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Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, and John Coltrane were all born on this date. A remarkable trio of artists 🎂.

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I’ve been a fan of Angela Mao since I was 12 and saw her play Bruce Lee’s sister in Enter the Dragon. Went to all her films as they were released here - Deep Thrust, Deadly China Doll… and when I heard she now owns a restaurant in Queens I knew one day I’d make the pilgrimage.

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#cigli özüzamandır,Bruce #alsancak yaşamın Yaşamı harcamayın, seviyorsanızzamanınızı cünkü boşa Lee.

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cünkü özüzamandır,Bruce #foca yaşamın harcamayın, seviyorsanızzamanınızı Yaşamı boşa Lee #aliaga.

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#buca Yaşamı seviyorsanızzamanınızı boşa Lee özüzamandır,Bruce cünkü harcamayın, yaşamın.

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seviyorsanızzamanınızı yaşamın Yaşamı #buca boşa cünkü özüzamandır,Bruce Lee harcamayın,.

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boşa #karşıyaka Lee #bornova özüzamandır,Bruce harcamayın, yaşamın Yaşamı cünkü seviyorsanızzamanınızı.

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@AuburnFootball @SEConCBS If you’re not going to do jerseys at least spray paint Bruce Pearl orange or something.

40 years ago tonight in Philly-with the @Cardinals trailing the Phils by 1/2 game but up 2-0 in the 8th, Bruce Sutter induced a 1-2-3 double play from Mike Schmidt, and STL took over 1st with a 2-0 win. 6 days later they were up by games and never looked back. #turningpoint.

if i was in a room with bruce springsteen, ronnie spector, and clarence clemmons, i would turn into a pile of dust.

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I am afraid we are heading back to the 90’s you can blame Bruce if you like he has his faults but in my opinion there is only one person to blame #laiout but there is bugger all we can do #wba.

Reminder that Swerve In Our Glory is a name that might as well have come out of a 28 writer committee, and filtered through Bruce Prichard before getting approved by Vince McMahon..


It’s unbelievable how shit Steve bruce has been, he’s been shit at Sunderland, Villa,Newcastle and West Brom.#championship #EPL.

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It’s actually Keith Haring and Bruce Weber. Did anyone ever really trust her to tell her story? 😆.

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A quick 13 minute #podcast with #UFC octagon announcer Bruce Buffer!.

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@bruce_zayne @PlankoCaptNFA Right back at you Bruce! The genuine people that believe in the space and want the collective to succeed is what I think it’s all about. I’ve been very lucky to meet some really amazing people in this space 🙏.

Incredible Hulk is one of the best films in the MCU that understands the Hulk and Bruce Banner perfectly. LAT is a passable dumb comedy lacking in depth with superfluous characters hogging screen time where nothing matters..

Me selling Bruce smith for Von Miller will cost me maybe a 100k or less.

watching the long halloween movie and i totally forgot jensen ackles was bruce in this one…he’s actually doing a pretty good job tbh.

@Aviles1910 Oye Avilés , anoche , en una pesadilla, peleando contra 2 seres , que no podía identificar, en el sueño, me doy una vuelta y le he dado esta única patada ( Bruce Lee) a uno de ellos ,tan fuerte que el que pagó en realidad fue la pantalla del TV! 😢😢.

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@ThatEricAlper Quadrophenia - The Who The Wild, the Innocent, & the E-Street Shuffle - Bruce Nylon Curtain - Billy Joel.


I actually cry when I see puppy pictures of Bruce cause I never knew him when he was that small and he’s literally the cutest.

@bruce_straughan @JLGallagher3 I said Pink. Or Black bc Saturday’s have become more of a funeral, so might as well dress for it. Lol..

@christiebabble @bruce_arthur Nothing can make up for months of palling with fascists, extremists, Convoy types, those who threaten, the lies, the misinformation, the anti-vaccine rhetoric, the lies about inflation/deflation. They would need a hell of a lot more than one apology not sent by Poilievre..

Not a patch on when we had Bruce out trending the same day he took over as manager.

#QuotesInNews Former Australian diplomat and political commentator Bruce Haigh wrote in an recent column that the US took advantage of the ignorance of some Australian politicians to push through its plans to base its forces in Australia under the guise of #AUKUS..

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We had the era of Bruce and Pallister. We had the era of Rio and Vidic. Ladies and gentlemen we are entering the era of Varane and Martinez..

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✴️ Los hechos desconcertantes que rodearon la muerte de Bruce Lee.

@WanchopePaulo He’s the numpty picking them every week so how u work that out. They are all unfit and not working hard enough, little to no tactics and playing the game how it was played 30 years ago. One dimensional and clueless that’s Bruce’s fault.

There is still plenty going on at @fc3roc today! Jeff Kline and @sidekickedcomix are at the Darby Pop booth so you can get your copy of BRUCE LEE and SIDE-KICKED and get them signed. You can also get any title in the Darby Pop library as well!.

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