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The Joshua Buatsi vs Jean Pascal IBF light-heavyweight final eliminator will not be happening. Buatsi did not return signed contract by the deadline, so the IBF are moving on. Lou DiBella had won purse bids and was planning to work with Frank Warren to stage it. [@DanRafael1].

IBF has defaulted light heavyweight contender Joshua Buatsi from a title eliminator vs. Jean Pascal for failing to return signed agreement by deadline after Aug. 30 purse bid. Contract was due by Sept. 14. Pascal will now be ordered to face next ranked contender Michael Eifert..

todays trending boxing topic : Not Buatsi Smith Not Joyce Parker Not What the hell is happening with Fury-Aj or the hold up with Spence its PPV buys 🥴.

Because we had already, in writing, committed in writing to VADA testing, Pascal had submitted his VADA forms, and no request was received AT ALL from Matchroom/Buatsi until after the IBF’s deadline for receipt of bout agreements. This is a shameful shifting of blame! #boxing.

… you didn’t ask to include anything in the bout agreement until Buatsi had already blown the @IBFUSBAboxing deadline. I don’t see how I’m the cheeky one..

Bout agreement for Buatsi was distributed to all parties last week. The hard deadline for @IBFUSBAboxing bout agreements was 5pm yesterday. Forget that it was unnecessary, the request for change in the bout agreement didn’t come until AFTER THE DEADLINE! See below. #boxing.

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@EddieHearn Eddie, we didn’t submit executed bout agreements by the deadline and you know that. No matter what, that’s on Buatsi and his team. Once agreements weren’t signed and submitted by 5 o’clock yesterday, the IBF was calling a default. You know that’s how it works. #boxing.

Video @jeanpascalchamp Pascal Reaction To Joshua Buatsi Pulling Out Of Thier Fight Ready via @YouTube.

@artvill07 @LEllerbe Eddie is literally pulling buatsi out of this fight so he can do an in house fight with Callum Smith ffs 🤦‍♂️.

Think Callum smith is getting overestimated a shade after some highlight reel kos at light heavy. Buatsi will box him into his shell again.

✅OFICIAL ❌Como Joshua Buatsi no ha firmado el contrato remitido por el equipo de Jean Pascal, se cae de la eliminatoria mundial IBF en el semipesado. El combate será ahora Pascal ante el alemán Michael Eifert, mucho menos atractivo que el anteriormente previsto. Pero hay más🧵.

This Buatsi-Pascal VADA beef between Lou and Eddie is brilliant to watch as it goes down 🥩💉😅🤣.

@SteveBoxman I’d favour Smith on points. Smith looks revived at 175 after going stale at 168. I think he would outlast Buatsi. Stylistically I can’t see this one.

Are we getting any Frank Warren interviews today? I need a rant about Hearn and Buatsi 🔥.

@EverythingBoxi2 Quite the afternoon on #BoxingTwitter. Buatsi pulling out of Pascal fight, Canelo GGG PPV numbers all over the place, Hearn going to war against journos, lovely stuff..

@SteveBoxman Smith all day long Buatsi is a good boxer but still have a long way to go.

Eddie Hearn finna get Buatsi beat up 😂😂. I think he is bullshittin and wants to sacrifice Buatsi to Callum Smith to try to make another Canelo fight at 175 or some shit since Smith been lookin good. He just showing out on the TL to save face with Buatsi. #boxing.

@leonTheCanteen Ah yeah. I just meant I fully believe team Pascal, despite past transgressions. Hearn doesn’t rate Buatsi’s chances vs Pascal, losing purse bid only compounded it. Then one of matchroom’s boys saying they wouldn’t honour the deal. The dribblers will be all over Hearn’s bs tho.

@IwasOnlyThere Him and Lou Dibella going back and forth about the pascal Buatsi contract and whether it involved Vada testing. Then ellerbe got involved.

@BoxingMyths @boxingbuatsi You want Buatsi to fight a Pascal without BADA test? I know all boxers are aware there’s risks to the sports but surely there’s a limit.

@TDHBXG I just cannot see how Buatsi wins. He would have to catch Smith lacking and hit him with something monstrous..

@KieranBatham It would be a great fight , buatsi really needs to get a move on was so excited when he turned pro out of Olympics..

@Waddy1 @SteveBoxman Definitely on the experience, but not sure about the stoppage. Smith will definitely test Buatsi’s whiskers..

@bbrutuus That’s what is likely happening. He will fight Smith on DAZN and they are spared Buatsi on BT. Don know what the fuck Buatsi’s managers are thinking, but it their prerogative. #boxing.

Eddie was never gonna let Buatsi go b side Vs jp on a show by You and Warren. Simple. His ego means more than progressing fighters….obvious, they’ve got to spin something to save face , but the entire industry knows their total fucking clowns #boxing.

@TDHBXG I hope Buatsi wins, if he fights Smith, he is betting on himself and I salute him for that..

@TDHBXG Buatsi will struggle getting inside, even if he does, Callum will grab him. Also, Smith has serious firepower at 175 lbs. Buatsi will not only have to get on the inside but evade Smith’s shots while doing so. I don’t know man. I can only see one outcome..

@KieranBatham Especially when buatsi medalled in Rio ’d expect ’s definitely got talent..

@EverythingBoxi2 Maybe a tune up for Buatsi in December and in Spring in UAE we see Smith vs Buatsi for interim WBC belt and big $$$ , Beterviev wont fight WBC Mando till late 2023, WBO next , maybe Unification after if not then IBF will next after..

@SteveBoxman I think Buatsi decision , but on form Smith should probably be favourite..

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