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Com apoio da Budweiser, Festival AFROPUNK Bahia anuncia Ludmilla para sua primeira grande edição -.

Budweiser Photo,Budweiser Photo by rapmais,rapmais on twitter tweets Budweiser Photo

lil baby saying somebody pass me a budweiser over tears for fears is sending me.

I came home with a 36 pack of Budweiser and my boyfriend showed up with 28 coolers so I think we are set.

Já meteram gol🥵 Quem usou a tag #BUDMANDACUPOM fica de olho na DM pra ver mais jogaço com Bud geladinha na mão. #BebaComModeracao.

@prosciutella_ It’s Lil Baby rapping a Budweiser ad over Tears samples and I could not make it all the way through.

He’s pointing to us, comrades! The Budweiser Terrace Commune!.

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@MoSalihh Wc song allathre. Budweiser inte promo song annenokke kelkind. Budweiser wc sponsor aavum. Pine rap peruth ishtam. Ith oru sughamilatha pole.

I stopped at pass me a Budweiser 😭😭 what is this for a World Cup song 😭😭.

@wander17693187 Abastecido pra ver os outros gols que vêm por aí 🍺 #BebaComModeração.


lil baby pass me a budweiser vs digga someone get me a fucking stella.

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Budweiser is the main sponsor of the World Cup song in Qatar ? This whole WC is completely stupid and ridiculous 😭🤣.

Coca cola : waving flag > Budweiser: whatever this crap is..

@tweeter Ven y disfruta con nosotros el FÚTBOL AL MAXIMO ⚪️ PREPARACIÓN ⚪️ ECUADOR 🆚 ARABIA SAUDITA ⚽️⚽️⚽️ 1:00 PM ⚽️⚽️⚽️ 🆙Promo del día : 📌3 x 2 en CERVEZA BUDWEISER 🔴Aplican restricciones. ▶️No venta de licor -18. 📱Whatsapp 0999768733 ☎️Convencional. 2660943.

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Collectible Rare Promotional BUDWEISER Game Day Mini Refrigerator - Works Great!...👉.

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Na when hot black Amala dey make sense be dis with very chilled Budweiser… I go get there one day 😊.

Muchos terminaron de ver Dahmer con un nervio extraño por lo loco del tipo, yo terminé con unas ganas locas de tomarme una budweiser 😖.

Drinking a modest Budweiser when this guy dressed like a toddler comes waddling over. “BROBROBRO HAVE YOU TRIED THE DOGSCROTUM IPA?!” I wipe a fleck of boneless wing he spit off my eye and say no. His eyes sink inwards and mouth agape, begins Kirby swallowing the outdoor patio..

Kan noen gi Lil Baby en Budweiser?? Herregud jeg spyr. Tristeste VM ever. Fritt for å ikke se på.

budweiser paying for that line knowing damn well lil baby does not drink that shit.

see how people do read proper he’s just doing the Budweiser official song not FIFA.

@ojpreshuz There are several songs I believe, like has always happened. I think this new one is pushed by Budweiser.

@dodohenrique_10 @samu_vianaag Se liga aqui pra garantir a breja do jogo e do #BebaComModeração.

@Budweiser_Br Po, vou ter que pedir sem cupom bud? =( Ja subi a hashtag varias vezes aí e nada.

Popped this @LosCampesinos koozy on my sparkling water at lunch. Realized in my next zoom meeting that you probably can’t tell it says Los Campesinos! on it and not Budweiser..

Budweiser Photo,Budweiser Photo by Hot Gru Summer,Hot Gru Summer on twitter tweets Budweiser Photo

@flackoohh @saeychlmt It’s Budweiser anthem I don’t think it’s the actual World Cup song.

Save the date! Three graduation ceremonies will be held November 8 and 9 at Budweiser Gardens in Downtown London, for recent graduates of our London campuses. Eligible graduates will receive an email in late-September with additional information!.

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@Ziad_EJ Loooool this is Budweiser not the official song, just like how Jason Derulo made for Pepsi last world cup, I think hayyya hayya will be one of the official anthems.

@PatyyOliveira_ Que tal abrir uma Bud? Vem de tag que eu libero cupom 👀 #BebaComModeração.

@wawazinhoo @VinnySantos_03 Chega mais pra garantir a gelada. #BebaComModeração.

@SteveHoops @h2gopower My Mum lives in a village with a Budweiser brewery on the edge. They are building a 10 MW hydrogen generator and MW storage unit next to their plant, with a wind turbine. They will be net zero, also making fuel for their trucks. The Beer is still shit tho.

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