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The economies in red BUT PASSPORTS ARE BLUE Everyone’s dead BUT PASSPORTS ARE BLUE #BrexitValentines.

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. What is the point. Of a neoliberal EU. #BrexitValentines.

Roses are red Brexit is bad Extend article 50 Before we all go mad! 😁 #ValentinesDay #BrexitValentines.

Roses were red, Violets were blue, There aren’t any flowers now, Only adequate food. Just. #BrexitValentines.

Roses are red Flowers are merry You won’t have any food Because there’s no ferry #BrexitValentines.

We will no longer fish There will be no salmon And their biggest insult Is to call you gammon London will lose its stocks And it’s bankers Don’t say there’s a shortage of seman When they are such wankers #BrexitValentines.

Roses are red Corbyn is a twit Brexit will break this nation Every little bit #BrexitValentines.

@lazaroumterror @Rachel5742 Good point, although not what some lobbyists want elected representatives to think either. Brings new meaning to those special #Rosesareredvioletsareblue Take No DEAL off the table ERG should pay taxes TOO! #BrexitValentines.

Roses are red; a bird is a duck. Brexit? Oh fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck. #BrexitValentines.

From war and high pressure Some immigrants ran, But I work for the Home Office, So get in the van. #brexitvalentines.

Roses are red Violets are blue My country is choking On unicorn poo #ValentinesDay #BrexitValentines.

Roses are red, Diamonds are glittery, Not long til Brexit When everything goes shittery. #BrexitValentines.

Labour is red Tories are blue They both want a Brexit That’ll be bad for you #BrexitValentines.

In case you missed this EU love story 💕 #BrexitValentines.

Gammon faces are purple but their passports blue Hating Europeans is not enough One day soon, they come for you #BrexitValentines.

#brexitvalentines Rees-Mogg’s a wanker Boris is too They lied through their teeth Just to leave the EU.

Violets are blue Roses are red Get rid of the backstop Or my deal is dead #BrexitValentines.

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you are spending it with someone dear to you. I have a £10 Nando’s voucher if the PM is interested but I think she has other plans 😒 #Valentines #BrexitValentines.

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Roses are red Violets are blue ... Arguing we can’t have a second referendum because of of the will of the people despite the overwhelming evidence of a catastrophic omnishambles so dire it would make the keystone cops Is not a good view. #BrexitValentines.

Brexit is Evil, you know it is true, Revoke cursed A50, or we’ll all suffer horribly-covered in corruption, lies, fraud, civil unrest + violence as the poor/helpless suffer needlessly at the hands of criminals big + small. Happy #BrexitValentines Speak Truth Always 💗❄️.

The economies in red BUT PASSPORTS ARE BLUE Everyone’s dead BUT PASSPORTS ARE BLUE #BrexitValentines.

Corbyn wants Brexit Theresa does too But nobody knows How to leave the EU #BrexitValentines @DavidHenigUK.

Everyday I look at the news feed on my and every day I see pro #brexit propaganda (typically published by the @Telegraph)! Makes me sad to have brought my family into this country 5 years @the3million #BrexitValentines.

@TwopTwips Don’t worry if you are alone this Valentine’s Day. After March 29th, we’ll all be f***ed! #BrexitValentines.

I have searched for the trade deals that you promised were in the pipeline and which you were probably hoping would save Brexit Truth is they are fictitious so wrong and so wretched (Apologies to William Carlos Williams) #BrexitValentines.


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