when it will happen, but at one point the ardent Brexiters will have to admit to the inevitable. Brexit didn’t bring us any more freedom or sovereignty. It impoverished millions and made us a pariah on the world stage. Truth is the daughter of Time.

A C Grayling #FBPE 3.5% #Reform #Rejoin🐟
A C Grayling #FBPE 3.5% #Reform #Rejoin🐟 ()

Quality of Nationality Index: there has been a catastrophic drop in the value of the British passport. Brexit has caused the quality of UK passports to drop from 8th to 35th in the world rankings, a fall in fall is unprecedented in history.

Olly M
Olly M ()

@Nigel_Farage Of course because you love letting criminals free, it’s what your brexit was all about wasn’t it? Letting the rich go free whilst criminalising the poor

Helen, Head Girl & Shielder Of Covid 😷
Helen, Head Girl & Shielder Of Covid 😷 ()

Brexit: Boris Johnson ‘in danger of proving he is a buffoon’, says DUP’s Paisley - The Independent 😂😂

Financial News
Financial News ()

State Street warns Brexit impact on UK economy ‘like driving with the handbrake on’

Chris Huddleston💙😷
Chris Huddleston💙😷 ()

We have had same problem. I was going to go on and list all other BREXIT negatives that have already started to make daily life harder or more expensive, but a tweet is nowhere near long

peter ripley#CountryBeforeParty
Peter ripley#CountryBeforeParty ()

I hate to admit it, but my Eurosceptic father was right about Brexit 

Dispatch21 ()

@Big_Headers The elderly on pension credit will see it reduced or stopped. The disables on PIP And people on other benefits. The old m disabled and poor will pay for covid and Brexit.

Phil Jones
Phil Jones ()

Leading Tories in the Leave campaign created, propagated and perpetuated a ‘big lie’, it was called Brexit and it will lead to their downfall over time. @BorisJohnson @michaelgove

#Borishasfailed. #StillEuropean #Not My Brexit
#Borishasfailed. #StillEuropean #Not My Brexit ()

@Fwoggie Just look at the LBC clip 2 years ago when Farridge was silenced by a young female vet. There are not enough vets she said. We will just get more he says. Where from? She says? & now, it’s lack of vets both for Lamb exports and live Langoustine. Bollox to Brexit

Robster Thermidor #FBPE
Robster Thermidor #FBPE ()

For @DailyMail #Brexit was never about anything more than a racket to sell newspapers. Brexit: Shoppers despair as border chaos leaves food shortages

simo pozzi
Simo pozzi ()

Le conseguenze della Brexit? Difficoltà erano prevedibili, ma in questi mesi capiremo se e quanto inciderà.

Paul Sherratt
Paul Sherratt ()

@BBCJonSopel @Edward02317230 ‘Stop the steal’ has the same credibility as the media assisted claims for Brexit benefits ie. None

Thoughtful Dodger
Thoughtful Dodger ()

@ThatTimWalker Royal Mail’s Parcel Force has paused EU deliveries while it gets ready for Brexit. Its systems are not ready. Did they not listen to the “Get ready for Brexit” messaging from the Government?

time to change FBPE
Time to change FBPE ()

@TheNewEuropean Surely this would be a fairly simple job to prove or disprove. I switched off years ago for the constant stream of brexit loons on the panel and the gammony audience cheering them on.

Maggoo ()

`bbcnews Freedom of movement *could remain for some timeafter brexit. How easily these cretins abrogate the express DECISION of The People.

Byline Times
Byline Times ()

Britain’s Brexit Deal and the Sovereignty Delusion – Byline Times

Andrew Adonis
Andrew Adonis ()

The best plan for Britain’s future on offer today, and the best leader. Brexit was a mistake which will have to be reversed in due course but the immediate challenge for Britain is ‘change or decline’ and we need to regain our optimism and self confidence.

David Schneider
David Schneider ()

Hard to believe that this lying government that lies about everything should have lied when they said workers’ rights would be safe after Brexit.

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Alex Andreou
Alex Andreou ()

In summary, a government that pushed millions of kids into poverty, is paying its mates £30 a pop to send those kids 1/3rd of a tin of tuna in a ziplock bag, while tons of lobster, langoustine and scallop rot on the docks, because of its wretched Brexit. Did I miss anything?

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